We took the kids to see Ballet X on Wednesday.  It was the night of the big storm, but the show must go on and all of that.  It was a breath of fresh air, honestly.  The show was upbeat and quirky.  One number was a genius combo of ballet and salsa (Laurel would’ve loved it), one was a nod to Soul Train, and one was just pure movement and energy, set to live music.  Their diverse set of dancers and their fluid take on gender roles always feels so progressive.  It’s inspiring, watching the future of ballet unfold before your eyes. If you’ve never been before, go.  This Spring series is a perfect introduction to Ballet X.

In contrast….Mike had taken me to NYC for my birthday, and surprised me with tickets to the NYC Ballet.  The NYC Ballet was founded by George Balanchine, one of the fathers of American Ballet, known for his innovative choreography.  I’m a huge ballet nerd, so Balanchine is usually a safe bet.  Except….this time, it felt…dated.  Here we were in New York City – arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world – watching it’s namesake ballet company dance in perfect synchronicity.  The dancers were all the exact the same height.  The same weight.  They had the same smiles, the same hair and, with the exception of exactly one dancer, they were all…white.

At first, I thought it was a joke.  Some sort of political commentary where they would maybe show the progression of ballet?  Nope. The china dolls went on and on, smiling their vacant smiles, tutus bouncing in unison.  Each act got a standing ovation.  Mike and I left early.

So….Ballet X?  YES.  Yes to everything you do.   (The spring show runs from now until March 18th.)

Ya gotta roll up your sleeves and digNeiman Marcus is offering an additional 20% off their sale section.  The best stuff only has a few sizes left (so it wasn’t worth putting in our Weekly Sale Report), but I have my eye on this cute little Milly top (to wear with denim shorts this summer) and my fav Rag and Bones are only $100.  Don’t miss the shoe section.

To the mom going to Disneyworld…you had asked about what to wear to the jungle trek, all day at Disney, and then to the “fancy dinner”.  Well.  We’re working on an article for you.  As a sneak peek (and since you are leaving soon), one thought was fancy shorts (like these) with a cute fashion sneaker (maybe this?).  And then you could layer some sort of cute black tank and sweater over top.  More thoughts soon.

Beige ou Greige? I want (read: not “need”) a new neutral backpack for Spring.  Do I want this gorgeous gray thing from All Saints,  this chic beige from Minkoff or this buttery beige (also Minkoff)? Do we all just want a neutral bag roundup for Spring?  Or, rather…do we NEED one?

Oh, Amelia. It looks like the bones found on the island of Nikumaroro in 1940 might, in fact, be Amelia Earhart’s. And some sonor evidence shows that her plane may be submerged 600 ft underwater off the island’s reef. I’ve always been obsessed with Ms. Earhart – fingers crossed that her mystery may soon be solved.

Meditation > DetentionThis Baltimore elementary school replaced detention with meditation.  Kids who are acting out now go to a mindfulness room to get coached on meditation techniques….with seriously cool results.

Gimme lemon.  It’s not quite Spring, but I’m sick to death of winter veggies – even though that’s the only in-season option.  Soooo…I’ll be trying this Roasted Veggie Platter with Lemon Basil Quinoa from The Healthy Apple.  It’s still winter veggies, but easy and fresh.

Don’t tell me women are not the stuff of heroes. In a new piece called Overlooked, The New York Times, whose obituaries have been dominated over the years by white men, are adding the stories of 15 remarkable women.  Women like Ada Lovelace, Ida B. Wells, and Qiu Jin (whose quote about heroes I used).

Happy weekend….


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