Weekend 11.4


Hey gang, rough week over here. The only thing I really feel like talking about is the “beautiful monster” (Raines’ nickname for the dog) because she is now 9 months old and soooooooooo bad. All of the books say that she’s in her teenage phase and holy moly she’s making my actual teen look like a freaking saint.

Which, he is not. But still.

Nieve (the dog) has forgotten all of her training. Actually, no. She does remember – because she’ll deign to listen sometimes – but mostly she just ignores us. She’s back to jumping up on countertops and because she’s so big – and uses her giant, freaking paws like human hands, it’s a little unnerving, frankly – she can basically reach the entire countertop space, even the very back. Which is why Pax’s sandwich, RIP, didn’t end up in his lunch.

She’s been running away from Mike at the dog park – soooo gleefully – and has developed lightning-like reflexes for old, dirty socks found on the floor. She literally can strike like a snake and grab them, then will stare at us, bug-eyed, like THIS IS THE HILL I WILL DIE ON. THIS DIRTY SOCK, IN MY MOUTH.

Gahhhh dogs are gross. Soooo gross.

If she were treat-motivated, that would help, but our gal barely eats because of course she’s a picky eater.

And I don’t quite understand what is happening, but she’s still so freaking cute and sooo freaking bad and omg we just all love her sooooooo freaking much.

Dogs are weird.

Or maybe it’s the dog owners who are weird.

Yeah. Prolly that one.

It’s the vintage vibes for me. Um, gosh, I love this bag. Unassuming (but special) little black bags are the ones I’ve been carrying the most these days. This one is exciting enough to make a really good gift, too.

Ooo…speaking of vintage vibes, these earrings are so good.

Team Emerald. I know everyone is freaking out over red this year, but I still can’t get enough of emerald green. And these Nike sneakers stopped me in my tracks. They’re so stunningly gorgeous, and I’m tempted to get Mike this pair of New Balance (in green, obvi) so we can walk around, holding hands like some cute, coordinating (but not-quite-matching) couple. Actually: forget Mike. I’ll get them for Raines, and we can have a little mommy-and-teen moment MWAH HA HA (nobody tell him).

Faux-leather, ftw. One year later, and I’m still just as taken with GAP’s faux-leather pants. They’re currently on sale for $44 and seriously so freaking good. Instead of feeling cold or stiff or even just…faux-leathery, they’re actually lined in something soft and fuzzy and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They come in petite, regular and tall sizes (I have 27P) and they look just as good with high heels as they do with snowboots. Love, love, love, get ’em before they’re gone.

While you’re there…I just ordered GAP’s faux-leather, ‘big puff’ cropped jacket. I haven’t yet tried it on, but have very high hopes. I bought the ivory, so we’ll see.

Plus size pick! This wool overcoat is *exactly* right. The slight cocoon shape is my favorite – not only does it fit nicely over sweaters, but it manages to look both tailored and ever-so-slightly casual, resulting in a very nonchalant, French-girl kind of vibe.

THIS. I only like bodysuits that aren’t skintight and vibe *a little* casual, and this seriously cute one by Free People is perfect. Basically just looks like a really cool, long-sleeve tee.

I’m giving destroyed denim a rest. I’ve been happily wearing light wash, destroyed denim – without pause!! – since…gosh…1997??? That’s a long time, folks. And for the first time in my adult life, I’m not feeling it. I have no doubt that this is but a temporary phase, but what the heck do I wear in the meantime?? Clean, dark-wash denim doesn’t quite feel like me, either – it’s too put-together for my personal style – so I’m looking for something different. I wonder if cuffed jeans are the new distressed denim?? Most cuffed jeans come with a 32″ inseam, which means I’ll need to hem them (annoying), but Banana Republic does have a pretty cool pair available in petite sizes.

More jeans I’m seriously considering. If cuffed jeans don’t quite work, there are a couple of pairs I keep eyeing (that happen to be on sale as I write this): These wide-leg Citizens have the inkiest dark wash that somehow makes them more workwear, less fancy, these Mother Jeans are a lighter wash (no distressing), but have enough variation in the wash to be interesting (and that shape looks freaking perfect), and, lastly, these Moussy jeans have that not-quite-distressed darker wash that’s impossible to find and miiiiight be a good bridge between my usual distressed vibe and a true dark wash. Gahhh Moussy does washes so well. I find I have to size up 1-2 sizes in Moussy, tho.

Just some holiday outfit basics. While at Banana (grabbing those cuffed jeans) I also snapped up this 100% silk top at 40% off, this sequin tank, and this charcoal gray sweater (I love the cool tones and flecks of white).

Varley knockoff. If you thought this Topshop sweatshirt was Varley…you wouldn’t be alone.

For the beautiful monster. I’ve been buying dog toy after dog toy, trying to keep Nieve occupied, and the big winners, so far, are this ever-so-slightly disturbing “dog tail interactive toy” (but whoa – she loves it) and this dog puzzle toy (the green & white one).

Basically ready. We soft launched our 2023 Holiday Gifts page today if you want a little peek…

Enjoy the weekend…




  1. Oh my gosh, I have a mini-Bernedoodle who is 10 months (and at 50+ pounds, not as mini as we thought) and we are going through the exact same thing, every last one! But they are so adorable…

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