Weekend 3.30


Soooo…Raines cut his hair.  Something that’s been a long time coming, I suppose.  He’s become increasingly annoyed by the attention his hair brings, and even more annoyed by the people who assume he’s a girl, simply because of his long hair.  The number of times I’ve heard, “your daughter has beautiful hair!!” only to see Raines squirm, then attempt to be polite (“thanks…and I’m a boy”).  The poor kid.

His hair had become such a thing.  Through no fault of his own, his hair was, quite simply, too defining.  Since the time he was born, a day had not gone by where someone didn’t comment on his hair.  As a baby it was pure white (prompting albino comments), as a toddler he literally looked like he had a dandelion (the fluffy one) perched atop his head.  As his Mane of Glory grew, the comments only intensified.  Unlike his younger brother, Raines has always shied away from being the center of attention, and his hair became a defining attribute.  He was The Kid With The Hair.  The problem was….he just wanted to be Raines.

A few weeks ago, Raines woke up and decided enough was enough:  The Mane of Glory had to go.  So I made the appointment (he could pick the hairstyle, but I was picking the stylist) and last Saturday, in we went.

I took him to Shannon, my long-time stylist at Salon Ziza.  She split his hair into four sections, and had me cut off the first one.  It was good for all of us.

I was fine for *most* of the haircut.  But at the end….as Raines was sitting in the chair, the finishing touches being added to his short hair…suddenly he looked 24.  This haircut, I realized, wasn’t really about his hair at all.  It was about Raines, asserting his independence.  He had an idea of Who He Was, and he was moving forward, expressing himself.  It didn’t matter that “everyone” loved his hair.  It didn’t matter that I loved his hair.  It only mattered that he, Raines, wanted something different. He saw himself as this other guy.  So as much as I did love his long hair (how could I not??) I simply love him more. I ran outside of the salon to hide my tears – bittersweet tears, tears that didn’t morn the loss of his hair (seriously who cares) but tears that mourned the realization of a boy moving on, of a boy growing past his mother’s expectations, forming his own.  They were proud tears, mostly.  I’m so freaking proud of this kid.  But sad ones, too.  These were a mother’s heartbroken tears of her little love moving on.  I love who he was, who he is, and who he’s becoming.  How could I not?

And then my little Pax grabbed the cut-off ponytails and made an epic mullet which cracked us all up and thank god for little brothers.  This photo makes my life:

Life, right??.  We’re lucky enough to have these bittersweet moments.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Totes preppy.  I’m not usually a tote girl…they often skew too preppy for my style.  (Unless, of course, they’re straw.  And in that case, I want this one.  SWOON.)  But this tote from Solid and Striped blew me away.  It’s now high on my wish list.  I mean…it’s sofreakingcool.

I hate Spring outfits.  In my head, they’re all floral and flirty and showing some skin.  In reality, however, a day that was SUPPOSED to be 70 DEGREES suddenly doesn’t get above 50 and then it starts to rain and I reach for – yup – that same black sweater while the voices in my head scream, ‘PUT DOWN THE TURTLENECK, LADY!!’  So my new technique is still sweater, but color.  I’ve been wearing the heck out of an old Vince cashmere one, bought too big and on sale but…in a pretty pink?  GOOD ENOUGH.  And because I like to stick with what works…I’d like one more pretty Vince cashmere sweater, on sale.  I found light blue, or lighter blue or blush pink or gray.  I’d buy them oversized, half tuck into a pair of lightwash skinnies (these are still my favs), and add sneakers (still on the Superstar kick). Done. (Actually…Ebay is good for this, too.  Here’s the search I’d use.)

Fine, you birds.  They’re worth the hype.  I finally caved – after hearing so many rave reviews from friends – and ordered a pair of AllBirds.  And yup: they ARE as good as everyone says.  I actually found that they’re cuter on then they look on the website, too.  If you are debating between colors, this one (black with a light gray sole) is my fav. (I’ll throw something up on our IG stories tomorrow, @themomedit.)

Take an additional 40% off sale at Anthro.  Most of our picks from last week’s Sales Report are still valid…but new to the sale this week?  Linzi’s tank top….or that black tee I’m obsessed with (only yellow is left, but the reviewers are raving about all the colors)….and this SHRUG.  Remember shrugs???  They just cover your arms so you’re warm….without wrecking your outfit with a cardigan.  YASSS.

Work it.  One of our very favorite work bags, Tumi’s Ursula T-Pass Backpack, is on sale plus an additional 20% off (this weekend only).  It has a zip-off laptop sleeve (all ready for TSA), a zillion pockets, and is super chic.  Lex has it and I WANT IT.  (I have a similar Tumi backpack but smaller and OH THE REGRET.  Finally time to upgrade to this one.)

And you thought MY shorts were short.  Jess found these.  My denim underwear doesn’t look nearly so crazy now, DOES IT.

One more reason to love Reformation.  They’ve brought back their extended (plus) sizes…for good.  Finally.

Sooo…obviously Laura’s famous now. SO thrilled to see our very own Laura on the COVER (the freaking cover you guys) of PDX Parent Magazine!!!  “Her innate sense of style landed her a gig with the online magazine The Mom Edit…and [she] answered a call for reader submissions.  Her advice was so good, she was hired.”  HELLS YEAH SHE WAS.  We’re so freaking thrilled about the feature, Laura.  Congrats, you babe.

Literally the BEST thing I’ve seen in a loooooong time.  National Geographic’s new series, One Strange Rock – the story of our earth and its place in the universe – is, simply put, mind-blowing.  We’ve been watching it with the kids and not only are they completely fascinated, but it’s prompted some seriously thought-provoking family discussions.  We’re all obsessed. (Also, Will Smith is the narrator, sooo…..)

Just add potato chips.  I’m totally intrigued by The Pig and Quill’s no-bake, gluten-free, peanut butter balls.  It’s like what my mom used to make…but with crushed potato chips (a totally genius addition, I suspect).  This is my kind of a weekend project.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.



ps.  This week’s Weekly Sales Report can be found here.  Just updated with my picks, too.


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