Weekend 6.02



Have a playful weekend, you guys.


LikeToKnow.IT Haters, this is for you: Hit up the “In Our Closets” tab to take a peek at what we’re currently wearing.  Especially helpful if you’ve noticed something on IG or FB, and are a looking for a direct link.  Here’s mine, for example.  

Word on the playground?  Madewell’s latest is on fire. I’m eyeing this adorable pink dress (SWOON), this striped top, and their military jacket in…..rose.

Always late?  Me too.  We need this clock. (hint:  it won’t help)

Stop haunting my dreams, Halston Heritage.  Specifically this jumpsuit.  So effortlessly cool, I die.

Thoughts on Glossier?  I was about to put in a big order to try out Glossier (I had promised you guys wayyyyy back), but then I found Jordon’s spot-on review.  Off to buy the Phase 2 set (concealer, lipstick and boy brow) right now.  ps.  Jordan’s blog, Ramshackle Glam, is one of my favs.



Also, This….

Finding a good book just got easier.  I’m totally and completely obsessed with Amazon charts, where they list the top 20 most sold and most read books of the week.  YES.

Did avocado toast just get better?  The Zoe Report claims you can swap out bread for slices of toasted sweet potato…I WANT TO BELIEVE.

To that baby in Vico.  I’m obsessed with the Letters to a Stranger section of the Off Assignment travel blog.  Especially this one.

Let’s go see Swan Lake.  I often bond with many of our longtime readers, and Tysie is one of those.  I just happened to catch the New York Times article on her sister – who was just recently promoted to soloist at ABT.  A huge congrats – and such an interesting read about an insanely demanding job.

Because you can’t ignore Science forever.  Trump may have officially pulled us out of the Paris Agreement, but a group of American leaders – including 30 mayors, three governors, 80+ university presidents and more than 100 businesses – have vowed to meet the greenhouse gas emission targets.  If you want to really get pumped up for action, watch James Balog’s hauntingly beautiful (and heartbreaking) documentary that shows – using time-lapse videos – how quickly some of the world’s glaciers are melting.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. 1. I love this blog, it has helped me so much through my transition into motherhood and finding my style again, sorry I’ve never taken the time to comment until now!
    2. I tried glossier and was very disappointed in the products (the concealer creased, the lip stuff was drying, and the brow boy made the skin under my brows break out), however, upon contacting them to express this, they told me keep the product, give it to a friend, and gave me a full refund. At least their customer service is good!

  2. Bow brow is amazing and perfect in every way. I also tried the milky jelly cleanser, concealer, priming moisturizer, the balm dot com, and skin tint. They are all fine but nothing to write home about and I went back to my old faves after trying each of them. The concealer was definitely not enough for my dark circles, sadly. Boy brow is now a daily staple though. It’s *really* good.

  3. From the Letters to a Strangers article, “I had wasted so much time and energy being seen, when looking was the answer.”

  4. I really like boy brow and stretch concealer… however I’d finally used up the last bit of boy brow and looked for something at Target and found the Soap and Glory volu-boost brow fibre gel to be a pretty decent dupe. I do want to try more of the products, I was pretty happy with the phase 2 set.

  5. I love glossier. Brow Boy is a holy grail for my fine fine brows. I’m not a huge fan of the Generation G, it’s so drying, but I’m not a fan of lip products in general. I love their serums as well.

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