Weekend 6.8


Gang, I’m late. MikeD is turning 50 next week, and we are throwing him a boat-themed party on a party bus, Midwest style. I am supposed to be at the first location, getting ready to greet guests in 50 minutes. And all of my costume ideas have…not worked out. Sexy Mermaid did not fit (note to self: you are not size small in Revolve dresses) and Sexy Seagull was…so bad that I almost went with it. But that dress is wayyy too expensive for an OMG SO FUNNY dress anyway. Raines’ quote, upon seeing me from behind, “Mom! Are you wearing…a feather diaper?”

Sexy Seagull did NOT look like it did on the model. My tush was literally hanging out a good inch or two. I swear that model must be wearing a size XL. This hat, however, is a total win.

But anyway! Off I go! To find something to wear!!

Enjoy your weekend, Gang.

Boyishly feminine. There’s something about this Madewell button-up that is seriously cool. It’s the perfectly oversized shape, the cuffs, the pocket…and the fact that the stripes are almost like a men’s shirt, yet offset by the ever-so-slightly-sheer fabric.

Gaga for the green. If I were to pick ONE sale item not to miss this week…it’s these green sneakers by Vince. They are freaking perfect for summer, and that green is riiiiight in between pastel and bright and I LOVE IT. Also on sale at Bloomingdales, if Nordstrom runs out of your size.

Whoa. It’s not everyday that a top literally makes me gasp out loud, but this one definitely did. I think it’s the combination of the statement-making shape done in an unassuming khaki cotton poplin that makes it so cool and unique. Love it.

Similar, in plus sizes! This top has a similar vibe (statement shape, neutral color) but in extended sizes only. Love it.

Ok, this upgrade. I love my Naghedi beach bag (slow fashion, made by hand out of virtually indestructible neoprene strips) and I regret nothing except…two new ones just dropped and they’re seriously cool. This one is as big as mine, but with tasseled handles (tasseled in an understated, let’s-go-to-Tulum kind of way) and this one is just colorful enough (get the blue/white) to be playful. Oof. THE CHOICES. I’m lowkey relieved I’m already locked into the one I bought, the decision would be very difficult, otherwise. Good luck to you.

I found my favorite running shorts…and they’re by Free People. Like Umbros, circa 1990, but cuter. More sizes/colors available at Free People.com.

Updo for the lazy? I haven’t been a scrunchie girl since 1993 (haha), but I think the extra-large silk bloom on this ponytail holder might be the key to elevating a messy bun. Hmmm.

Mike does love a Negroni. Sooo…maybe this dress? (Jokes aside, it does look like a dress I would literally wear all year round. Sooo good.)

Mike, stop reading. For Father’s Day, the boys and I are putting together a little care package of random fun things. We’ll include some Bombas socks, his fav underwear, this cooking thermometer (with 67K+ 5-star reviews), a grip-strength trainer, a cute baseball hat for the beach, a random wine key (that just cracked me up), and a cookbook I think he’ll be into (and definitely needs).

Beach read? Our internal slack channel was buzzing about Every Summer After. Originally recommended by Em, “It might be my favorite romance novel ever. The chemistry is bananas.” – nuff said, really, and Amy stayed up all night finishing it. I went to order it…and realized I read it 2 years ago. Darn!! It WAS good – I might re-read since it’s already on my Kindle somewhere. (A newer beach read, if you’ve already read that one, is Funny Story – Laura, Em and myself all loved it.)

Gotta go! Enjoy your weekend!!