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Well, I’ve managed to balance working and beaching with the kids for the last two weeks now.  I give myself a B-minus because I’m generally a glass-half-full kind of girl (it probably should’ve been a C-plus). It’s one of those situations where you end up feeling like you did nothing right. The key, or so I’ve heard (ha!) is that you’ve got to really be in the moment.  And that is hard for me.

I remember when Pax was small, he’d grab my face with both of his chubby hands.  “WOOK AT ME” he’d command.  It’s like I still need those reminders, those reminders to WOOK around, or WOOK down, to just…WOOK.

Much to my kids’ dismay, our shore naptime routine has been executed flawlessly this week. They just fall asleep (despite their many, many protests) so quickly!  So I lay there, snuggled between the two of them, breathing them in, and watching them sleep.  It’s the one time I can easily be present, and I can actually feel the stress draining away. Then, I force myself up outta that bed and get to work.

So, yeah.  B-minus/C-plus, good enough.

I’ve started packing for Europe.  In August, we’re heading to Berlin and Athens, and I’m convinced, that, in addition to this dress, some sort of linen set will be the key to my packing success.  I bought this taupe one (shorts here) and it looks amazing on (very understated chic, so good with simple sandals and a tan)…but this striped Madewell set (shorts here) is calling my name.  I’ll bet I could wear them together, too.

Which reminds me…suitcase?  Do you guys have a suitcase you love?  I’ve been lusting after Raden’s suitcase, but the Amazon reviews are NOT good.  I recently used Away’s The Medium suitcase, and LOVE it, but it came back from its second trip with a dent so big that it’s now hard to zip.  Maybe it was a baggage handling issue, but we’ve taken at least a hundred other trips without having our suitcases come back dented, sooo….Samsonite has been hit or miss for me, but when they get it right, it’s pretty amazing.  I’m eyeing up this one (lesson learned: anything bigger than 24″ becomes unwieldy), or going with a completely different brand, Delsey (specifically this one).  The color options are gorgeous.

Voloshin Pre-Fall saleVoloshin, makers of The Most Beautiful Dress I’ve Ever Worn (same dress as linked above — OK fine here, for the lazy) are hosting a Pre-Fall sale this Sunday with…wait for it…sips and sweets.  YASSS.  I’ll be swinging by, so say ‘hi’ if you’re there!  You can register for the event here (registration is just to make sure there are enough sips and sweets).  The Voloshin studios are insanely gorgeous – we’ll be publishing a full interview with Amy soon, but if you want a sneak peek, our video (which includes a quick studio tour, as well as insight into her process) is here.

Literally sleeping in thisThis insanely affordable PJ set ($26!!) is my current fav.  I have it in navy, and it’s soft, comfy, and surprisingly sexy.  I’ll throw a pic up on my IG (@shanachristine).

Ready for the Anni sale?  In case you missed it, I put together a guide for shopping the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary sale — including why you should care and a few predictions. The catalog just dropped, but it’s only a small sample of inventory included in the sale, so I’m hoping that a few of my predictions will still come true.  The early access part of the sale (available to Nordstrom card holders only) opens on July 12, with the public sale opening a week later.  You have until July 8th to become a Nordstrom card holder.  I’m going to spend the next few days going over the catalog and putting my favorites into our 2018 NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE tab.  That page will be our centralized place for all things sale-related. (It’s still a little rough right now, so keep checking back.)

My bikini is on sale.  And better yet, it’s one of my “swimming bikinis” which I find infinitely more useful than the “standing bikinis”.  My gingham one is JCrew — are the other swimming bikinis worth a round-up?

What I wish Burt’s Bees was like.  Sun Bum came out with a tinted lipbalm (with SPF) and it’s good.  The colors blend in nicely (not that strange frosted thing), are sheer, but still pack a little punch.  Nude Beach is my favorite.

Made me laugh out loudThis poor, unsuspecting mom.

The Beach Packing Guide is launching…SOON. I promise.  I keep tweaking it and driving the interns nuts BUT…we’re pretty much there.  Newsletter subscribers, expect this in your inbox soon.  (And if you haven’t yet subscribed, please do!  Here’s the link.)

#FamiliesTogether – If you donated to @together.rising on IG, their latest IG post details how, exactly, the $1.7M has been used. It’s amazing. It includes the development of a screening and referral system in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to identify parents who have been deported without their children and to refer them to attorneys to work on reunification. It includes the bond funds for all immigrant parents and guardians in detention in Washington State whose children were taken from them at the border, and they’ve provided legal representation to 50 unaccompanied immigrant children relocated to New York from the border. High-freaking five. And if you haven’t seen this mother reunited with her eight-year-old after 55 days apart…it’s worth a quick watch. The daughter rubbing her mother’s back towards the end of the clip just about does me in.

