I have a mad case of travel on the brain.  We’re going to Ecuador in two weeks, and I can hardly wait. It feels like our Spring Break is really late this year, and I AM BEYOND READY.  Traveling with my little guys has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I literally spend all year looking forward to our trips.  I was talking to someone recently, trying to explain the impact travel has had on our family…and then I came across this NY Times article, Rick Steves Wants To Save The World One Vacation At A Time and yes. The title is a little silly, obviously, but this part especially resonated:

In a park in Oslo, [Rick] had an epiphany: The foreign humans around him, he realized, were leading existences every bit as rich and full as his own. “Right there,” he would write later, “my 14-year-old egocentric worldview took a huge hit.” A life-changing realization clicked into place. “This planet must be home to billions of equally lovable children…”

That right there?  That’s what I was trying to describe.  The whole article is totally worth a read, and I love his….mania about making world travel accessible and, indeed, important, especially for Americans.  So good.

Where to go?  I’ve been perusing Forbes’ list of the cheapest places to travel in 2019.  I was thrilled to see Turkey on the list.  The kids LOVED the Turkish coast last summer, and we were bummed we didn’t get a chance to see Istanbul.  Hmmm…..

I’ve officially walked a mile in these shoesEverlane’s Day Glove flats are cushy, butter soft, and I successfully walked a mile in them, no break-in phase needed. I have the tan color and am thinking of getting another, but it’s pretty hard to beat. (Should we make this a recurring theme?  Shoes I Can Walk A Mile In?)

Never enough stripes. Social Threads’ striped sweatsuit is calling my name.  And since I just ripped a giant hole directly in the BUM of my beloved Free People sweats (talk about an awkward walk home from dance)…I’m ready for something new.  (Although who am I kidding?  I’m such a Wearer of Sweatpants that l’ll prob get both.)

Let’s not underestimate the fade.  I’m so freaking picky about the wash of my black jeans – you guys likely know this by now – and, in summary, they need to be a faded black wash.  Almost a gray, but CANNOT BE gray.  They need to be that sort of broken-in, perfectly faded black, with many (natural looking) tonal variations.  So I blinked – in surprise – when I saw these faded black skinny jeans from J.Crew.  They are PERFECT.  And reviewers seem to agree.  While you’re there, also check out these cropped demi-boot jeans with a center seam down the leg.  I have the petite length and they’re seriously cute on – even with sneakers.

Midnight shopping is…problematic.  I was at Nordstrom Rack (virtually, I mean) stocking up on my beloved James Perse tees (thanks Laura!) when I realized that they have all of this STUFF I LOVE, discounted.  It’s like I completely forget about Nordstrom Rack and then rediscover it and suddenly am all WHAT TREASURE TROVE IS THIS?  OH WHAT WONDERS!  For example, they have my exact Elizabeth and James sunglasses – my brown ones – just in a different color for $28.  That.  Is crazy.  And that Alice + Olivia skirt I’ve been dying to wear with a graphic tee and sneakers and the Joie cork mini-wedge sandals I know I wrote about last summer.  Anyway, I put all of my finds in this week’s Weekly Sales Report (at the very bottom, cause my picks were LATE and that’s the rules)….but I’m wondering if we should do a monthly series where we pick the best of Nordstrom Rack or other similar places.  I love expensive stuff on deep discounts, ya know?

No crepey eyelids.  I swear by a combo of Dr. Denis Gross’ Retinol and Vitamin C serum plus Urban Decay’s anti-aging primer to keep my eyelids from looking crepey.  But there’s no SPF in that formula, so I’m seriously considering Supergoop’s new line of cream eyeshadows with SPF.  The colors look natural and gorgeous.

Hold the door.  Hey Game of Thrones nerds, I can’t decide if this Hodor doorstop is hysterical…or awful.  Both?  On second thought, I’ll just stick to my Mother of Dragons tee.

No seasons in hell.  I was fascinated by The Atlantic’s recent article, “What is Spring Like On Other Planets?” where they march through, planet by planet, describing each planet’s version of Spring.  Or not.  Venus was the planet that prompted the quote, “no seasons in hell” yet it’s been Spring on Pluto since 1990.  Love this stuff.

Happy Weekend!




  1. I don’t think a Nordstrom Rack round up is worth it. Every item that you linked that i clicked on is no longer available. Le sigh.

  2. Love the idea for a show feature, especially if they end up being shoes that happen to be comfortable rather than official “comfort shoes.” (I know people love them but they always look faintly orthopedic to me).

    Very into designer stuff marked way down although as Elizabeth mentioned things do sell out fast. But maybe multiple retailers helps solve that problem?

  3. Shana, I LOVE your travel topics. I travel with my boys (11 and 9) and I agree it’s one of the most rewarding things we do! I used some of your Iceland advice and had a great visit last September. Looking forward to hearing all about Ecuador.

    We just got back from Mexico City (that was our spring break) and I’d highly recommend it. It has great architecture, food (street food to high end places), people, the works – and it’s inexpensive and a short flight. And climbing an ancient pyramid or two at Teotihuacán is amazing to little boys. And their parents!
    We stayed at a wonderful Airbnb in LaCondesa neighborhood, which is sort of trendy with parks, playgrounds, and cafes. Not far from the center but a nice green place to relax!

  4. You should bring your boys to Northern Ireland. So much to see; history & scenery. No matter where we have travelled to there is no where else like it!
    The hospitality is kinda awesome too!!

  5. I have been a long time follower of the blog and am saddened that even a week later you guys have nothing to say about New Zealand. I expected more of you very educated and caring women. It’s more confusion than anything else since you have shown compassion to so many other current events. It all seems so superficial now.

    • Sid, the attack in New Zealand, like the repeated attacks in the US, are so horrific that I simply cannot find the words. Based on the fact that this is your second comment in 2 weeks about this issue…you seem to be expecting something from me (and these weekend posts) that I am not ready or am simply unable to give. My weekend posts are not news sources, they are merely ramblings and thoughts about things that I’m ready to share with my readers. The fact that I have been unable to effectively process something so horrible doesn’t mean that the women who work here are superficial or lacking in compassion, it just means that I, too, am struggling.

  6. I totally agree, it is important to get your kids out of their bubble and see different sides of both their country and the world. As you said, it helps to instill a sense of empathy in them. Just took my kids on a weeklong road trip from Phoenix to the Olympic Penninsula and back with stops in LA, San Fran, Seattle, and Portland along the way. Great for them to see the rural areas as well as the cities.

  7. Love your weekend links always ❤️

    I ALSO love the look of faded black jeans but struggle with styling them with anything other than cream. Would you consider a “ways to wear” faded black jeans?

  8. We took our two boys to Ecuador about a year ago. It was awesome! We stayed at a working farm for a weekend which was incredible. The rooms were fabulous and the boys got to milk cows – which was then our breakfast. Great memories, great people. Enjoy!

  9. ….but I’m wondering if we should do a monthly series where we pick the best of Nordstrom Rack or other similar places. I love expensive stuff on deep discounts, ya know?

    YES!! I know the ‘no longer available’ thing might happen, but honestly that happens anyway with popular items. I say give it a shot! I LOVE the Rack.

  10. The Mom Edit is still primarily a fashion blog, which is the entire reason I (and presumably many others) read it. They’re not obligated to comment on every tragic or noteworthy event.

  11. I understand that this is a fashion first blog. My confusion came from the fact that in the past you have used your weekend post to respond to current events. I know that you are all compassionate and understanding women. Thank you, Shana, for taking the time to respond.

  12. Another vote for this! The older I get, the more I think about my feet…or rather, the more my feet demand I think about them. :/

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