Weekend Fun?


I own this magnet:

 Screen Shot 2012-06-21 at 8.04.56 AM

In related news, by the time you read this, I will be camping.  Gack!  No….it should be fun.  I think that's the thing with camping…the "should be" part.  We're camping in Assateague Island, hoping to see some wild ponies.  (Seriously:  Wild. Ponies.)  We have headlamps and everything so we're big-time campers now.  HUGE.  I'll be posting some pics to Instagram.  Follow along (@shanachristine) only if you'd like to see totally self-indulgent pictures of my kids, random pictures of dinners I'm proud of and awkward outfit/hair shots.  Mind-blowing excitement, my instragram feed.

Do you remember our Curio Design Studio giveaway?  Allison has finished creating the design for our winner.  She has some amazing ideas for such a small space.  You can check it out here

Have you checked out Shopbop's Basic Essentials mini-boutique?  Their recommendations look like a crazy-cool summer wardrobe for moms.  Or an awesome packing list to anywhere.  

I'm loving this lightweight scarf at Old Navy. 

Almost everything is 40% off at LOFT, including the already marked-down sale items (new arrivals are the exception).  I'm loving these wedges, this glamourous, retro bikini and these gorgeous red trousers

My sister's wedding is in a little over a month.  Mamas, I'm panicking.  While I finally found a dress (with a gorgeous low back) I have just a few weeks to get myself a realistic fake-tan, lose the pooch*, find a cool, layer-friendly updo and upgrade my makeup.  (I'm out of everything.)  Also, I'm contemplating this hair for the wedding.  Thoughts? Other ideas???






  1. Have fun camping! My son keeps asking me to go camping and I keep telling him that he needs to talk to his dad because Mommy DOESN’T camp! I’m happy to provide some great snacks and hang out all day, but when it’s time for bed I’m heading to the nearest hotel.

  2. apparently you didn’t have enough beer. only way to camp is to have LOTS of beer and possibly a jaeger shot in there. 😉 A for effort girlfriend. xoxo

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