Weekend 5.4


My friend M had a birthday this week. She texted us to join her in the park for a little happy hour celebration. We’ve done this kind of thing before – grab a blanket, bottle of wine, go. It’s easy and fun!

I was running late, of course, but grabbed a bottle of champagne (it’s a birthday after all). But imagine my surprise when I arrived to find that M had created the loveliest of picnics. She had a cluster of those cardboard coffee carriers in the center, and inside each were two beautiful paper cups. One of the cups was filled with an inch of water and fresh flowers, the other was empty. She had a gorgeous cake (decorated with fresh flowers), and a tote filled with plastic champagne flutes in a rainbow of colors.

Gang…I gasped. It was such a happy surprise (for us! She used her birthday to surprise us!!) and was honestly one of the happiest of happy hours.

If that weren’t enough, at the end of the party, M cut the leftover cake into little squares, and put them all in the empty paper cups. She sent us all on our merry way each with our own little coffee holders of fresh flowers and cake!

Who does this??!!! Seriously!! I was blown away.

So anyway. If you need an low-key but absolutely wow idea for Mother’s Day…I strongly suggest an M-style picnic.

(Happy birthday, again, M. Love you.)

Dressy, walkable heels for Europe this summer? A never-ending quest of mine is to find cute summer heels (not flats) that I can actually walk some distance in. I want them to be dressy enough (and high-heeled enough) for weddings, date nights, etc…but also be honest-to-goodness walkable. I’m not looking for Uber-only heels! I’ve been trying on many (many) pairs, and have 2 current standouts so far: these Larroude heels and – shockingly – these under $100 Easy Spirits (in denim).

Pretty top, no tucking required. I’ve been wearing this Doen top with baggy jeans, completely untucked. Which is kinda the point of baggy jeans – I reach for them when I want absolute comfort, so a loose, untucked top is my best possible option. This particular top, however, is special – fancy enough to elevate the jeans, yet wildly comfortable. And yes – while I also wear this stunner tucked into a pair of high-rise jeans for a sort of effortless, 70’s-cool look…I don’t have to. This top is available in a bunch of pretty colors, too.

Oh, wow – this set: Top + matching shorts. Why? Not only does this set come in petite, regular, and plus sizes, but the waistband of the shorts looks ridiculously comfortable – nothing that digs in or pinches or squeezes. Such a genius design decision, and one I wish more designers would incorporate!! I especially like the green stripe (but they’re all pretty darn cute).

Mother Denim has almost completely lost their way. I keep trying on Mother Jeans, and, at this point, I’m not sure why I bother. They’ve all gone back. The fit is off, the washes are tragically boring or just very odd, and I can’t figure out sizes, lengths, etc. That said, their t-shirt & sweatshirt game is ON POINT (favs here and here). But! THE JEANS. What is happening? They are very soft, I’ll give them that. Anyway, just as I was about to completely give up on Mother…I tried these jeans. Technically, they’re petite length (and the regular version has an inseam that’s only 1.5″ longer, which is both annoying and confusing), but they’re a mid-rise that doesn’t squeeze my waist AT ALL. Like, they’re so easy through my softer middle that if I wanted to wear a shorter, boxier top and the wind blew it up, there’s no sausaging-out over the top of the jeans. And the bum is cute, too. Unlike other pairs of Mother jeans, these run pretty TTS (if not a bit big).

Immediately yes: these overalls. Literally…that’s it. That’s all I want. Over a bikini. Over a white tank. That’s it. I’m done for summer.

Well, with this, too. I love Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic (Forte) – I get compliments whenever I wear it. It’s like a grown-up, sophisticated version of Clinique Happy. 🙂

Spot-on. This swimsuit (available in plus and regular sizes) is the prettiest leopard print I’ve found. The print feels super fresh and clean, and the cut is really modern. The color I like is called, ‘glass leopard’.

Could someone make this skirt? Sometimes I see pieces and think maaaaaybe? Anyway. It’s freaking fantastic. Let me know if you have any DIY ideas.

Save v. Splurge. GAP just came out with a cute little dress that looks very much like my beloved Ref one. It’s a linen blend (compared to the 100% sustainably sourced linen of my Ref dress), but is the same classic shape. I wear mine all summer, and take it on every summer vacay – it’s a forever fav.

Calling all Apres Ski Die Hards! Thanks to Shopbop, now is the time to pick up a fair isle sweater…on major sale. I offer up: this sweater from Vince (at $200 off), one from Kule (at 40% off), a Favorite Daughter (at omg 60% off) and a colorful Lingua Franca (40% off).

Raising Surfers. We recently discovered this local jeweler, Raising Surfers, and fell hard. We’re cooking up a little something-something, but for now, if you’re looking for a seriously cool Mother’s Day gift idea, I just came home with these giant hoop earrings, and these chain earrings. Most pieces are treated to withstand saltwater. LOVE.

Alway lentils. Whenever I need a clean start, from a food perspective, I turn to lentils. And I plan on making this springy Lemony Lentil & Chickpea Salad With Radishes and Herbs this week. Val (of Cafe Lutecia fame) reminded me of how good radishes can be with her vegan Radish leaf soup this weekend, and while I don’t have Val’s recipe, La Tartine Gourmande usually comes through. Et voila!

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. I was at Bloomingdales waiting for someone when I read your post. I was about to quit Mother jeans too for all of the same reasons, the sizing is crazy lately and I agree on the washes. That said, I want to love them so I ordered the jeans you recommended.

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