Weekend 4.6


The kid did alright, Gang. After 5 verrrry long days of USASA snowboarding competitions, Pax got a bronze medal in GS, and ended up coming 2nd in the All Around. He had some photo-finishes in Bordercross (always the most exciting to watch), did a backflip in Slopestyle, survived the half-pipe (thank god – I hate that event) and fell during Slalom – but hiked up to the missed gate like a champ.

I was waiting near the finish line of the Slalom course. Pax boarded over, disappointment etched in his face. “It’s ok, buddy,” I said. We just looked at each other. He slowly slid past me as I rubbed my hand in a circle over my heart – our secret sign for “I love you”. He gave me a little grin, and rubbed his hand over his chest in response. I watched him go, his hand still pressed to his heart, as him teammates surrounded him. “Pax! It’s OK, Pax!! You have next year!!”

God, these kids are the best part of this sport.

I was really impressed with Pax this week. He’s such a fierce freaking competitor, and seems to genuinely love both the sport and the competition itself. It’s this love, this passion, that seems to give him some major resilience. I honestly don’t know how he does it. It’s physically demanding, but also such an intense, emotionally demanding experience, too. (Haha, as I type this, he’s literally laying in bed. He’s been in there reading and watching movies for almost 2 straight days now. The kid is DONE.)

I also feel seriously lucky to have a set of coaches that aren’t just looking for medals. They’re so supportive, and focus on nurturing these kids as people – not just athletes. Frankly, they do a hell of a job of keeping the long game in mind: they want to create life-long lovers of this sport, not just kids who burn out in a few years, or get injured and quit. The result is a team of kids who are both fierce competitors and really good sports. I can always tell who the GMA kids are – they’re the ones waiting at the bottom of the bordercross course to fist-bump their competitors (Pax’s coaches tell me he does this at the top of the course before getting into the gate, too), or the kids cheering on athletes from other teams that they just met during practice. It’s a pretty inspiring scene.

I know I’m also going to have to do some Pax-cheering-up over the next few weeks. He always gets a little depressed once snowboard season is over. Raines will immediately change his focus to surfing, but Pax will need to just chill for a while. Maybe I can talk his beloved Coach Mike into a zoom call or an online chess game or something. 🙂

This is IT. Gang, I cannot stress enough that boxer pants are THE pants of summer. Or something like them, anyway. You want flowy, full-length, and vaguely menswear boxer inspired (that ticking stripe will do). Available in regular, petite and plus sizes.

Or, if you prefer something more sophisticated…Reformation makes a striped linen pant that gives a nod to the boxer pant trend, but takes it in a decidedly chic direction.

Or, if you’re looking for something more affordable…try this Caslon pair for under $60. I bought them several weeks ago, and they’re so freaking great. They look just like the Ref pants on, but are a little softer and looser in the waist. (They’re a linen blend, tho, not 100% linen like the Ref pants.) I also am intrigued by these Free People pants. They come with serious PJ pant vibes, but that extra seam looks especially flattering.

Or, try a skirt…I mean, picture this: this Boden skirt with a little white tank (tucked in, obvi), flat, tan sandals, this straw bag and bright lipstick (try ‘surreal’). A perfect little outfit for sightseeing in, say, the south of France or something. More sizes of the skirt (0 – 22), as well as petite and tall lengths are available at Boden.com.

Edgy espadrilles. I’m reallllly into the look of these rag&bone espadrilles. They’d be a fun, unexpected surprise with that skirt, too.

Game changer. I’ve been basically doing my makeup in the car all week (Pax’s on-hill start time was usually early and I had to make breakfast, smoothies, pack lunches, etc) and this contour set is the freaking BEST THING for a no-makeup look. Literally all I need, and I can apply it with fingers. I use the brown under my cheekbones, along my jawline, and to contour my eyes. The pink blush goes on my cheeks, bridge of my nose, and just under the arch of my brow. I then add the barest bit of highlighter to the tops of my cheeks & brow bone. It’s remarkable. The result is just pretty, slightly flushed, and more awake. I’m no makeup artist – I promise these things are dead easy to use. (They’re also all-natural and made in Vermont, too. Love it.)

Summer uniform. I love breezy white tops and this boxy, linen one from Madewell and this FP eyelet top are freaking perfect. I’ll be wearing them all summer with with cut-offs, with those striped linen boxer pants I linked above, or loose, wide-leg denim.

Speaking of loose, wide-leg denim…Madewell just released one of our very favorite pairs in a perfect summer wash. LOVE. (There’s a similar wash at Madewell that’s available in tall, petite, and plus sizes, too.)

Plus size pick: This seriously cool cropped trench. Perfect for Spring.

My next baseball hat. Hey, Philly.

Don’t hate me, but…I’m ordering these jeans. Yes, those are pleats.

I’m actually very confused by shorts. Are we wearing denim shorts this summer? I was browsing for new ones and – on the exact same page of results – I saw these (which I misread as ‘santa shorts’ haha) and then these (oof) and then…these? I’m like…no.

Ooo…I’ve been waiting for Black-owned business AAKS to come out with new woven bags…and this pretty woven tote or this little stunner are my top picks.

The most glamorous swimsuit: This one. It’s part of Ref’s new, sustainably-made swimwear line.

Boo, Jenni Kayne. Gang, I was soooo excited because Jenni Kayne finally re-stocked one of my favorite dresses of all time: The Rove Dress. It’s the kind of dress I wore basically daily last summer, it dresses up, down and travels like a dream. HOWEVER: My Rove dress is 100% silk – this gorgeously textured, rough-ish silk – and the restock? Is freaking viscose & polyamide. I’m so disappointed and baffled, frankly. At this point, I’ve gotta recommend the knock-off, Quince’s Scoop Neck Midi Dress. It has almost the exact same shape, but is 100% linen.

Hard no. Do you ever run across something that physically hurts your eyes? I don’t know what it is about this outfit – seems so innocuous, no? – but I literally recoiled.

But then…I keep coming back to these shoes. I know! There is no logical explanation! The heart wants what the heart wants, I guess.

What are we reading? I needed something light, so I picked up the latest book in The Regency Vows series. They’re light and silly romance novels, with the added bonus of having – at times – some truly witty writing.

Spring lentil salad. It’s been so snowy and cold up here in Copper that I’m ready to head on back to Philly where the flowers are already in bloom (or so I hear). Love & Lemons’ cooking club recipe for the month is this Lentil Salad and it’s exactly what I want to eat.

Spring = STRONG. Laurel’s new weightlifting series – especially for women over 40 – just dropped and I’m SO excited! Someone was asking how I’m going to fit the weight workouts in with my running and…I’m not exactly sure. I do know that I’m – at least – going to do Laurel’s weight workouts 2X per week, run 2-3 times per week and then…we’ll see. I’d love to get to weights 4X per week but am starting with one upper and one lower body a week.

Happy weekend!



ps. Photo credits go to USASA.

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