Fireworks for Julieta.  I totally identified with Julieta’s recent IG post.  Her husband proposed to her on July 4th nine years ago (congrats!) but they weren’t feeling the 4th of July this year.  She wrote: “…today I didn’t quite feel the festivities. Maybe because I’m an immigrant, maybe because I’m Hispanic, maybe because I’m a mom. I don’t know…but I want you to know that all-in-all I love this country and the beautiful people I’ve met. So I’m thankful for you, for our 9th engagement anniversary and for knowing that my kids are sleeping just a few feet away from me.”

Now, I’m going to go cuddle mine.




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  1. It’s crazy inexpensive and its been traveling everywhere with me since 2014….Search Amazon: Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Metallic Upright Set, Bronze, Medium. Because I’m paranoid and NEVER want to be the person collecting her split open luggage plus her vacation laundry from the airport luggage carousel… I strap it with this… Search Amazon: ORB travel luggage strap heavy duty quick connect buckle (tangerine/LS323)

  2. Re: suitcases. I’ve been using Travelpro’s international carry-on spinner for the past 2-3 years, and it’s amazing. The wheels never lock up/break, it’s perfectly balanced, and it’s just such an amazing value.

  3. Delsey and Travel Pro have never failed us. Travel Pro is what all the pilots and flight attendants use. For a reason. Happy travels.

  4. I just bought that exact Delsey suitcase in Cobalt last week. The wheels on my 11 yr-old suitcase failed on the way to a week-long conference last week, so Amazon to the rescue for the return trip… ? It survived its inaugural flight intact with just a few scratches (to be expected).
    I like the two separate halves for my own personal packing style… plus packing cubes. Packing cubes are a game-changer.

  5. We were just discussing a possible family vacation to Berlin because it’s supposed to be one of the mostly vegan-friendly cities in the world (we eat a mostly vegan diet), so I’m excited to see you do one of your great vacation posts! Will you keep an eye out for plant-based friendly restaurant options?

  6. A few years ago, my husband and I donated all our mismatched and inefficient luggage and went shopping to replace it all our for our family of five. We purchased REI brand rolling/wheeled luggage in various sizes and colors. It has traveled the world through airports, trains and our minivan and held up spectacularly. It was worth every penny. Check it out.

  7. I have a Delsey, my husband a Samsonite & our son has the Costco brand. All are hard-sided carry-on size. I love my Delsey because it has pockets on the zippered panel that keeps the 2 sides separate. However, the Costco hard-side has better interior compartments on the panel. Our son got the cheap Costco one because he is always breaking the pull-up handle on suitcases. A bargain at under $40. The Samsonite is our least favorite. We were able to pack everything we needed for a week in London in the 3 carry-ons & 3 backpacks. I highly recommend packing cubes! I love keeping things organized.
    Enjoy your summer!

  8. UM, be nice to yourself! Parenting and working at the same time is NOT easy! You’re doing a great job, mama! A+

  9. Gorgeous post, Shana. In addition to your sweet momming and truly stunning style, shout out to your writing. 🙂

  10. I love travel posts, and I love packing posts, so I hope you post something about your Europe packing! Personally I never travel outside of the US with big suitcases or suitcases with wheels (wheels and cobble stones don’t mix)- but we use public transportation. I LOVE Osprey packs. I have two sizes, my big one is too big for most airline carryons specifications, but the straps easily pack up inside it for checking.

  11. I very much enjoy your website and the various contributors. I always look forward to skimming posts and learning different style ideas. I realize this is not just a fashion/style resource, but obviously a lifestyle blog and therefore personal opinions are obviously shared- as they can and should be. I guess I just am a bit weary/tired of the underlying political viewpoints that are not-so-subtly alluded too (and this is not unique to just this website- it is rather ubiquitous in several arenas). That is my issue- not the issue of any of the contributors or other readers- so I will continue to read and enjoy your website for the initial reasons (fashion/style ideas) that drew me to it in the first place. Please keep up the great work!

  12. I have a medium-sized Delsey Aero checked luggage – have only flown with it a few times, but it’s held up well for the price (less than half of Away’s).

  13. For long haul travel, we use LLBean large duffel bags. They are very robust, fit a lot, and do not weigh a lot. I hate wasting my luggage allowance on the suitcase. I actually live in Berlin. It’s a great place to visit with kids. Make sure to bring a couple of quarters for the deposit on the luggage cart at the airport. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that quarters fit. Happy travels.

  14. Love my Delsey! I bought it in a panic on the way to the airport when my other luggage broke and we had a plane to catch. It’s been rocking international and domestic flights for 9 years now.

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