Weekend 9.14


I’m not good at…details. I’m what you call — if we’re being kind — a “big picture person”. Unless you are my older brother and then the correct term is ‘dingbat’. Which is how, I think, we ended up with a 14-kid sleepover at our house last night. 

It was, actually….a ton of fun. The kids all stayed up way too late, and probably didn’t get a great night of sleep (where does one sleep 14 children in a small city dwelling? Whatever — just details…) and they ate us out of eggs and toast in the morning (I have literally never seen entire loaves of bread disappear so fast), but the kids were all so cute and funny and — best of all — we can check that “sleepover” box as DONE for another year.

That’s my sleepover strategy: go rare, GO BIG.

We had both boys and girls sleeping over, which was a particular treat for me. I’m so used to how boys can disappear into the playroom (aka video game room) with a few bags of Doritos and — not even exaggerating — be in there for days.  

The girls are totally different. One had such a sweet book discussion with me for a bit. The others wanted to make slime. And then potions. And then they disappeared upstairs and sent an emissary back down, clad in my stiletto leopard print boots. “We were thinking that maybe…we could try on your shoes?” Oooo…YES. When Mike and I went to bed (MUCH) later that night, I realized that they not only tried on all of my shoes, but also my fancy silky dresses, beaded tops, BRAS (omg!!) and makeup.  

Can you imagine being an 8-year-old girl playing in a fashion blogger’s closet? I mean…YASSSSS. My favorite is that they tried to hang everything back up. Like I wouldn’t know. It’s so adorable — GAH! Girls are so fun. You girl-Mamas are a lucky bunch. 

The boys, on the other hand, slept on the floor of the playroom (the girls were smart enough to claim beds), and walking into that playroom after they (finally) settled was like walking into a smelly, sweaty shoe: humid and smelled like feet. 

I opened the windows. 

Didn’t help…and…frankly, didn’t matter. Just, details.

When it’s too September for shorts, but too hot for jeans...this skirt. I have the navy, but I wish I had gotten the black. Looks great with graphic tees and sneaks. Will throw a pic up on IG soon (@themomedit).

That navy dress, tho. The Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is all 35% off!  I’m still wearing the Carina dress (you can see how I styled it 8 ways for Fall, here), and the tops look prettttty cute over turtlenecks, just sayin’. (I can do a sample pic on IG for this, too.)

We’re all getting sweatshirts. A 13-year-old Philly kid was recently featured on a Times Square billboard, repping his fashion line, Spergo. The video is so awesome and heart-warming…and the sweatshirts are reminiscent of Anine Bing’s (close enough for me, anyway). Pax & Raines want the hoodie, but I’m sticking with the crew.   

It’s called Fashion, Brenda. Because who doesn’t want this graphic-tee-bodysuit-with-attached-leopard-print underwear, right? Obviously. It’ll go perfectly with Balenciaga’s platform Crocs with, uh, shoe charms (flowers, shooting star and an…avocado?) on sale for…$549. YOU ARE WELCOME. (Thanks for the funny finds, Laura & Syd.)

“Full disclosure, I thought they were gross.”  This was in the email I got from a friend who was — at Pax’s urgent request — sending me a link to a treat recipe he tried — and loved — at school. “Do you know my friend S? Can you call her Mom? WE NEED THIS RECIPE. IT IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER EVER EVER HAD.  It’s like a Rice Krispie treat, but it’s not Rice Krispies — it’s like those corn flakes things with sugar ALREADY ON and there’s some sort of CREAM….” Dear god.  

Our Latest Style Guide is out!!! Twenty Pieces You Really Can Wear Year Round went out last week (and the feedback has been amazing — thank you!). Want to see it?  Sign up for our newsletter, and get your own copy.  

 Lastly….we’ve been working on something that I’m SO freaking excited to talk to you guys about. We’re not quite ready yet, but it’ll help define our future direction on TME — in a really good way. (Starts with S…rhymes with “mustainability”…)


Happy weekend!




  1. You are my parent idol as well as fashion idol. I really really enjoyed the flip phone post and this one too. Your boys are a wee bit ahead of mine in age and I like seeing what is coming down the line. Thanks! xx

  2. I love the new style guide! It was so so good! Thank you for that! Also, I agree with CC! I’m jealous of the 8 year olds that got to play dress up in your closet! That’s the stuff of dreams! And finally, I wasn’t sure about the graphic-bodysuit-with-leopard-underwear until I saw it was also a thong. I mean, how could you pass that up?!? #haha #no #grannypantiesforlife

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