Weekend 9.30


If you follow along on my personal IG (@shanachristine) you may have noticed that we went to Grand Rapids (that’s Michigan, for you East Coasters) to visit Mike’s fam last weekend.  Happily, it was also an Art Prize weekend, where the city is filled with all sorts of amazing art discoveries.  One of our favorites was the Poetry Fox, a man dressed as a fox who produces poetry on demand.  You simply give him a word or two and he’ll start typing away.  While wearing a giant fox costume.

I swear, one cannot make this stuff up.

Anyway, foxes are Pax’s favorite animal, so he was quite starstruck by this whole thing.  When the Fox asked which two words my boys would like their poem to be about, they, in a flash of panic, just gave the Fox their own names.  The Fox banged away on the typewriter, then handed this to the boys:


Obviously I cried.  Because that is what I do when a man in a giant fox costume hands me a poem about the bright, wild-haired lights of my life.  There’s no resisting those tears, you guys.


“Denim Pants” are a confusing name for JEANS…. 20% off at Madewell, Laura’s fav.  As many of our Facebookers have now pointed out, her jeans are not part of the sale (we glossed right over the ‘denim pants’ part of the fine print), but Laura did round up some seriously good Non-Denim-Pants-Pieces that are on sale.  We love Madewell’s chemise with a band of color that wraps around to the back and front and alternates between black and white (aka a striped tee for the rest of us)….or their embroidered garment where the fabric is the same as sweatpants but is actually worn on the top half of your body (embroidered sweatshirt)….or….


O how you haunt me, ye expensive turtleneck sweater.  If any of you are as annoyed as I that the Vince cashmere turtleneck sweater sold out at the Shopbop sale so quickly….I found it at Bloomies, 25% off.

So we’re starting a new video series….Gang, the TME headquarters now has interns.  It’s scary and amazing and now hopefully we can start doing some of the ideas that have been brewing for a while, but we just didn’t have the bandwidth to accomplish.  One of them?  Highlighting the standout pieces from the vast amount of boxes that are constantly arriving each week.    Let me know if there’s something you’ve had your eye on that we can check out in the future….or if there’s a tricky piece to style, we can try our hand at styling it a few different ways.  (And links to all featured products can be found on our YouTube channel – we’d love if you subscribed!)



On my must-read list.  Lynne Olson’s Last Hope Island tells the true story of how WWII refugees (from France, Poland, etc.) were instrumental in turning the tide against the Nazis.  National Geographic’s interview with the author is also fascinating.

“Particularly in this time of cynicism and polarization, the idea of Britain standing firm against totalitarianism, this little island and thousands of individual people, making a difference, managing to thumb their noses at Nazi Germany and end up as victors, is also really important. One thing I look for when I write books is forgotten heroes, people who accomplished something important but nobody knows about them. Nine times out of ten, they’re not prime ministers, presidents, or generals. They’re ordinary people, who were courageous and resilient, and accomplished great things.”

Hell yeah, Pitbull.  Did you guys know that he’s been sending his private plane to transport cancer patients out of Puerto Rico?

What else can we do for Puerto Rico?  It looks like the best donations right now are cash.  Puerto Rico is in such a state of devastation that donated goods can’t even be distributed properly.  And while that texting-to-donate is easy enough, it looks like charities have to wait for those funds to be released by the phone companies.  The best way to donate?  Through the charities’ own websites.  This article lists out the best ways to give.

We’ve fixed our Daily Newsletter!!  For those of you who have subscribed to the TME newsletter…..it’s about to start coming.  And for those of you still subscribed to the old RSS feed (you’ll know you are if the photo sizes are all messed up)….I’m about to turn that one off for good.  If you’d like to receive daily updates from The Mom Edit, please be sure to subscribe here.

I’ll be taking over The Mom Edit’s IG stories this weekend if you guys want to follow along.  We have BIG PLANS for….sleeping in.  Maybe having an extra cup of coffee.  Doughnuts if we go crazy.  RIVETING STUFF.

Happy weekend!





  1. Now I need EVERYTHING at Madewell!! So much goodness! Also, just a heads up…I love the Abercrombie camo pants, but found the fit to be weird. I wear their skinny jeans in a size 31 and the girlfriend fit jeans in a 32, but the camo pants do not run the same. The 31 didn’t close at all and the 32 was too big. I currently have a pair from the Gap and one from Old Navy on the way. Hopefully, one pair will work!

    • Oh geez, that IS annoying. I do appreciate the departure from vanity sizing, but consistency is always good. I think I ended up going with a size 25, but the fit is pretty snug.

    • Oh geez – I should’ve done that. Actually, if you click on over to YOuTube, we did add links to everything in the comment section of that video, but let me know if that’s too hard to find. xo!

  2. Always great stuff! Laura’s post got me to try Abercrombie too and I’ve been really impressed so far! Love the Youtube channel video – keep ’em coming – just subscribed! And interns! Wow. Moving on up, ladies. 😉

  3. The Poetry Fox. Your entry of him ( her?) made me tearful. I just finished reading
    The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs, an amazing poet/ author/ Mom to two young boys. She died of breast cancer this year but managed to write the most beautiful, fierce, achingly funny memoir about her experiences with living and dying. She writes about the Poetry Fox.
    I’ve thought about sending you a copy, but figured that would be creepy and weird. Instead I’m just begging you to Amazon Prime it or check it out from your library. I promise you will devour it as I did.

    • The Poetry Fox made me cry too. Can’t wait to check out this book of poetry. Thanks for the recommendation!

      Also, I’m starting to be kind of a slob with my wardrobe, but these types of posts keep me coming back to your blog. So lovely. I hope the Poetry Fox finds his way to the East Coast.

      • Awwww…thanks Meredith. Glad you like these types of posts. For some reason (maybe it’s my totally self-indulgent blathering, haha)….I LOVE writing them. It’s just fun, and feels a little more personal. xoxo

    • Rebecca – not weird at all! I feel honored that you read it and thought of me – seriously. Just ordered. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

  4. Hey shana I just got that same denim dress from AF. I also got the wrong size, 2p. That dress was so short my goodness. I’m going to try the 0 regular. I also got the suede shift dress and that one runs longer and larger and has a really nice heavy weight feel. You gotta check it out.

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