Weekend 6.22


Hey, Gang! I’m typing this from a plane – I always get such a kick out of connecting to wi-fi at 35000 ft. Remember the olden days? Oof. Anyway, we’re en route to Oregon for a ski & snowboard camp.

I mean…the kids are heading to ski/board camp. Mike and I are actually taking a few days to ourselves. Other than the odd overnight here and there, Mike and I have never(!!) traveled without the boys. I’m trying to keep my expectations low (we both have to work a bit) but I’m…excited? I think? It also feels like some strange dry-run of when we’re empty nesters so…pressure’s on. ENTERTAIN ME, MIKE D.

Haha, I’m kidding, I’m…kidding.

But I’m definitely feeling some kind of way. The boys carried all of their own luggage (including ski/snowboard gear) plus my suitcase, and literally walked through TSA on their own. Like…individually. Each with their own passport & boarding pass. I guess I thought the TSA guy would stop them – “young man, you have to go through with your mom, as a family” – but he just did his thing and waved them through. And then I went through all flustered, feeling like I had forgotten something important at home.

As I watched them walk to the gate like grown-ups (they looked up the gate! they followed the signs!) I had to remind myself that just yesterday I was explaining to Raines that the “3 pairs of pants” on his packing list for ski camp didn’t mean “3 pairs of giant, oversized jeans that take up your entire suitcase, that’s why it won’t close” and reminding Pax that “conditioner, yes, is different from shampoo, I do know they both go on hair and what? You’ve only been using conditioner for the last year?!!” Hunh.

My babies, still.

Fall wishlist. Nike Dunks in the coolest freaking colorway. I want, I want.

PSA: Beeks makes flip-flops!! Same memory foam comfort and arch support, but with a sleek, minimalist design (and a bunch of colors).

Nonchalantly cool. My beloved Jenni Kayne Rove Dress is finally re-stocked in the raw silk and is 20% off this weekend. I wrote an article on why I love it, here.

Or for half the cost…this navy, button-front Marine Layer dress has a very similar vibe to the Jenni Kayne, yet is completely bra-friendly. It’s literally been stopping me in my online tracks as I browse. Also in ivory.

I can’t stop with the dresses, and this pretty one (in white) has Doên vibes, but a J.Crew price.

Wow, this colorway. It’s the aqua + red combo of these Adidas sneakers that are making my heart beat fast. Would be so good with navy, white, black, but maybe even this dress??? It’s wildly fun (and available up to 3XL, too).

Best affordable buy: this dress. It’s 100% cotton, in the happiest summer stripe, has 100+ 5-star reviews, and is under $50.

So freaking cool. This drawstring skirt from Black-owned business Honor Thy Gift made me gasp out loud. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Procrastination pays. I’m almost done talking about dresses (promise!!), but Sak’s designer sale is about to end, and the discounts are DEEP. The only catch is that some of the really good deals are now final sale. But if you’re feeling brave, this linen dress with a cool rope tie, and this linen & cotton watercolor floral maxi are both really statement-making and unique. There’s also a gorgeous one-shoulder dress, if that’s your thing (it’s definitely mine) and a tie-dye dress that’s so good…I actually love that it’s tie-dye.

To wear with all those dresses. This beaded evening bag on Amazon is made out of wooden beads, and look shockingly expensive for the price (I’d get rid of the liner, tho). It would fit great in a suitcase, too, unlike most straw bags. I kinda…love it.

No. I’m still looking for walking sandals. I want them to be flat, tan, and with enough straps to stay on my feet while walking fast. I also want a comfortable, supportive footbed. In years past, I’ve always found something from either UGG or Kork-Ease. This year? UGG’s all hiiiii. What even is that? A marshmallow sandal? I could get on board if it was just their personality hire (I would happily wear them sometimes), but this is UGG’s only other sandal option and it’s still very, uh, marshmallow-forward. And then UGG is all, “ohhh you must want it in pink vinyl” and I…I give up.

Sheepishly…I do have UGG’s Goldenstar CLOG in my suitcase right now. But it’s a clog! It’s supposed to look like big and squishy and dreamy!!! I plan to wear it with sweatpants and/or ivory overalls.

Almost perfect. I ordered Margaux’s flat sandal in tan and it’s…good. It’s sexy on the foot, comfortable, and I can walk fast in these. There is cushioning in the footbed, but…it’s pretty minimal cushioning. A far cry from a truly supportive footbed. The tan is also a little more orange-tan than taupe-tan. Actually, they’re similar in color to those Olukais that are also pretty darn good, but not perfect. As of right now, these two sandals are basically the only ones I’ve found worth considering for my wear-everyday-and-night tan sandal. Sigh.

Dream beam. I had coffee with Laurel the other day, and her skin looked amazing. She’s been using Kosas Dream Beam as her SPF every morning and LOVES it. I’m usually such a Glow Screen girl, but now I’m curious.

Game-changing kitchen find. I bought a set of mixed sizes of these universal lids and I may never need plastic tupperware again! Best thing? I mean, in addition to fitting on top of basically any bowl we own, they’re glass, which means once we pop them onto the bowls of leftovers (or whatever) they…stack.

That’s it for me – we’re starting our descent. Enjoy your weekend!