Weekend 6.1


On one hand I’m double-checking the date because how is it June already, and on the other hand we’re T-2 days of school left in the Philadelphia school system and WE ARE BARELY MAKING IT. Talk about a crawl to the finish line. Which means that this is the time of year I link to Jen Hatmaker’s epic post, Worst End of School Year Mom EVER. “I feel like any sort of school energy required at this point is pure oppression, like the universe is trying to destroy me.”

You are welcome.

In addition to not checking a homework folder since May 6th, it dawns on me that I have not actually signed the boys up for summer camp(s?) yet. I have been frozen by both indecision and procrastination (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this), which is why I find myself — at this late date — Googling “summer camps philadelphia not full” which, as you can imagine, is not ideal

Instead of debating the finer points of sports camp vs this super cool D&D summer camp (I mean seriously), I am more-than-a-little distracted by the fact that the Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection launches for pre-order next week. The samples are in, the swooning is done, the photos have been taken and now….we’re about to share it with you guys. Predictably, I am both nervous and excited. We basically tried to dream up the most epic summer travel wardrobe ever, based on some tried and true favorites already in my closet, and…yeah: The top I’m wearing in the photo above is available for pre-order SOON. If you’re dying for more sneak peeks (and I hope you are), check out our Instagram, @themomedit. We’re throwing a new pic up there every day until the launch. (And can you guess the namesake of this dress or the top I’m wearing above? We’ve named each piece after one of our favorite Philly haunts.)

A seriously sexy sports bra. I wandered into Athleta the other day and was really impressed with this sports bra. It’s best for low-impact workouts, but it’s stunning on (and super-comfortable). The look is more pretty bralette than sports-bra, and it’s basically made to peek out from under tank tops.

Where can I wear these pants? I also tried on these insanely cool uh…track pants? Trousers? Tuxedo pants? They defy description. However, they are insanely flattering, super-comfy, lightweight and have some serious potential. Thoughts?

Back in stock: My favorite Reformation dress — that emerald green stunner with the high slit and open back — is back in stock. It would be perfect for any sort of summer wedding or party. I typically size up in Reformation dresses.

The one that got away. I tried on this Reformation jumpsuit last week and left it back in the store. IDK. I was grumpy and stressed, and couldn’t think clearly and was all I’m OUT. But what is FUNNY (I mean not haha funny, but more eye-rolling funny) is that this jumpsuit, on me was FULL LENGTH. I tried on a medium because that ribbed knit usually runs small but….how freaking tall are those models? Or, said more positively: this ribbed knit jumpsuit flatters both the vertically challenged as well as those with height a-plenty. Or something. In any case, I do wish I had brought it home. It was the sort of piece that looks dramatic but feels like pajamas.

Soooo…The “Shana” Deodorant smells GOOD.  I had ordered a custom deodorant from Native a while back — you simply take this quiz online, and then, based on your answers, they send you a stick of custom-scented deodorant. Mine showed up, charmingly named “Shana’s Deodorant”. Like…my name was printed on the label and everything. And the scent? They totally nailed it. LOVE.

Obsessed.  We can’t stop dancing to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy. And IknowIknowIknow, I’m both late to this party AND the lyrics are not kid-appropriate (AND dear god I just watched the video) BUT…it’s the coolest song I’ve heard maybe ever.  Duh.

On that note…happy weekend, everyone.




  1. I have the track trousers(in all black) and they are some of my favorite pants. I wore them in the spring traveling with a boxy, camel, mock neck, cashmere sweater with adidas superstars. They are also super breathable and lightweight for hotter temps, a good option if you don’t like wearing shorts. I wore them last weekend to my kids baseball game with a slim fitting, ribbed, gray, tank top and blue Birkenstock, metallic watch and sunglasses.

  2. This. Is. The. Longest. School Year. Ever. I don’t understand why the teachers haven’t given up yet. I gave up at least two weeks ago. Just stop, already! Please! Just have to get through one week of half days. ?? That bra is perfect. I’ve been looking for a bralette that is smooth, not lace. I have a few dresses that need a cute strap, but the lace of most bralettes doesn’t look nice. I am going to check this one out right away! Thanks for the heads up. And hang in there! The school year is almost over.

  3. So much yes. That jumpsuit, not my style but I understand why you are still thinking about it, those shoulder ties are everything right now.

    I wanted to make a request, I feel like tube tops are making a huge comeback at the moment. But as a Mom I don’t know. I am torn but I can see how a little tube top with the shoulder ties could work in my wardrobe. This one specifically. I would love the TME thoughts


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