I’d love to tell you that we had a blast in Dallas last weekend..but I spent much of it in my hotel room, clad in sweatpants, curled into the fetal position, moaning.  As I recall, there had been some miscommunication with a waiter on Thursday (“Is this Romaine lettuce?  No?  Great!”) and by 2AM on Saturday, I was in rough shape.  I do tend to play these food recalls a little fast and loose – I’m a kid who grew up eating scads of cookie dough, biking without a helmet and, my favorite, standing on the seat next to my Dad as he drove, arm wound around his neck.

So. Um.  That didn’t work.  And three-and-a-half-hours is a realllllly long flight home when you have food poisoning. (And yes – if you saw my riveting IG stories you know I thought it was the flu.  Silly me.)  Thankfully Gwen packed up all of my stuff, she and Scotti somehow got me to the airport, and once we landed, Gwen just stuck me in a cab and stayed at the airport by herself to grab the luggage.  That’s family, you guys.

Of course, being the dramatic type, I walked in the door and immediately started sobbing. “Oh babe,” Mike said, immediately pulling me into a hug.  I heard feet pounding from all over the house, and then my little elephants charged in, joining the hug.  “MOM!  Let me get you some water!”  “MOM!  Come sit down!  Want a blanket Mom??? I’ll go get you a blanket!!” “Mom!  Want a foot rub?  Want to watch something funny?  You can pick the show, Mom!!”

I always laugh when new moms are nervous about having boys.  I do love being The Queen.

On that note…Majesty or Muppet?  I keep clicking on feathery shoes like this one. (The lone review is actually pretty funny – anyone else cracking up over Kort doing a serious review of his wife’s house shoes??) Anyway, I actually have this pair at home (I’ll throw a pic up on my IG, @shanachristine) but I can’t decide if the look is flirty and playful…or maybe over-the-top-glamorous….or just like my foot is wearing a muppet.  I wonder if it’s better if my toes didn’t show?  (The grass green of this one plus feathers is a real possibility.) Thoughts?

The easiest-ever summer dress?  I just picked up this little Free People number (in black) and it’s freaking perfect.  You can wear a real bra (just make it a pretty one, because it’ll show a little bit), but it’s so flattering and flirty.  And oh hey – Macy’s has it in all sizes, colors, and on sale.

So sweet.  This button-front chambray tank caught my eye.  Makes for a such a sweet twist on double-denim.

I’ll take both?  My new favorite everyday dress, Paige’s Perrine dress (you can see me wearing it here) also comes in gray, here.

Nacho’ Mommas Nachos.  I’m making The Healthy Apple’s Loaded Veggie Nachos IMMEDIATELY.

Fight Face Forever.  I LOVED this article about pole vaulter and silver medalist Sandi Morris and how she doesn’t care if her action shots make her look “pretty”.   “SORRY” she wrote in a tweet “BUT WE ARE BUSY KICKING BUTT!!”  She went on to challenge others to post their “fight faces” and the results are both realatable and awesome.

What’s in the Newsletter this week?  This mug and others that certain women who have produced life might relate to.  (Spoiler: none of them say World’s Greatest Mom).  If you haven’t yet subscribed to the newsletter, we’re picking our May giftcard winner NEXT WEEK.  That’s $200 to play with….as our way of saying WE LOVE YOU GUYS.

I heart this so hardThis IG photo of a little boy hugging Spiderman made my whole week.  It’s totally heart-melting.



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  1. Oh dear. Well feel better quickly and take care of yourself. And if you start getting worse, pay attention! My daughter got e coli a year and a half ago, and it turned into HUS (a complication where your kidneys shut down), and we spent seven weeks in the hospital, where I thought she was going to die, and eventually she had part of her colon removed. She’s happy and healthy now, thank God (literally), but does have chronic kidney disease.

    So I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I have a little PTSD about food poisoning, and….just…pay attention to your body (if you stop peeing, get yourself to a hospital – it’s hard to notice you’re not peeing when you’re, uh, doing plenty of other stuff in the bathroom). Okay, end PSA.

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