Weekend 5.19


Happy weekend!!  The entire fam is currently in my hometown (Marquette, MI).  I was honored to be asked to speak yesterday at Innovate Marquette’s Women Entrepreneurs event.  A huge thank-you to everyone who showed up – it was a fun crowd, and I hope I didn’t drone on too long.  I hadn’t even realized – until we were pulling charts together – that we’re coming up on the TEN year anniversary of this blog. Crazy, right?  Mike and I were cracking up while prepping for this event….there sure have been several missteps along the way, and the lessons learned from those mistakes have been so valuable.  In hindsight…having my little guys there to see me owning up to those mistakes was a gift itself.  One of our parenting goals has always been to raise kids unafraid to take risks, unafraid to fail, and it was one of those moments that I had the opportunity to model that for my kids.  Innovate Marquette, I am so grateful.

Is there such a thing as a sexy mumu?  Totally intrigued by this floral H&M dress.  It’s voluminous with an awkward length and reminds me of something my Grandma Margaret would wear (with bright lipstick and her short red curls set just so)….but…there’s something about it.  I’d pair with flat sandals and my hair piled on top of my head in a nod to Grandma.  I may throw this one in my cart, too.  It’s safer.

What’s more helpful? A few of you have asked for a more affordable option for my Clare V. Pot-de-Miel bag (see it on my IG, here).  There’a couple of ways to play this.  I can look for another bag that is similar….but typically none are quite as good.  The Clare V is special because the shape is perfect, as-is the weave of the straw (and high-quality handle).  So I invariably end up recommending bags that I wouldn’t necessarily buy – something like this one – it’s close, but not as nice.  Or….I could recommend another truly exciting bag (one that I genuinely would love to own)…but one that is only loosely based on the Clare V bag.  For example:  this Kate Spade (on eBay – more here).  The only thing it has in common with my Clare V is the color scheme, but I’d wear it with all of the same outfits, and it is a bag that truly makes my heart beat fast.  So…which is better?  The closer, more conventional look-alike (even if I wouldn’t buy it) or something more exciting, but only loosely based?  (Although, the more I look at the simple straw bag the more I like it….UGH.  I’m no help.  I’d love your thoughts on this.)

Bags on the brain.  I’m also currently drooling over this denim Kate Spade….but I think I might just grab Baggu’s $45 one and call it a day.  I like the idea of allllll the chambray.

So sweet.  I can’t get enough of white cotton eyelet (or lace) tops in the summer.  The two I’m currently eyeing is this eyelet number (I’d wear with boyfriend jeans now, tiiiiny shorts later) or this lace-trimmed top.

Yanny or Laurel?  I KNOW.  I’m sick of this too.  But Scotti sent me to Upworthy’s article on the topic, Why the ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanni’ Debate is More Insightful Than You Think‘ and they really delve into the science behind why we each hear one or the other, and it is interesting.  (And a darn good reason for staying open-minded.)

Craving Sun?  Me too. Here’s Trip Advisor’s list of the Best Beaches in the World.  Or the USA (but hey – Marquette, MI should be on that list!)

This doesn’t stink.  Since you guys were so helpful with our all-natural deodorant question a few weeks ago….I thought you might like to see a sneak-peek of our latest vid:  Gwen and I smelling alllll the Native deodorant.

Lady Cordelia Ivan of Fair.  Cam just shared one of those internet meme things where you create your Royal Wedding Guest Name (in honor of the royal wedding).  Start with Lord or Lady…then add one of grandparent’s first name, the name of your first pet, “of”….then the street you grew up on.  (Lady Alta Roxy of Alderton?  Save me a seat, please.  It is likely I will be fashionably late.)


Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. I have a style challenge for Cam this summer, since she lives in the warmest climate. Find the least sweaty tops that also have sleeves! All cotton? Flowy? Lace and eyelet? I want to know the best field-tested options for staying cool, but covered. Thanks!

  2. Also, in trying to post this it came up with what looked like an error message saying I had been blocked! I rarely comment, so that seemed unlikely. It looks like it went through after I did a not-a-robot math bit, but it definitely is I’m sure not what you want!

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