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We’ve been off this week, the boys and I.  Pax is more explosive than usual, Raines and Mike are both more distracted than usual, and we’re all feeling…disconnected. The daily grind of school and work is taking a toll, I think.  Linzi recently pointed out that the school routine is really just now settling in, and her policy of Make No Family Commitments In September and Maybe Even Half of October is looking better and better every day.  Instead, we’ve been on some multi-week whirlwind involving travel to NY, zipping out to Blue Mountain just real quick, and weekends that slip away.  And while I had big (HUGE) plans to Get Our Life In Order (I even had my uber-organized brother send me a week of his meal planning)….on Tuesday Mike and the boys came home at 6PM to find me still in sweatpants, eating ice cream out of the container (dairy ice cream so you know it’s serious), and typing away on a laptop that could barely be seen among the rubble of daily life piled up on our kitchen table.

Have I signed that field trip form yet?  How ’bout that 2nd grade reading log?  Where’s Raines’s lunchbox?  Left at school again?  Soccer socks?  They’re all dirty?  You grew out of your shoes already?  Wait – this looks like science homework on the floor….??

We’re trying so hard to come up with a system.  Which is very hard work when both parents naturally are set to system-less.  Normally Mike and I can roll with the chaos, but sometimes it all comes crashing down.  Like on Tuesday.  Mike took one look at my unshowered, ice-cream eating self and ordered cheap Chinese from the place down the street that delivers in 15 minutes. (Or maybe he asked me to order cheap Chinese – it’s all fuzzy, really, but that sounds more accurate.) And then we declared TV dinner night and our dumb-founded kids cheered (we NEVER do screentime of any kind during the week) and we all watched Ocean’s 8 together.  And…..ya know?  It wasn’t so bad of a night.

Baby steps.  We’ll try again next week.

Oh hey, Paige Denim.  While I’ve always been a fan of the brand, Paige has never been my go-to for denim.  But lately….the pairs of jeans I’ve been eyeing up are all by Paige.  My ‘modern boyfriend jeans’ (from this post), obviously, as well as my maroon wide-leg cords are two of my current favs.  But….I just found out that those cords also come in a denim version (love that paperbag waist), and these skinnies with the most perfectly faded black wash are also by Paige.  [Cue the applause.]

Not done yet.   These drop-dead sexy booties are also by Paige.  See? The brand is on fire.

These took my breath away.  Every once in a while, I come across a sneaker whose colorway is pure perfection.  This Nike is one of them. The color I’m talking about is called ‘orange’, but the actual sneaker is more of a blush, with a two-toned olive green swoosh and a dark gum sole.  GORG.

I work out.  I just discovered that Beyond Yoga, my new favorite workout gear (the colors! the fabric!) is being carried at Bloomingdales, and a few pieces are part of the extra 25% off clearance sale (this top, for example, I own and love).  Of course the leggings I’m totally drooling over aren’t on sale but they’re dipped in GLITTER in a v. mature woman kind of way….soooo…..

Speaking of ‘Mature Women’….A new fashion and lifestyle website just launched, targeting women 50 and above.  Their tagline?  “For age-defying women.”  I LOVE this.  The group of women founders look totally badass, and I love that they’re taking on the old, dowdy stereotype of aging women.  Hells yeah.  The website is called Into the Groove (and they have a pretty sweet Instagram, too.)

In old rocket news….Raines was wondering the other day if Russia ever made it to the moon.  Turns out…they never did.  Why not?  I realized that I had no idea.  So we did a little research and found this fascinating article that explains how political maneuvering, poor infrastructure, and challenging technology (that we’ve since adapted and now use) were the culprits.

A thoughtful twist on the abortion debate…..Gabby, aka “Design Mom”, a Mormon blogger (and mom of 6) that I’ve been following and adoring for the last decade just published a few thoughts on abortion.  It was….mind-blowing.  Her ultimate point is that she has come to realize that the key to preventing abortions is….drumroll…holding men accountable for unwanted ejaculations.  And while that sounds underwhelming as I type it out here, her point is much more nuanced and thoughtful and thought-provoking.  I took a few of her proposed “solutions” as maybe tongue-in-cheek (vasectomies for male children at birth, for example) but what she’s really trying to do is reframe the discussion.  The consequences of unwanted pregnancies currently fall 100% on women.  Why?  What does reducing abortions look like if we start focusing more on men?  It’s a totally fascinating read.

