Weekend 6.9


I got a spray tan a few days ago.  I always go to Baked in Philly, and I love getting them.  I feel all summer-glorious when I’m tan, and if I keep up on the spray, I’m never tempted to cheat on my sunscreen.  Raines was looking at me curiously as we were walking back from school.  “Why are you suddenly all…tan?” he asked, eyes narrowing.  I know what’s coming.  “Well…because I like it,” I answer honestly.  He’s silent for a beat, then… “Mom? I’ve noticed something.  I’ve noticed that mostly girls do that tan stuff….and I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re trying to look sexually hotter.”  He is dead serious, explaining slowly in that way he does.  I stifle a snort; he continues.  “Otherwise, tanning serves zero purpose.”

I crack up. I can’t wait to remind him about this conversation in a few years.

Crazy weekend in Philly.  Saturday is the PIFA Street Fair, Odunde is Sunday (remember Pax throwing down the moves last year???) and tonight?  Well.  Tonight is my fav – it’s Salsa Night with my dear friend Laurel.  Salsa Night is where we take over the dance studio space, Laurel does an hour-long salsa lesson, and then we just shake our butts all night long.  It’s BYO, too, and the whole thing is a blast.  If you’re local, you should come by and check it out.  (You can buy tickets here.)

Cause they’re all just kids.  I’m seriously excited about Jackalo, a new clothing company for kids that features ethically made playclothes from sustainable sources.  And the best part? They’re completely unisex.  Pax is gonna freak.  Marianna (the founder) is crowdfunding the first release, and she’s 60% to her goal.  Awesome, Chick.  We’re in.

We may have swooned. Gwen and I have been long-time fans of Reformation….and now the line is also at Nordstrom. My favs….


I just splurged….If you are in the mood for a shopping spree, I suggest Madewell.  They are en fuego right now (for example, the red shorts, featured above). Conversely, if your credit card needs a break, STEER CLEAR.  You’ll be seeing more of my purchases on TME soon, but in the meantime, I highly recommend this jacket, this breezy tank, this other breezy tank and basically everything else in the entire store.  Good luck, suckers.  (Kidding – I’ll throw pics up on IG soon @shanachristine.)

For when I’m a sweaty-faced mess:  these charcoal-based blotting papers.  It’s that hot-and-humid time of year, and the Amazon reviews on these are glowing.

Mine won’t look like this. I’m totally intrigued by Weelicious’ frozen yogurt bark.  There’s just a couple of ingredients, it actually does look simple to make, and her version is gorgeous.  I’m tempted to try it.

The little rover that could.  Curiosity, the Mars rover, just stumbled upon ancient organic material, which is a huge step to one day proving that life may have existed on Mars. You can read more about the discovery, here.  If you want to peak the kids’ interest, too, the book Curiosity, The Story of the Mars Rover is awesome.  The art is gorgeous, and the story is both interesting and real (as Engineers, we loved that they focused on how tough this whole mission was).

This totally blew my mind. A clinic in the Ukraine is making babies from three parent’s DNA as a treatment for infertility.  It’s the mitochrondrial DNA (in the egg) that is sometimes to blame for infertility, so a group of doctors have figured out a way to replace the faulty DNA with another set of mitochrondrial DNA – creating three “parents”.   NPR has an interview with the mother of the now 15-month-old created via this process.  The whole thing is heartbreaking and fascinating and exciting and….scary?  It’s all of these things.

Sneak Peek.  Coming soon to TME, the truly terrible ab series that I credit for helping to flatten my poor stomach.  Not for new moms, but I can’t really claim “post-partum” status when my youngest is seven.  Snort.

What’s in the newsletter this week?  Rainbow picks in honor of PRIDE.  My very favorite thing?  This tee.  JCrew nailed it.  If you haven’t yet subscribed, we’d love to have you.

Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. looks so fun! going to Philly this coming week (thur-sat) with my son…. any heads up on Philly events for mom/son? would love any feedback. I already bought the Philly haunted night tour your blogged about a couple years ago (I remembered that post and searched for it). thanks in advance!

  2. How often do you do the spray tan? Do you find that it fades evenly and doesn’t rub off? I am dying to find the perfect spray tan.

    • I typically go every week or so at the beginning of the summer…or if we’re going somewhere tropical for Spring Break. By mid summer, I’m usually pretty tan (even with tons of SPF). But in general, the spray tan lasts about a week, maybe a few days longer. And I almost never do the ‘express’ or quick version. It has a stronger smell, doesn’t last quite as long, and streaks easier.

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