Weekend 9.16


There was a sweatshirt sale on the school playground, and one of Pax’s besties needed $5. I was patting myself down, trying to figure out if I had any cash on me (doubtful, I was in leggings), and turned to Pax. For some reason he always has money (he’s either hoarding cash or involved in illegal playground sales, could really go either way), and sure enough: Pax pulled out his wallet.

“Oh man,” I heard him groan. “I don’t have any 5’s or even 10’s…but let me see if I have enough singles….” Spoiler: he did. As he carefully counted out five dollars into his friend’s hand, I overheard him say, “I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it, I even tried using it at 7-11 but they were all, ‘Bro! we don’t take hundreds here’.”


After his friend ran off to grab her sweatshirt, Pax turns to give me a kiss goodbye, pausing when he sees my face. “Pax,” I ask, carefully, visions of illegal playground sales (or worse – betting) going through my head, “do you have a one hundred dollar bill in your wallet?”

He freezes. I watch him visibly re-arrange his face into an innocent expression. “No,” he says, calmly. “Why do you ask?”

Ohhhhh he is so bad.

I cock my head to the right and narrow my eyes at him. We stare at each other. Statues, both of us. Snow could collect on our heads, we wouldn’t care. You want to play, kid? Bring it. I’ll do this ALL DAY.

Finally, he breaks. Heaving a big sigh, he blurts out, “OK FINE, MOM. Nana gave it to me last weekend for being so helpful, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you!!”

OMG MY MOTHER. We were just in Michigan, visiting – I should’ve known. “Ok,” I say. “And by ‘being so helpful’ you mean…?”

At this, at least he has the decency to look sheepish. “You know, Mom. Like…playing with Greenlea and Ozzie and, uh…” at this point he starts laughing. “Being so happy when she made cookies??”


But whatever – I get it, it’s good to be a Nana. And frankly, we all won something that day. Nana got to spoil her guy, Pax got his mind blown with the presentation of an actual One Hundred Dollar Bill (I can only imagine his face when my mom gave him that), and I got to laugh all the way home thinking of Pax at the 7-11, attempting to buy gum with his hundo.

“So…what if I buy TWO packs of gum??”


ps. That’s my mom in the photo above. The sneak.

These bags have been on sale before, but I’ve been on the fence. I know readers have raved & raved about the usefulness of this French brand’s iconic tote (this one, specifically), but I tend to like bags with some unexpected details. Longchamp’s latest Le Pilage, tho, feels v. different. The shape is updated, and the stripe detail is seriously cool. I love the ‘black & beige’ or – Ooo!! – the ‘graphite & paper’. Obviously these are amazing for travel (they fold down into nothing), but I like that they’re also chic enough (and durable enough) for everyday.

Calling all fellow A.L.C. snobs….these white pants are 40% off. They’re the kind of epic, wear-forever trousers that will make cropped tops look amazing at any age. Also? This 100% cotton maxi dress with a luxe, fall-ready print and a nonchalant, ‘this old thing?’ vibe. Oof. I’m such a sucker for A.L.C.

Ref vibes, for $100. I keep coming back to this red floral midi dress. It’s perfect for Fall (I’d style with Sambas, of course) and is exactly the kind of dress I’ve been trying to find at Reformation. Normally I love Ref’s patterns, but the closest they’ve come is this dress, and I don’t totally love that print. Anyway, there’s something so flirty and timeless about a red floral dress & sneakers – very ‘girl next door’.

That’s all. Linzi has this bag and I want it.

Now in plus size! One of my favorite sweaters of all time is this 100% cotton La Ligne sweater. The shape is perfect: cozy, yet cropped enough to layer over dresses. I couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s now available in plus! And hold on, let me check…YESSSS: La Ligne has a bunch of pieces now available in plus sizes.

For teens. An amazing art teacher turned Pax onto the artist, Kaws, and now both boys are losing their minds over this KAWS X Uniqlo t-shirt.

Teen approved. The sweatpants I own that Raines says are “actually cool” now come in a wide-leg version which look even cooler. It’s the placement of the 3 stripes, he says.

If you, too, live in workout gear…I had been hoping Athleta would come out with shorter sweatshirts, and this one looks great (I like the ‘pyrite’ color). I’d pair it with these cool leggings in ‘hematite gray’ (peep that epic waist detail) and these Nobull running shoes in ‘balsam’. So pretty!

Best. Oversized. Sweatshirt. Ever. Free People’s Classic Crew Sweatshirt is amazing. I have the ‘Paris’ sweatshirt (one of the few things I still wear with leggings) and just ordered the ‘Philadelphia’. One word of warning: reviewers say the fabric changes depending on the color. I know the ‘Paris’ one is bananas soft – fingers crossed for Philly.

Locals only. Black-owned (and women-owned) Philadelphia Printworks has the coolest freaking rug that says, “Respect the Locals”. The purchase supports marginalized creatives, but if you’re not in the market for rugs, check out this very badass ‘Tubman university’ sweatshirt (for Harriet Tubman, of course). Soooo good.

Same vibe, less cost. I have (and love) this denim patchwork shift dress by Frame (part of Sak’s gift card event). It’s pricey, but so totally my style that it’s the kind of thing I’ll wear forever. And the fact that I can wear it year-round helps, too. (It barely touches my skin, so it’s great in the summer…but heavy enough to easily layer in the winter.) ANYWAY, my point: I came across this denim overall dress from Free People and it…has a really similar vibe. Not exact, obviously, but close enough to give me pause. And is under $100. Oh!! My Frame dress is on sale at Shopbop, also.

Take an extra 40% off Anthro’s sale section this weekend, including the epic Somerset maxi dress that basically everyone has raved about (and I get it – that print is gorgeous). Comes in petite and plus sizes, too. I’m peeking at these parachute pants.

Hey Philly! In partnership with Whole Heart Reproductive Mental Health (see the recent post their founder Perri Shaw Borish wrote for us, 5 Things a Maternal Mental Health Specialist Wants to Say to Mothers Now), The Mom Edit is sponsoring a screening of “Holding Space,” a documentary showcasing 5 women’s stories about their experiences with Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety and their steely resolve to get well. The event is open to everyone, & concludes with a Q&A featuring the creators & storytellers of the documentary. Join us on September 26th (a Tuesday) at 6:30PM at the Fitler Club in Philadelphia. Would love if you can make it. (And you can reserve a free ticket here).

Been busy. We’re cooking up a better way to fully answer trickier styling questions (like how the heck to wear baggy jeans), and there’s a little behind the scenes of our process on IG. (ps. Belinda, I’m wearing an old pair of these Nike sweat shorts. xo!)

Have a good weekend, Gang. And Shanah tovah to those who celebrate.




  1. Longchamp tote owner here – the striped tote, while an interesting twist on the classic, lacks the crucial long drop shoulder strap that makes the OG such an enduring workhorse. I wouldn’t consider it a direct substitute. I do appreciate the versatility of being able to zip open that middle section though!

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