“The world will change to match you.”  I love Humans of New York’s IG feed, and was recently moved to tears by the profile of this quietly brave woman in Alexandria, Egypt.  Don’t worry – it’s a happy, heart-warming ending.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.





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  1. Shana, I’ve been a fan of The Mom Edit for years but I rarely get a chance to read the weekend post because *life* but today I was able to (yay for early morning wake ups!?) and wow, what a great post. Thank you for calling attention to the post from Design Mom. The article seemed lengthy at first but she is so smart and it makes so much sense! I really appreciate her unique take on how to prevent abortions. I am definitely going to reshare that post. Thank you! I hope your family finds its back to school groove. My family of 3 is also working on that! Xoxo

  2. I have an idea for a TME to cover “How to make heels more comfortable”. There are lots of products on the market and they make lots of wild claims. It would be great for TME to put it’s research hat on and try a bunch of different products and/or tricks and report back as to which ones worked the best, which ones were the most versatile, most affordable etc.

  3. The transition back to school is always rough for at least… a month? I’m a teacher, so my three kids and I go “back to school” together, and it takes awhile for all of us to readjust. Sometimes a dinner of ice cream (around here, it’s popcorn and milk) and a movie is just what’s needed.

    In regards to the abortion twitter feed- I’m puzzled by your take on it. The idea that men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies is, frankly, absurd. That statement ignores the fact that women have agency. In the context of consensual sex, women are not victims of circumstance; women can both choose who they partner with as well as when or if they want to have sex with that partner. The takeaway for me from that thread was that really, we should expect better behavior from both men and women in terms of selecting their partners and behaving responsibly if pregnancy is not an intended result of a sexual encounter. And lastly, I don’t think a recommendation of violence- even if the castration suggestion is meant to be tongue in cheek- is OK.

  4. Back to School is rough. I totally get it. I see all of the celebratory IG posts about the first day of school and I don’t get them. Life is so much more relaxed in the summer! I dread the school year battles. Every year. I have to say that abortion post was fascinating to me. I never quite looked at it that way. I will admit that anytime anyone says to me “your husband looks too young to have five kids!” My thought was always “what did he actually do to get those five kids here besides get laid? He could, literally, have 100s of kids.” When this thought is applied more globally, it makes one think. Whether you agree with the author or not, that is a truly thought provoking article. Love this weekend post. As usual!

  5. Oh my, the amount of errors in the abortion article were unbelievable!! There is so much to comment on, but I will just say this. I am a FertilityCare Practitioner, and withdrawal is NOT an effective birth control method. There is a higher concentration per volume of sperm in pre-ejaculate than in the ejaculate itself. The article said it is 96% effective (WRONG), and the reference link took you to Planned Parenthood’s website where it said the effectiveness rate is 78%. That would be a 22% failure rate, or a little more that 1 in every 5. Don’t believe me, look it up. We see contact pregnancies every day, that is, pregnancies that occur from genital contact that isn’t intercourse. The only thing that is keeping the withdrawal rate higher is the fact that women aren’t fertile 100% of the time. I assure you if you use withdrawal in a time of fertility, you will end up pregnant (unless the man is infertile).

    Condoms are terribly ineffective, and DON’T protect against the contact STD’S that are not transferred by fluid i.e. Syphilis, Herpes, Gonorrhea, etc. There are WAY MORE days in a cycle than 2 days in which a woman can get pregnant. Yes, an egg is only there for 12-24 hours, however there is also cervical mucus. The presence of cervical mucus extends the fertile phase in each cycle to an average of 5-8 days. It does that because sperm can survive in cervical mucus and await the egg to ovulate. Once the cervix opens, sperm can and will travel up to meet it.

    These are just a handful of the errors…

    Stopping abortion does come down to responsibility, but it will have to be both men and women acting responsibly, not through forced sterilizations of men because all they will do is irresponsibly ejaculate everywhere. Is that really what women think of men today?? I assure you there are men out there that will be respectful of a woman and her dignity. I know, because I am married to one, and friends with several. If you aren’t prepared to have a baby, for men and women, don’t have sex. Because having sex, believe it or not, always comes with the possibility of conceiving no matter what has been used. Even sterilization has a 2% “failure rate”.

  6. I’m an OB/GYN and YES, what Rachel said. So much misinformation. That said, I still appreciate the overall gist of “men need to do better.” I think she’s 100% right that, as a group (however, I work with lots of men, and am also married to one, who are wonderful and do care) men don’t care about abortion because they are less affected than women.

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