Weekend 7.20


The first week of the NSALE (and our prep leading up to it) always feel like some sort of alternate reality,  so this snap (from our brief jaunt to Ocean City) felt particularly appropriate.  Sidenote:  the virtual reality games on the boardwalk are insanely fun.  I loved the Stars Wars dogfight game that Pax and I are playing in the photo, but the samurai game – played on the battleground behind us – was my favorite.  The zombie version was legit too scary for both Pax and I – longest 8 minutes of my life.  It literally looked like real Zombies were grabbing at my feet and trying to climb over the (virtual) fence to grab me.  I may have screamed.  

Anybody want that sold out belt bag? We’re still trying to drum up newsletter subscribers (since FB is insanely expensive to advertise on) so as an incentive, we’re giving away some fun things from the NSALE – one per week for the duration of the sale.  I managed to snag one of those Rebecca Minkoff belt bags before they sold out – just for giveaway purposes – so yayyyy.  All details on our IG (@themomedit).

Hey Philly!  We’re throwing a VoloshinXTME Try-On Party at Voloshin Studios, Wednesday, July 31st from 4:30 – 7:30PM.  Not only can you try on our collection, but you can play around with Voloshin’s latest, too.  There will be drinks and I HEARD THERE’S CAKE and….a 20% discount to use in-store. We’d love to see you there. (ps.  For you non-Philly folks, Voloshin is doing a quick flash sale this weekend on their collection.  Take 20% off with code HEATWAVE.  I recommend my fav tee redone in dip-dye or this comfy-yet-dramatic white dress.)

Be like Frances.  Because it’s so freaking helpful to see our VoloshinXTheMomEdit pieces on different people…we’d love to pull all of your gorgeous faces into a post.  But for this, we need your help.  So.  If you are willing to post a photo to social media (IG, FB) and tag us – use #voloshinXTheMomEdit – or heck, even send one in (hello@themomedit.com), we’ll enter you in a drawing for $200.  Frances did it.  Be like Frances.  (But OMG get the hashtag right….Frances.)  We’ll give you guys until the end of July to submit photos.  

That self-imposed profanity filer was for you, Mom.  I came across this RE/DONE tee emblazoned with “I love my mom” and swooned a little.  It’s too pricy for my boys…but Scotti and I would rock the sh– I mean heck out of that tee. 

What did I actually keep from the NSALE?  This is a question we hear often, and my answer starts with everything in this post (except the jeans and bags).  I’m currently trying to decide between the two taupe bags, and instead of the black FRAME jeans, I’m keeping a (now sold out) pair of high-rise rag&bones. I’m also settled on the Topshop Dad jeans, J.Crew camo pants, Vince trousers and Vince booties.  Hunh. I’m keeping a lot of pants.  Probably because I rarely deviate from my tops – there’s only a few that I rotate in (and most are white t-shirts soooo).  I’ll probably keep that sold-out Minkoff belt bag and mayyyyybe the cognac circle bag

AND….underwear.  Let’s not forget about these.  Recommended by you guys and easily the MOST comfy thong I’ve ever worn.   Happily, they’re part of the NSALE (and much better than Hanky Panky).

ENTJ.  I’m due for a new book…and The Modern Mrs. Darcy never disappoints.  This list of recommendations sounds perfect for summer….or check out her picks based on your Meyers-Briggs personality test results.

Ruined for life.  The first time Mike and I were in NYC (literally a billion years ago) we had only enough money to see Cats.  The man has never forgiven me, and thus ended our Broadway attendance for life.  But the Cats trailer looks just crazy enough that…maybe it’s good??  I’m hoping there are some epic Will Ferrell-esque cat impersonations but I suspect not.

Enjoy your weekend!  It’s supposed to be a scorcher in Philly so I suspect we’ll be staying in and getting ready for our giant party next weekend.  Have I mentioned it?  Mike and I will be celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary this month, so we’re having a giant bash.  The dress code?  Celestial Formal. (Don’t take it too seriously.)  Can you guess what I’m wearing?



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