Weekend 8.3


On Wednesday, Mike and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I didn’t think we had changed all that much….until I found this photo. Not only is it film, but we’re basically babies. I especially love how Mike’s pants don’t fit (don’t even get me started on the ‘wedding haircut’ he decided to get day-of), the strapless dress I’m wearing was literally the ONLY strapless wedding dress I could find 20 years ago, and I’m am accessorizing said dress with a choker and a silver earcuff. 1999, man. Good stuff.

Mike and I typically don’t make a huge thing of our anniversary, but 20(!!) feels like a feat!!! so this year we went BIG. Like…really and truly huge, in a the form of a giant blow-out bash (and quick little vow renewal), held last Friday night. It was basically a wedding — I had a big fancy dress and a bridal party and everything — but my kids and their little friends were the bridal party, and our Philly squad basically planned the ceremony and the decorations, so when we walked in that night…everything was a surprise.

Best. Night. Ever. 

Of course Redfield photo was there shooting, so we’ll have many more pics and details to share eventually, but the night was a total blast. I had done a half-hearted attempt to create a hashtag, but then forgot to tell anyone about it, and I was having wayyy too much fun to Instagram (which is always a sign of a really good night) so I have literally nothing to show for it right now…except a sort of woozy, warm happiness when I think back. And our families flew in (#fakewedding), and it was literally just perfect.

Amazing how much less stress is involved in fake weddings 20 years after the fact…especially ones your friends plan for you. Highly recommend.

Like a real #fakebride.  At brunch the morning after, I wore this silk confection. It’s actually…fantastic. Not only is it flirty and flattering and ever-so-slightly glamorous…but it’s real silk which means that it’s not hot, even on a 90+ degree day. AND it’s a million times more comfortable (especially when sitting) than shorts. The clincher for me was that it’s not made from a shiny silk, so I’ll be throwing this thing into the washing machine on delicate cycle, and hanging to dry. (I always use these delicate wash bags, too.)

Does anyone have these denim shorts?  AGoldE denim cut-offs have somehow amassed a cult following. I had tried this giant pair and wasn’t particularly impressed…but so many are raving about the ‘perfect fit’ that I’m thinking of giving ‘the Parker’ style a try. Specifically this wash or this wash. Thoughts?  

My kids are melting.  My very well-traveled sisters-in-law both swear by these Icy Cool towels. They get one for each kid and have fully tested them in all sorts of very hot places (Greece in August, Morocco in July, etc.).  Only the purple is available via prime shipping (and I’m a baby about that sort of thing) so I might try the Chill towel instead?  

Giant scrunchie, anyone? No but seriously. Jeni, one of the behind-the-scenes Mom Edit crew wandered into the office the other day with her hair in a messy bun and one of these oversized scrunchies woven through. It was so unexpected and fun — I’m getting one. I know I want one in that floaty organza…but which color?

The prettiest glow.  I used this Tom Ford body oil the night of my vow renewal and WOW. It’s amazing. It has a pretty, light scent and imparts the most beautiful, subtle sheen. I have a feeling one bottle will last FOREVER…so in hindsight, Scotti and I should’ve bought this set of minis together and split it. (Part of the anni sale, so I wouldn’t wait.)  

We called this ‘world cuisine’ in Michigan.  Remember those ramen noodle salads that your mom would bring to potlucks growing up? (If I lost you at “noodle salad” or “potluck” then you did NOT grow up in the Midwest.) Anyway, they were DELICIOUS. But they were also pretty terrible for you (basically all fat and sugar with a tiny sprinkling of veggies) but this recipe makes me think I can re-make it as a pretty epic weeknight dinner option. Well…let me be clear: Emily could re-make it as a pretty epic weeknight dinner option. Soooo….Em? (In the meantime I’ll be trying her lettuce wraps.)

Julieta’s famous now. We were all thrilled to see Julieta’s post-partum tummy tuck journey covered in the Daily Mail. It was even translated into Chinese!  So…world famous, actually.

They have a jet suit.  The Chicago Museum of Science & Industry has a new wearable tech exhibit that looks seriously fun. Someone please go and report back EXACTLY how interactive it is.  #jetsuit

Mike knows how to party.  On the TME slack channel, my husband posted a link to this Matrix Multiplication calculator with the caption, “Fun Friday!!!!!!” Yeah baby.

Before I forget…you have through the weekend to get us a photo of your bad self in Voloshin X TheMomEdit…and you’ll be entered to win a $200 gift card. You can email us (hello@themomedit.com) or tag us on IG (use #VoloshinXTheMomEdit). You can see examples of what we’re talking about, here.  (We’re pushing this because real photos on real mamas is real helpful for the rest of us….especially when we’re in the midst of planning for next year’s collection.  Feedback, please!) 

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. Warm congrats on your 20th anniversary and welcome to the club! ☀️??Enjoyed the flashback photo and 1999 description! Ear cuffs were so fun. Best “happily married” advice to share?

  2. Love the wedding picture! Can’t wait to see pictures of the Vow Renewal. Love the jumpsuit, but still not loving the scrunchies. Even giant ones! ?

  3. Congratulations on your 20th! Next year my husband and I will be celebrating our 15th and i was thinking party and vow renewal too so this is great timing. I can’t wait to hear more details and see photos. Um wow that your friends planned it for you! How amazing and what friends!!!

  4. I bought the Agolde shorts – Parker vintage in swap meet. The color is great, and the leg openings are very flattering. Overall a YES.

  5. The Parker swapmeet cutoffs are universally flattering. I’ve worn them almost every day this summer. They fit tts, and work with everything.

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