Weekend 6.17


Last weekend was Odunde, the largest African-American street festival in the county.  Half a million people descend on South Philly to watch African and Caribbean dancers, musicians, etc. eat traditional foods (and soul food), and shop.

There’s a hip hop / breakdance dance crew that is REALLY good.  And I especially love that the guys involved include their kids in the show.

Anyway, they happened to be in the middle of a dance battle when we walked up.  Dance battles are Pax’s jam.  We had just come home from his end-of-year hip-hop show which ended with one, so I wasn’t completely surprised when Pax stepped into the circle.

It took a few minutes for the crew to realize that he was serious – as Pax stood there, clenching and unclenching his little fists to get ready – and then, they gave him the floor.  The street?  Anyway.  Pax was on.

(Note everyone’s expressions – that’s my fav part.)


I wish I knew the name of this crew, but I do know we’ve seen them at Odunde for a couple of years running.  Not only are they SO fun to watch, but they were so amazingly kind and encouraging with Pax.

Guys, you seriously made a little boy’s whole entire day.


Now, onto the normal weekend stuff….


Gimme all the pretty dresses.  Anthro has 20% off dresses right now, and I’m debating between a dramatic maxi like this one (or oooo…this one)…this cute little flounced dress…or my friend Linzi’s fav.  I also keep going back to this Shoshanna dress with a retro vibe because I think it would look especially good with flat sandals or white sneaks…..so obviously, I’m no help narrowing things down.

So I did eventually try Glossier….and yes, I’m obsessed.  The phase 2 set is everything.  I like ‘cake’ for the lipcolor, but just ordered the coral….and Boy Brow works much better than Benefit’s brow-whiz. IMO.

Up to 40% off swim….at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Which means that many of my favs (Mara Hoffman, especially) are on sale.

We heart beach pants!!!  I just found out that Amazon carries the motherload of my very favorite beach pants, Roxy’s Oceanside Soft Pants.  Scotti and I both swear by these.  I wore mine in Barcelona, she styled them up last summer.


“Where was this kind of quality stuff when I was a teenager?” said Laura, when she forwarded Teen Vogue’s How To Masturbate When You Have a Vagina.  Positive sex-ed.  Yes.

It starts now, at home.  5 Everyday Ways to Teach Your Kids About Consent is the best article I’ve ever read on the topic of sexual consent and kids.  Thanks for the find, Scotti.

Did you know that rates of suicide in kids ages 10-14 have gone up 200%?  That statistic is horrifying.  My friend Tysie shared an article on Facebook from an occupational therapist who thinks that the problem (for some) stem from a combination of today’s omnipresent digital environment + overly indulgent parenting styles.  Personally, I found the writing style of the author slightly annoying, but it’s one of those articles I can’t stop thinking about.  And her suggestions at the end are concrete, do-able, and are helping me set the course for our summer…..so I had to share.  I’d love to know what you guys think.  The article is rather dramatically titled, “The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today’s Children“.


Enjoy your Father’s Day weekend!




  1. I love Pax! So brave to dance in the circle. He is just awesome. Thanks for sharing that story and the article. Definitely made me think about how I’m raising my littles.

  2. It’s cool that I got a little teary eyed at the story & pics of Pax?! Not my kid and no irl meet up but I guess that’s what happens when you read a blog for years… ???

  3. As the mom of teens and a 5th grader I think the article is deeply problematic. I definitely agree about about the dangers of technology but suicide is the result of anxiety depression other emotional and psychological and learning challenges, pressure to achieve, bullying, sexual assault, and social exclusion.. The rate of suicide amongst LBGTQ teens is horrifying. I’m sorry but these issues affect more than a few kids. I don’t believe an OT is qualified to speak to these issues. Believe me OTs are amazing and were a real help to my daughter for her motor issues. I went to psychologists, psychiatrist and MDs when other things needed to be addressed with my children.
    Believe me I engage deeply with my children, am not permissive or addicted to technology. The These things are all important but they will not solve the serious problems that cause suicide.

  4. Shana I apologize if this seems like I am criticizing you for including the article. It isn’t meant to be. And the consent article is really good.

  5. I thought the article “The Silent Tragedy Affecting..” was spot on. I’ve been teaching for 15 years and I’m dealing with more and more mentally ill kids. People LOVE to blame the bullies, but I’m sorry, it can’t just be that. There have ALWAYS been bullies, there have ALWAYS been LGBTQ kids, why is the suicide rate increasing now then? I have students coming from war torn countries whose parents have been murdered who seem more adjusted than my white middle class students. We are doing something wrong. I don’t see how the author’s recommendations could do anything but help. THank you for sharing Shana, that was one of the best articles I’ve read in a LONG time.

  6. I love how brave Pax is and how welcoming the group was! Thanks for the articles too. One of the students at my husband’s school killed herself this year and teenage suicide has been on my mind.

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