It’s been quite a week. Weeks like this – with horror and senseless violence fueled by hate – always leave me feeling….shaky.   My first thought is always of the mothers.  Of the crushing, inescapable sorrow.  Of the gunman’s own mother – what happened to him, Mama?  I stare into the open, loving faces of my two little boys and can’t imagine how any human can grow up to kill innocent people.

More hugs?  That’s my personal answer when on shaky ground. More hugs and kisses and that overwhelming sense of peace that only comes when we’re all cuddled up in bed together, limbs intertwined.  As my arms wrap and my feet tuck, I can literally feel the love coursing through my veins.  God knows I am a flawed mom, but if I can get one thing right, it’s this:  I want to openly demonstrate my unconditional love.  It’s so easy to focus on accomplishments or good behavior (“you worked so hard!!” is our 2016 version of praise), but unconditional love is both more than that, and simpler, too.  It’s love that will never have to be earned.  It’s love that is there simply because I am their mom, they are my babies.

One of my very favorite children’s books is by Dr. Laura (of all people).  Despite her, um, other issues, Why Do You Love Me? is a book the kids and I turn to when we all need a reminder of what unconditional love looks like.

“You are going to feel whatever you are feeling.  Angry, sad, hurt or lonely – whatever the feeling is – it’s all right to feel it.  But then take the time to remember that love is like the sun in the sky.  It’s there, shining warm in your heart even on the angry, cloudy days.”

The message is beautiful.  It’s pure love.

If you are looking to help in a more direct way to help, Everytown is a good place to start.

The Modern Mrs. Darcy is celebrating 16 years of marriage, and her latest article, What Makes a Relationship Strong? is a really good one (hint:  Choose kindness.)

My husband has spent the last few years working on a predictive alerting and response system for severe sepsis.  That system, called Penn Signals, finally went live on Monday.  If anyone is interested, you can read a little about it (and more of Mike’s HIMSS talk) here.

We’ve been making this quinoa pizza crust on the regular.  She adds fancy toppings, but we just add tomato sauce.  It’s more like tomato pie (is that just a Philly thing??) and my kids LOVE it.

I’m thinking of reading The Circle next.  Has anyone else read it?  Thoughts?

J.Crew is having a sale on sale. Take an additional 40% off already reduced items.  In addition to this Hatch-like dress, here are five pieces I’m considering:


Laura has her eye on Sole Society’s 50% off sale this weekend.  Here are her picks:


Lastly, I’m looking for an easy, everyday dress that I can wear with a regular bra and sneakers.  Is this it?


Enjoy your Father’s Day weekend!  We’re heading to a ball game #GoPhillies, and on Father’s Day the boys actually have a hip-hop performance, which should be hysterical.  Raines is nervous and Pax?  Well…we’ll see if Pax participates.  He, uh, likes to do his own thing.

Anyway, I gotta run – I’m the Fun Friday mom at school today.  It’s the end of the year, you guys, so I’m just bringing in play-doh and chips, all HERE KIDS.  DO YOUR THING.





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  1. I think of the mothers when things like this happen too. I can’t imagine the way they must feel. Thank you for this heartfelt message- unconditional love is the right choice during times like these.

  2. Thank you Shana, this is beautiful. I’ve had to explain a lot of troubling things to my 12 year old twin boys lately; the Orlando shooting, the sexual assault case at Stanford. My boys just graduated from 6th grade; they read about this stuff, and need/deserve a calm explanation and real true conversation. And we still cuddle.

  3. Replying on the lighter side, I did read The Circle. You can totally see the plot coming and the writing isn’t flowy/gorgeous, but I’d still recommend it. Very thought provoking stuff. Good for discussion if you read it with a buddy. Definitely an easy read that is hard to put down.

  4. The Circle is a good read. A little far fetched, but still very exciting and thought provoking. You will finish it if a few settings if you are that kind of book reader.

  5. I read The Circle a while back. I’m thinking the movie will be better than the book. It has intriguing concepts but weak writing. But still worth a read depending on how much of a writing snob you are. I read a lot of weak writing because I like scifi books that are about technology’s impact on sociology, it’s a relatively small genre, so not much to choose from. Hope that helps.

    I am always on the lookout for casual dresses! They are SO HARD to find, especially because I need short sleeves, bra friendly, hot/humid friendly, and I try to steer clear of black because it just feels to formal even in casual fabrics and cuts. Any suggestions are appreciated! I recently found this one that meets almost all of my criteria – Free People ‘Perfectly Victorian’ Minidress from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4385270.

  6. I can’t really comment on the shooting. Living in Tampa, it is way too close to home.

    So, I will ask a nonsense question.

    I am forever looking for a casual dress (well, any dress) that is cool but has sleeves. My arms have always been my least favorite body part, so just above the elbow is about as short as I am comfortable in. Any suggestions, or a post on what to wear in hot weather with less-then-stellar arms, would be appreciated.

  7. Its been a trying year for sure, i hope that the events unfolding will makes us all stop and realize that this life is precious and that money, fame, and success is not the end all be all. I spent father’s day with my family making dinner and enjoying the beautiful California weather. It was definitely a “stop an smell the roses” sort of week.


  8. Is this for real? After a mass assassination of gay people your response is to quote Dr. Laura? She has been incredibly cruel to the gay and lesbian community and has fed into the kind of hatred that fueled this attack. This is beyond tone deaf and insensitive. A quick Google can show you volumes more, but here is a quick synopsis of how she has chosen to speak about gay people. http://mediamatters.org/research/2010/08/13/dr-laura-schlessingers-racial-rant-latest-in-hi/169177

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