Weekend 3.9


So we have officially reached that point When Winter Needs To End.  Ski team has finished (it’s all about me you guys) so Now Spring Can Happen.  Like…any day.  Or now, really.  Now would be good.

Aaaaand when I start talking about the weather (SNORE) that typically means I have a mad case of writer’s block.  If you guessed that was the case…you are correct, sir.

Whatever. I’m tired, I’m cold, and the stores are selling swimsuits just to mess with our minds.  I WILL ONLY BUY SWEATERS FOR THE REST OF MARCH, STORES.  TAKE THAT.

Like…this one.  Yup, that’s a bunny. I’ll take the bunny one and alllllllll the other ill-fitting, oddly colored sweaters-on-sale-I-will-regret-buying-next-month.  GET IN MY CART. (Oh good – there’s a small left in brown.) Snort.

What should I wear to Mom Prom? Someone started referring to our school’s annual fundraiser as ‘mom prom’ and YES. Yes it is.  Do I then just embrace the madness and wear a gown?  Oooo…like this one.  Actually, I do have Reformation’s Gavin dress (in dark green) which is basically just a nice dress that spoofs a gown, soooo….either that or the bunny sweater.

Old man pajamas for kidsObviously Pax needs these.  (And Linzi, we all took a vote and decided that your little needs them too.)

I need new underwear.  Someone help me.  It occurred to me, a few weeks back, that the thong underwear I’ve been wearing for years really wasn’t that comfortable.  As soon as that thought popped into my head – BAM! – I couldn’t unthink it.  So each day since I’ve become progressively more and more unhappy with my Hanky Pankies.  Has thong underwear always been this bad?  Have I been repressing my true feelings since the 90’s?  In any case, I need something new.  I like the no-panty-line situation with thongs, but the only ones that are really (and truly) comfortable are these, and I’m not sure they’re all that flattering on.  What underwear do you guys swear by?  I need some good recommendations for a cute-n-comfy pair…

Smells like Tween Spirit.  Native Deodorant recently came out with a line for tweens, and the Vitamin Sea scent is so good, I’d wear it.  There are three other options, but the Vitamin Sea is hard to beat (and very gender neutral).

Soul mates are SO 2018.  Apparently, the real power couple is a “twin flame“.  (And GOOP hasn’t talked about anything bat shit crazy in a while, so, well….they’re due).

I take back my eyeroll.  When I first saw the headlines screaming, “First All-Women Spacewalk!!!” my initial reaction was annoyance:  it’s 2019…we can’t just call it a spacewalk??  But after reading a little more….that’s exactly what it is:  a fairly routine spacewalk planned for later this month that happens to be all women (including the lead flight director and lead spacewalk flight controller on the ground).  What’s newsworthy (sadly) is that this is the first time it’s happened that way.  So…there’s that.  One small step for woman, one giant leap for…anyway.  More details here.

Shamless plug, but still.  The best thing I’ve read in a while is Lex’s latest Unpacking article.  If you haven’t yet read it, grab a cup of coffee and get comfy.  It’s so freaking good.

Let’s end on a high note: STRIPES.  I can’t decide between this classic French-striped tee (in orange stripe!!) from J.Crew…or THIS orange baseball striped tee (also J.Crew).  But they’re both on sale, so maybe it’s a sign to go nuts:  both?

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend….



ps.  BECCA swimsuit try-on sesh coming out soon. They’re….really good.  Like, Wow.


  1. For underwear: Natori. I have not had any VPL issues with my briefs… truly. And they don’t make me feel like I have to use the bathroom all the time, like thongs do.

  2. I have a crazy recommendation for underwear: Pact. https://wearpact.com
    I swear I am not *that* girl… I have hanky panky and Calvin Klien and Natori and Gap (my second fav after Pact) …I have them all, and I go for the Pact every time, if clean! I LOVE the fit and soft cotton.
    As a mom of boys I am with you on the women’s spacewalk too, can we just be equal, for real, without ignoring half the population? Ok. Bed.

  3. I have tried Natori Bliss, but it is one size fits all and they were too big on me, causing them to shift and bunch during the day, even under pants. I have had good luck with Aerie lace boy briefs and boy shorts. They lay flat under clothes. I would LOVE to see an article on this, as I have been on the hunt constantly after giving up thongs.

  4. Natori does make the most amazing bras, and lots of their stuff can be picked up at good prices during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale…..but in the meantime, I have two great thong go-tos…….for under high rise bottoms, Hanky Panky’s retro thongs are really nice. The extra height makes them more comfy than the low or original rise thongs and they look so beautiful in lace. For lower rise bottoms or working out??? Hands down best things out there are these……


    They dry in less than 45 minutes, making them great for travel. And they really feel like you’re wearing nothing. Plus, the price point makes them a no-brainer, as compared to Hanky Panky pricing. Good luck!

  5. I’m pretty sure that, yes, thongs have always been that bad. ? I recently ordered a few pairs of these underwear (after being stalked by their ads on Instagram) and I really love them. Like, a lot. No panty lines, super comfortable and lightweight. I see that now they have high rise versions, too, and I’m all about that on my next go ‘round! I don’t love the whole membership thing, but I do love the panties!


  6. Thongs have always been uncomfortable! Even more so after pushing out babies in my experience. Would love an article on undie recs.

    Have you checked out Carve swimwear? I love their t-shirts & just got their catalog – the suits look cute & affordable! https://www.carvedesigns.com

  7. Natori!! My husband just surprised me with some new underwear, I’d never heard of Natori before but they are AMAZING!!

  8. Oooooo I love underwear talk and recos…

    I never understood the Hanky Panky love. I have some but they are my least comfortable ones. But I do love me a good thong, I wear them every day. A good one should feel like nothing and doesn’t shift on you in that terrible way we all know.

    Another vote for the Chantelle ones reco’d above. I lucked out and bought a ton on clearance at Dillard’s a while ago (3 bucks a pop!!) and they are amazing. Feel like nothing at all and hold up well in the wash.

    I’ve also had good luck with Gap and Target (Gilligan O’Malley). All approximately 1 million times more comfortable than Hanky Panky IMO.

  9. Thongs are terrible. They always have been, but add childbirth into the equation, and BOY do I hate wearing them these days. I’ve tried all sorts of other brands, but I keep coming back to the Gap lace shorty and the Gap breathe shorty. Comfy boyshorts, but cute.

  10. Forgot to say, if you truly need zero panty lines and still want to be comfortable, Calvin Klein’s Invisibles are great.

  11. I’m the EXACT same boat with my Hanky Panky undies. They’ve been trusted, loved only undies for…12-15 years? Serious. The same pairs (consistently added to throughout the years). But I loved the lower rise version forever. Maybe it’s a slightly bigger mom pooch. Maybe it’s the switch from ultra low-rise pants in favor of high rise that have pushed me over the edge, but my HPs are now relegated to workout undies. Straight up. I’m also scouring for new options. So far a few of the mid-rise and high-rise Aerie options aren’t bad, but there’s gotta be something out there that fits the bill! It’ll be a great article when you find the new winner(s)!

  12. While their bras fall a bit short on the support side, Lively’s underwear is awesome. The All-Day thong fits really well and it does not skimp on material in the crotch. Runs a bit on the big side.

  13. Hanky Panky granny panties! I wore their high waisted thongs for years but now that I don’t have to dress up for work I wear the high rise undies.

  14. I second the Soma vanishing edge undies. They have a bit of silicone along the edge to keep them from sliding. I wear them with leggings. I stopped buying Natori after I discovered these.

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