Weekend 4.13


Hi! We’re back in Philly, after watching the eclipse in the path of full totality. Honestly, it kinda blew my mind. I was totally unprepared for how cool the whole experience was. The weird light as the moon started to cover the sun, the dropping temps, and then – bam. The full eclipse. Turns out you can’t see a full eclipse with those glasses on, so we did sneak little peeks with just our eyes. A full eclipse looks exactly like the photos – a black disc with this wild halo around it. And while we were in the eclipse’s shadow, there was a 360 degree sunrise all around us, over the mountains. It felt like we were witnessing a beautiful, end-of-the-world event.

All this is to say….Greenland or Iceland, 2026? ๐Ÿ˜‰

But anyway, we’re back. Kids are back in school, we found a doggie daycare for Nieve (she’s been on a tear, partially because we didn’t have gates up and the freedom went to her head) and my house is an unmitigated disaster. At this point, I’m hoping to finish with laundry sometime before the next eclipse.

But! I did get my two weight workouts in last week – anyone else? I ended up using the cheat sheet at the gym (instead of following along with the video) and it was great. I love that each exercise is linked to a quick video clip. I’m finding that I use everything from 7lb weights to 20 lbs weights, depending on the move. It was…interesting to see where I’m weakest. Week 2 just dropped, if anyone want to join in!

Still in my weird jeans phase. These. Right?

The happiest print? I keep coming back to this cute swimsuit. It’s so bright & cheery, and strikes me as…playful. Love it.

My 90’s are showing. I found the coolest rugby shirt from Black-owned business Honor The Gift. The ‘brick’ color is on its way to me. I especially love an oversized rugby as a swim coverup for summer evenings at the beach.

Those GANNI pants. Those GANNI lightweight cargos are on sale, and I’m really, really happy with mine (I did a little reel here, if interested). For example: I wore them to brunch this morning with this oversized fuzzy FP sweatshirt + Birkenstock mules…and then to Pax’s bestie’s dance competition with this shrunken cashmere sweater (lavender) + these boots. Two very different vibes, both cute!

Twee^2. Speaking of GANNI, the Gen Z’ers are telling me that this GANNI top is going viral on social right now. Do we like it tho? I can see the possibilities, but the model pics aren’t doing it for me. Maybe I like the leopard better? 10 points if you’re nerdy enough to read this one as Twee-squared ๐Ÿ˜‰

The best leopard. Eh, neither of those tops will beat this dress. Leopard print perfection, and I LOVE the casual shape. (And by “casual shape” I mean loose and mumu-like. 110% yes to this trend.

Oooo…While I LOVE Free People, I don’t always like their dresses. They’re often lacking…something (Tailoring? A hint of sophistication? Finishing details?). But Social Threads (read: good edits) have a couple that surprised me: this 100% cotton maxi dress that looks like Reformation (but is roughly $100 cheaper), and this two-toned sundress that looks like a cool designer find. Hunh.

Sexy, in a Girl Next Door kinda way. I’m a sucker for a sweet ditsy floral, and these soft little PJs are calling my name. Also in plus sizes.

Vacation sandals. I’m always on the hunt for really pretty, fancy-ish flat sandals. They’ll often take the place of heels in my suitcase. I just got these gold sandals in (by Sezane) and they’re soooo good on. And okfine: they come in a high-heel version, too. If between sizes, go down a half size.

Cute little top. This Z Supply top would be especially cute with high-rise denim. It actually reminds me of that cool, green-and-black top in this French Spring Fashion video we did with Archery Close. More sizes available here.

J.Crew shirtdress report. Ok. So I tried on the two shirt dresses I had ordered a few weeks ago, and now have thoughts: One, the Gamine Shirtdress was less gamine on me, and more…Chic Country Club Wife. Not necessarily a bad thing! In all honesty, it was very cute – just not quite my style. But if you skew preppier than I do, this dress is really well-made and pretty fantastic on. It’s much more conservative (read: longer) than it looks on the model. And two, the Capitane Shirtdress is freaking GREAT. I ordered petite sizes, so it was a sexy-short length. I couldn’t believe how cool it looks (not a word I usually associate with a shirtdress). One thing to note? The white version is lined in 100% viscose. Which means that the white linen shirtdress is super soft against your skin and not at all see-through. But it won’t be quite as cool in the heat. If you really want a 100% linen dress, stick to the darker colors.

Nike, no. A sneak peak of Team USA’s Olympic track uniforms – by Nike – was revealed this week and the women’s uniform is definitely revealing….in the worst possible way. This reel made me laugh, tho. And don’t miss the comment section of both posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy your weekend!