Weekend 6.1


Happy June!!  So…we returned the tadpoles.  Well, we returned one of the tadpoles.  The other didn’t make it.  When Pax realized that one had died, the poor kid burst into tears.  It was such a sad sight, Pax walking and crying and carrying the container with the one remaining tadpole oh-so-carefully.  Later, as we hiked back out, Pax slipped his little hand into mine.  “Mom?” He said.  “I’m glad that one tadpole is back in his home….but I kinda hate myself for killing the other one.”

Oh, my heart.  What a tricky situation to parent through, right?  The poor kid isn’t wrong, but man…that’s a tough lesson to learn.

This weekend, I think we’re planning to head up to Reading, PA for the WWII Weekend.  We’ve gone a bunch of times and LOVE it (I even covered the event a few years ago).  My boys have been begging to go back, and it is fun to see the re-enactors, and swing dance in the big ‘ol dance hall.  Should be a good time.

We’re not quite done with school yet…at least not physically.  Mentally, we are OVER IT.  Poor Raines had one more week of homework and it just about killed us all.  Which reminds me!  It’s time to link to Jenn Hatmaker’s epic and hysterical end-of-school-year essay.  “I feel like any sort of school energy required at this point is pure oppression, like the universe is trying to destroy me.”   Sing it, sister.  (Is this the funniest thing we’ve ever read?  I’m pretty sure yes.)

Just go buy these shorts.  They’re red, they’re high-waisted, they’re short but not too short and they’re totally NOT my typical style.  Yet….I LOVE THEM.  They’re almost sold out at Nordstrom, but are still fully in stock at Madewell.  I have them in size 24 for reference – you’ll be seeing them on the blog soon.

Two words:  Rain. Bow. These Loeffler Randall rainbow slides are actually comfortable, stay on reasonably well, and are currently 40% at Nordstrom.  (More sizes available at LoefflerRandall.com, too, or a few on Amazon.)

Or maybe: Rose. Gold. I’ve been coveting rose gold Birkenstocks for years, but by the time I decide to pull the trigger…they’re sold out.  Pregnant Scotti went right to the source (still in stock!) and has now been wearing hers nonstop.

Still on.  We haven’t yet taken down our Memorial Day Sale shop, primarily because many of the sales are still going strong.  Like the Nordstrom Half-Yearly, which ends Sunday.  Of our readers’ favorites, this dress, this cool tee, and these high-rise Levis are still in stock.

Not over these.  Are any of you dying for these Veja sneakers that Linzi featured????  They’re THE most perfect fashion sneaks for summer.

What we’re reading.  I’ve started reading When The Sea Turns to Silver to my little guys (7 and 10), and they’re both hooked.  I’ve only recently discovered author Grace Lin, and I’m now a huge fan.  It’s both tender and exciting, and we look forward to bedtime each night. (Which is creeping later and later because…SUMMER.)

Well now I’m hungry.  All I want is to throw a party with this appetizer board.  SWOON.  (I wouldn’t say no to her bathroom, either.)

Move over, Blue Whale.  Scientists have recently discovered fossils that lead them to believe that an 85-ft sea monster once roamed our seas…knocking the Blue Whale out of the category as largest-ever animal.  Whoa.

If you’re the kind who plans in advance.  Wendy Perrin Travel has compiled a list of the best trips to book in June.  And yup, you guessed it:  holiday travel is on the list. (omg!)

That’s some A+ C.  I like to layer Vitamin C under my sunscreen in the morning….and I’m totally intrigued by this $35 serum that contains both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid and has almost 10K 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Sneak Peek. We just published a few new videos on our YouTube channel (coming soon to the blog).  Check out our profile on local-brand Voloshin, as well as the eyeshadow brush I can’t live without (true to form, I mess this one up).

What’s in the newsletter this week?  Fun (and quirky) pool floats. Like…cherries (too cute).  If you haven’t yet subscribed, we’d love to have you.

Enjoy your weekend!






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  1. Hi Shana. I have to tell you that the Sorel sandals with the elastic criss cross are fabulous. I think they are a dressier alternative to Birks and the rose gold/natural combo is super cool. I give them a 5/5 for comfort as well. Thanks for the tip…I found Amazon to offer many color combos. Love them.

  2. We love Grace Lin too (my boys are also 10 & 7)! Just yesterday we were going over our list of books we read last year and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was one of their favorites. We have not read When the Sea Turns to Silver, so I’ll have to pick that up :).

  3. I love that Vitamin C! I just can’t get over the smell? Maybe its how it reacts to my own skin smell(?) I can hardly wear it during the day. Which sucks because I fell in love with Clinque’s.

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