Weekend 4/7


I can tell Spring is here.  We’re all starting to crawl out of our cold-weather shells – my fav brunch places are booked, there are flashes of bare legs on the streets (or at least bare ankles), and my kids are literally bouncing off the walls (and crashing hard at night).

Thank goodness it’s Spring Break.

We leave tomorrow for Banff National Park.  Have you ever been?  It’s stunningly beautiful, with amazing skiing (major Spring snow is their hallmark).  It’s our last ski trip of the year.  All three boys (and me!) are over-the-moon.  We’ll do our best to get some pretty mountain pics up on IG (@shanachristine).


Hey Office-Dwellers!  You’re gonna love this Frame top.  I bought it at Intermix last year (full price, ugh), and it looks just as good with #bosslady trousers as it does with ripped jeans and heels.  It’s been one of my go-tos for date nights, meetings, etc.  And it’s now 63% off at Nordstrom Rack.

Speaking of Nordstrom Rack…. Scotti was visiting, and we did a little damage.  I bought these flares (Frame, again), and hemmed the crap out of them.  And?  They still look good (sooooo soft, too).  More on IG soon….

That hardly sounds like “damage”.  Good point.  I also bought a silk Parker blouse (not online), and Scotti got these Hudson jeans, this Free People bodysuit (SO FREAKING SEXY – I want the red one with lighter flares) and this swoon-worthy lace sweatshirt (also available in plus sizes).

We’re not the only ones shopping.  Amanda is debating between this blush-pink moto vest and this little black shift dress with pom-pom trim.

Also, this…

We have a new Nap Chats video!  This time, we’re talking about Spring Break Packing  (or packing for any sort of tropical getaway).

A contest is looking for the world’s funniest pet photos.  Upworthy rounded up the best 23 so far.  (thanks, Scotti!)

From our Slack channel….

Amanda cracked us up with this one:


Jess is obsessed with this IG account.  The Mom dresses her baby up as tons of characters….while she naps.  YAS.  That is wedding slideshow GOLD RIGHT THERE.

And you thought Superheros weren’t real.  Mohamad Bzeek, a Libyan-born muslim man who now lives in Azusa, CA, is a Foster father who has spent the last twenty years taking in terminally ill children.  “I know she can’t hear, can’t see, but I always talk to her,” he said. “I’m always holding her, playing with her, touching her. … She has feelings. She has a soul. She’s a human being.”   You can read more about him in the LA Times did in February, or watch this PBS video.



Oh Hey, Denver…..

My dear friend Jayme Richie is the Founder of Weecycle Colorado, a non-profit organization that collects gently-used baby gear and donates it to parents in need.  They’re throwing their annual fundraiser on April 22nd.  I was at the founding event (sob! miss you guys!) and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see what it has become.  If any of you Denverites are looking for something seriously fun (for a really amazing cause)….you can buy tickets here.







  1. Banff is amazing. My husband and I got married there (via helicopter to mountain top). Either stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs or at least have lunch in their restaurant with the view of the valley, it’s breathtaking! The snow mobiling and cave exploring was great too. Have fun!!!

  2. Banff is awesome. If you have a chance, check out Moraine Lake! Everyone goes to Lake Louise but Moraine is a must!

  3. Banff was one of our most perfect trips–amazing hiking in the summer, crazy good views, and an awesome hotel (Fairmont). I’d love to go back in winter!

  4. I can’t wait to see your pictures from Banf. I find it interesting that every single cancer survivor I know is obsessed with travel. (Me included!) Did you find that your desire to see new things increased after you were done with all of your treatments?

  5. I also agree that Banff is amazing. My husband and I were at the Fairmont for 5 days this past fall. I so want to go back when our boys (4 and 1 month) are big enough to hike. Please do a round up of what you do! There was so much we didn’t get to.

  6. Shana,
    Is it just me or do you find that Frame
    denim runs big? Can you recall if you go down a size in their jeans? Or does it depend on the cut?

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