Weekend 2.10


Mike and Pax are away a bordercross competition this weekend, and Raines also has a comp (slopestyle, tho) but he has…driven with a friend. Like, the friend is driving. Like, with zero parents in the car. Just…boys. Driving themselves to a competition. Like they do. When everyone is suddenly all deep-voiced and looming over me.

Soooooo weird, you guys.

Also weird? Being alone virtually all weekend. I can’t remember the last time I had the house to myself (2007, perhaps? haha) and I hardly know what to do. Nieve and I went for a run this morning, and now I’m just puttering around. Sunday will be more of the same. Mike and Pax don’t get home until Sunday night, and Raines has another comp – but is going in the team van this time. I may, uh…IDK…read? Go buy a magazine or something? Maybe poke around Stowe and do a little shopping?

I can’t decide if I’m excited or…weirded out. Both, I think.

Birthday money. Know that 20% off code that Anthro gives you for your birthday month? Turns out that Laura & I both – independently – bought the same Pilcro jeans. They’re fantastic. (I went with a 27 petite – I do think the petites run a little small.) Pilcro seems to be nailing the trends lately – this is one of the best examples of the cuffed denim trend I’ve seen, too.

Top sale pick at Saks? Taylor’s Superbowl seems to mean epic sales, and Sak’s is really good. My top pick is this 100% silk top by The Great. The photo does NOT do it justice – it’s wildly pretty on, and looks seriously cool tucked into a pair of wide-leg jeans. I bought it in a size 2 (aka ‘medium’) so it allllllmost could fall off the shoulder, but doesn’t. The v-neck appears nice and low, but is designed in such a way that it doesn’t show that much – even if I bend over. Highly recommend.

Top sale pick at Nordstrom? This North Face fleece. I have a similar one and it’s really chic on. Can’t believe it’s a whopping 45% off in such classic color (white & tan). Also 45% off? These Hanky Panky boyshorts. I swear by them under short dresses (or cutoffs) in the summer.

Call me Grace Kelly. Does anyone have this dress?? It’s not fancy – just Halogen – but Nordstrom keeps bringing it back every year. I know this because I’ve been debating it for about 3 years now. It’s just so classic and pretty and the Grace Kelly vibes are SO STRONG.

Hey, Valentine. This little PJ set is so sweet and lovely – would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Let’s talk leopard. Did you catch Abby’s IG reel on the resurgence of leopard print? I think she’s spot on (haha that was accidental). Anyway, the leopard I’m loving most is a soft, muted version, done in really casual shapes (like the pants Abby recommended) – almost the opposite of the tailored, crisp leopard cropped pants we used to wear. I’m debating between Abby’s pants, these Printfresh PJ bottoms I’d wear as pants, or maybe just going with a leopard print top. Emerson Frye makes one that reads more casual than fussy, or even Sezane’s knit top or this easy leopard tee (also in plus) would work. Lastly, don’t overlook this structured AllSaints leopard top – would be seriously cool worn as a jacket over a longsleeve tee.

Jenni Kayne sale…I know we all love her sweaters, but the sexiest sandals I’ve ever worn are currently 20% off as part of her Valentine’s Day promo. And! Oh heyyyy…this leopard print cami that gets the print exactly right. (Also in dress form, too.)

Let’s discuss this bum. The model photo of these Free People cut-offs literally stopped me in my tracks. Do you see the pocket placement with that perfectly curved seam (rear view)???!! It’s SO good. More sizes can be found on Free People’s website, here, but NOTE: only the wash ‘west end’ seems to have that dramatic curved seam. The other washes just look like regular denim shorts. ANNOYING.

It’s Feb, so obviously…swimsuits. Danielle & I have started working on the 2024 Swim Guide (coming out soon) and there are two new brands I’m really excited about: Cala de la Cruz is made in Colombia, and has the most sophisticated color combos and really unique prints. Their suits & bikinis have a seriously good balance of modest + sexy lines. And Change Of Scenery – another new-to-me brand – has both good prints & luxe textures/details, yet all of their suits are under $200.

Summer bikini. I mean…maybe not what I want to wear in February, but my favorite summer bikinis are still the basic string ones, and Becca makes some of the best (top, bottom). They’re classic and sexy and not cheeky…but not not cheeky either. They’re perfect.

Best (and easiest) brows. I’ve tried MANY products to enhance my brows, and this tinted brow gel is – hands down – the best I’ve tried. I have it in ‘soft brown’ and while I have zero idea why it’s so much better than Boy Brow or Gimme Brow or all of the numerous others…it DEFINITELY IS.

Fight me. Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter (NOT Smucker’s Organic) is the best peanut butter out there. All others are trash. But new jars *do* need to be stirred after opening. Thankfully, Aliya’s little find (from a recent newsletter) has completely changed the peanut butter stir game. I looooove it.

OMG I love Laura. If you haven’t watched Laura’s latest YouTube video on her attempts to find leggings that won’t roll down, it’s definitely worth a watch. She’s so freaking funny (she’s literally doing some sort of burpee as a test) and I couldn’t stop both laughing and nodding along. Dang, this aging thing is wild.

Vegan Superbowl Snacks!! Jessica in the Kitchen has a seriously exciting list of vegan superbowl snacks. I literally cannot decide which one to make. YUM.

Enjoy Taylor’s Superbowl! Goooo SPORTS!