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There was a full moon on Sunday.  I feel like that may explain everything about my week.

Also, it was 85 degrees (!!??!!) yesterday.

So let’s just get to the good stuffs, shall we?


Shopping Enablers ‘R us.  Have you ever been searching online for something specific but you can never find it and instead you find a million other SWOON-making things that you don’t need?  Yeah?  It happens to us over here at TME all. the. time.  So now we’ve put our favorite swoonables into shoppable boutiques.  You can find it in the drop down tab called “Shop Editor Picks”.  Or if you are lazy (me), here are direct links: Amanda, Cam, Gwen, Laura, Scotti, and me. Whew. (Jess’ is coming soon.)

A halloween costume you could (arguably) wear again?  Try Modcloth’s Sexy Chewbacca or  R2-D2 dresses. I’m DYING.

Madewell has an additional 30% off sale items this weekend with code EXTRASALE.  There’s a ton of summery pieces, but also some spot-on pieces for Fall.  Here are my favs:


Laura is off to a brunch this weekend, and is bringing these French Doughnuts.  Super simple and quick to make (they’re billed as weekday doughnuts), and especially pretty when made in this pan.

There’s a color darker than black.  So that’s exciting.  (And cue “just like my soul” jokes from Amanda and Laura.  Thanks for the find, Amanda!)

20 minutes of recess?  It’s not nearly enough for budding engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, or really anyone who hopes be considered “critical thinkers” as adults.  This thoughtful (and well-researched) article from NotJustCute is a must-read.

Gwen started a small obsession with sing off YouTube videos, and this one totally blew me away.  Gosh, people are talented.

Saturday night is the Light The Night Walk in Philly, a walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Gwen will be there.

Scotti is taking over our Snapchat account this weekend!!  She’s doing a wedding, so I’m sure there will be plenty of make-up snaps.  Feel free to send her any questions you have on the topic – she’ll do her best to answer.  Our account is @themomedit.

And lastly….the team’s response when seeing Vetements for the first time….



Enjoy your weekend!






  1. April Fool’s is too far off so I’m thinking a Halloween-themed dressing room selfies, Vetements edition? 😉 Seriously tho, same thing happened to me when I was looking for a cozy plaid flannel – thinking, did I mistakingly click on the zombie/hunchback/Frankenstein’s monster section? Plus – such a bargain!!

  2. Thank you Shana, love all of your suggestions! I am just switching my spring/summer clothes to fall/winter, it’s a big job and my favorite pieces are ones from the mom edit. One item I can’t seem to find, and that is a good tank to wear under my sweaters. Nordstrom used to sell one I loved, I think it was Halogen and it got discontinued. All of the tanks I ordered in the past are too long, too stretchy and ride up, or uncomfortable. Any help would be appreciated!

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