Weekend 6.15


Hey there! It’s been a week. The kids had their last day of school, Mike turned 50(!!) on Thursday (looking good, Babe) and I…fell while running. Annoyingly, I tripped over a rock, went down hard and skinned the heck out of my hands and knees. I’ve been drowning in a sea of bandaids, Vaseline, and despair.

Kidding!! I’m fine. Just…pouty and pissy. Ya know.

In other words, a perfect Father’s Day scenario. hahahahaha

That time of year. Every summer I bust out my Beach perfume…and have been doing it now for 20-something years? Gosh – is that even possible? What’s wild is that Raines (my teen) complements me every time I wear it, which makes me a little swoony. Fun to see that it has 600+ 5-star reviews – clearly I’m not the only who still loves it.

All I want to wear is this exact outfit. I may swap out the featured tee for this Sezane one or this Bordeaux one…but it’s basically perfect.

And for night…pairing those same pants with this top could be a cool twist on mixed prints. (Keep the footwear suuuper simple and minimalist, though.)

A cashmere-linen blend???? Good grief – Banana Republic’s cashmere-linen, one-shoulder tee is the dreamiest top. I especially love the ‘sugar melon’ color. Also in a beautiful, shoulder-cutout style, as well. That drape is epic.

I need to see this dress in person. But La Ligne’s Natalie dress is…interesting. It’s 100% silk (which is becoming harder and harder to find), and that sort of easy, casual cut that I typically LOVE. It just means that this dress could look amazing with sneakers in spring, tall boots in fall/winter, and flip-flops now…as well as get fancied up with heels or sandals. The print is beautiful and the cut is…well. That’s where I pause. It’s either amazing or odd, and I can’t figure it out from the photos. Someone needs to try this on!! (Given my job, “someone” is probs me, but if anyone has beat me to this particular punch…spill! I’d love to know your thoughts.)

Also, this. Ummm….Rails has nailed how to make a sweater dress work in summer!! The color, the details, the play of textures – it’s a serious wow. The styling, however, is killing me. I need to see this messed up a bit for summer – big, beachy hair, flip-flops or tan sandals (what’s with the weird attempts at matching shoes?) – it doesn’t need to be so formal. Let this dress live, Saks Fifth Ave!! Let it play!!

She cuuuuute. I don’t always love Lily Pulitzer, but this seersucker swimsuit made my heart beat fast. Flirty, fun and would be especially cute with cut-offs. Size range is only 4 – 14.

Or maybe pique? I do love a textured swimsuit, and this striped one is pique, looks like something from Solid & Striped, yet is only $26. The size range is XS-3X, it has a ton of 5-star reviews…but I’d stick with ‘blue cabana stripe’ – the solid colors look boring.

Like Chan Luu…but tech-y. Abby found these beaded wrap Apple watch bands and I’m obsessed.

Speaking of Chan Luu…I haven’t looked in eons (I’m still happily wearing the wrap bracelets Mike gifted me 10+ years ago), but her new(ish) designs are stunning. This one might be my favorite…or maybe this one (surprisingly the white)?

Updated. A few of you were asking for more affordable options in my 12 Cute Tops article. I just added a bunch of my favs to the end – scroll down. It’s everything from this delicate pintuck cami to this cute tee.

Let’s ask the group. You guys were so helpful in finding the best lip SPF (this one), so here’s another question for you: Natural deodorant that also – and this is the tricky part – doesn’t come in a plastic container. I tried this one and it stings like a beyotc– well. It stings. Thoughts?

Heavy lifting. Laurel’s Series 2 of Weightlifting For Women Over 40 just dropped! You can see Week 1 workouts (both upper and lower body) here. Or, if you want all four weeks right now, we published another PDF guide with everything. And while I LOVE taking classes from Laurel – she’s so fun and engaging – most of the time I’m using the guide to workout. It’s just easier (every move is linked up to a video snippet so I can check my form) and I kiiiiinda like picking and choosing from all four weeks if there’s a specific move I don’t like. 🙂

Happy Weekend! (And Father’s Day…)