Weekend 3/3


tank | comfy navy bra

Pax had a tough night.  He was up at 2AM crying, with a runny nose, a suuuuper sore throat, and achy ears.  So color me surprised when I woke up this morning to find his big blue eyes staring at me, his freckled nose inches from my own, a big smile on his face.   He was cradling my face with both hands. “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you…” he crooned.

OMG.  Take notes, Mike.  I’d like to be woken up exactly like this every. day.  (Plus coffee.)


Shopping for swim??  An early look at our 2017 Swim Guide is available now…(with more to come!)

Shopbop’s huge sale ends Sunday.  We rounded up a bunch of our favorite pieces from the sale, here.  And then most of the tops I chose sold out.  Boo.  So I updated my section with new finds (many of which I ordered – selfies are posted to IG, @shanachristine).

Guess what’s (FINALLY) back in stock??  The Colleen Rothschild miracle cleanser that’s got us all addicted. 20% off with code BEST20!

Show those pearly whites.  Gwen just bought Keeko Oil Pulling Sachets  – a 14 day supply. What are our thoughts about this? Supposedly there are a ton of great benefits to oil pulling (including a whiter smile). Would anyone be interested in a review?

Also, this…

Do you like us like this?  The TME team has started recording videos at our weekly meetings to discuss new trends, cool beauty tricks, and, eventually, reader questions.  We’re calling these segments “Nap Chats” because we’re all trying to squeeze them in during naptime.  In our first segment we talk about clogs – you can watch it here.  Are there any questions you’d like us to address in an upcoming segment?  We’re open to any topics.  (And we’re also playing around with format – would Facebook live be better?  Then you can ask questions in real time…..?) Let us know your thoughts!

Wanna walk the runway?  If Dolce & Gabbana’s latest show is any indication, perhaps you can.  Slow clap, you guys.  MORE OF THIS.  (Thanks for the head’s up, A! xo)

See Jane describe feminism.  In Net-a-Porter’s recent interview with Jane Fonda, I don’t know what’s more badass….Jane rocking the heck out of a leather jacket (wrinkles and all), or the discussion about how “people pleasing” is a disease.  BAM.

One more reason DACA matters.  This Berkely student grew up in the US, and only found out he was undocumented when it was time to apply to college.  Reading his story – written in his own words – is truly eye-opening.

Cue the tears.  Scotti sent over this video of a baby hearing for the first time….and it’s EVERYTHING.


Happy weekend!


  1. I should try those oil pulling sheets. My 3 year old told me my teeth were yellow. And my teeth are so sensitive to chemicals!

    • Hi Leah, Sabrina here founder of Keeko. If you have super sensitive teeth then oil pulling is perfect for you. Rather then using chemicals to bleach the teeth, oil pulling works to dissolve the yellow plaque that sits on and in the pores of the teeth. The other product that may be effective for you is our charcoal powder, dip a toothbrush with or without toothpaste into the powder and brush your teeth. Again it works on gently scrubbing away stubborn plaque!

  2. I really liked the video! I enjoy watching Scotti’s makeup tutorials and this one really showed you guys in a more typical mom habitat.

  3. Any chance someone could do a dressing room post of Spring Zara?? They really punched up the volume and I’d love to see some of that on people I “know”.

  4. I am in love with my No 6 Store clogs. I actually find them super comfortable. They’re pricy, but I’ve worn them so often that it offsets the price.

  5. I need a good casual shoe recommendation. Love dressy shoes for going out and sneakers for lounging, but I work in a casual office, but not casual enough for sneakers all week. I live in NW Pennsylvania so in winter it is easy with different types of boots, but spring through fall is tough! I am not sure what to wear on my feet especially when it can be rainy:) I am really interested in darker color options like black.

  6. Love clogs!!! I have a sandal pair of Hasbeens and they are easy to walk in for short to medium distances. I’ve been dreaming of a pair of black boots. Please post some bikinis in your swimsuit section. I need tops that add some extra padding.
    Your video was great! It’s fun to see your personalities in real life.

  7. Hi — I don’t think I have ever commented (after 4.5 years of reading — sorry — but I am just not as cool as you all!). Anyway, I LOVED the nap chat because it felt so normal and familiar — like me — not like a photo shoot I will never look like! More of that, please! Love it!

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