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Reader Emily clued us in on a little fun fact about Topshop:  they obviously love our name. 

Topshop, I love that you love it, but I can't get behind your message.  Or rather, more specifically, the length of that zipper.  Just…no.  Nope.  Have fun with that.  

Sorry to kick your weekend off with a crotch-shot, Mamas.  (It's hard not to stare, isn't it?  So inexplicably loooong….) but here are a few fun things I've been wanting to share:

Jennifer Garner is really stepping up her momiform game.  Oxfords and well-fitting skinnies?  Yay, Jen!

Rugged boots + winter white denim?  I'm dying to recreate this look.

We're not the only ones with leggings on the brain.  Refinery 29 shows 5 cool ways to upgrade your leggings and Sarah Jessica Parker solves the pants/no pants problem by rocking thin black cords that look a whole lot like leggings.  But are pants.

Shopbop has the best advice for making your workout gear look chic.  I do this more days than I care to admit.  :)

The Rookie Moms love cute winter coats, and want you to love them too.  Here's why.   

I'm going to give the Coconut Hot Chocolate on a Cup of Jo a try.  (Mine will also have rum.)

Also, you may have missed a few of our articles over on Mom.me:

Here's how to Dress Around a C-Section Scar

A week's worth of outfits that all do double duty (work date then playdate, gym than errands, etc.)

Styling Tips for New Moms 

Lastly, our Holiday Style Guide has outfits for any age and stage…and might work well for a festive Valentine's Day.

What are your plans for the weekend?  We're going to take the boys to see the Arden Theater's production of Cinderella.  I hear it's a great twist on the classic – no poufy dresses or simple happily ever afters.  We can't wait.  

Have a wonderful weekend, Mamas!




  1. Gross misuse of the name! Were they going for irony? For laughs? Early April Fool’s? Have they NOT read your blog? Just Nooooooooooooo!
    And I am rubbing my hands together in eager anticipation of hitting up all those links. Especially the C-Section Scar..and work-out gear..and. all. of. them. πŸ™‚
    Thanks! Enjoy your fun time this weekend!

  2. Btw…speaking of work-out gear..what were/are your go-to exercises for the post-c/s belly? No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get my stomach back. It’s been a year and I work-out faithfully. When will my stomach come back? Or is the stomach I once knew gone for good? Say it ain’t so..

  3. Abby, mine came back on its own after R was born, but it took almost 2 years.  Ugh.  After P…it still hasn't come back.  I got decent results in time for my sister's this past Aug by doing Barre3's online vid "post baby bounce back" every day for 3 months…but then I stopped, and the pooch came back.  So sad.  So I'm back to that.  One week in, only the rest of my life to go.  How depressing.  On that note, happy f-ing weekend.  (Joke!!)
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  4. Oh those are so bad. Obe year for halloween, I got some olive green acid wash type mom jeans from the goodwill, paired it with a braided leather belt, tucked in turtleneck and my clogs and was “mom”. It was awesome. Jennifer Garner looks awesome, but last time I tried to rock this, my enormous feet and skinny calves made me look like an emaciated clown. Oh well…

  5. Oh dear, nothing makes me feel older than seeing a young girl rock a look that has come and gone in my lifetime.
    Thanks for the link love, lady! Now I’m going to click through all the other goodies you found.
    Also? I want to submit a question, one that you may have answered already. Ugg-style boots: worthwhile investment? slippery slope because of you work from home, you’ll never put on your lace-up boots again? buy cheap imitations? what?

  6. Those jeans are terrible. I loved the article about the cute winter coats. There is nothing worse than a cute outfit paired with a NorthFace jacket or bulky ski jacket……well except for maybe those jeans…..

  7. Off topic, but have you guys done a post on actual maternity wear lately? I looked through the archives and bit but maybe I’m missing it. I work in a law office and need to gear up for spring/summer maternity clothes. I don’t have to wear actual suits, but I do to be fairly dressy – any ideas or hints? I just hate most maternity clothes…

  8. My two favorite linkeys (cuz I know you’re DYING to know…) the Shopbop making your workout gear look chic – how frigging badass is that look????? and COCONUT HOT CHOCOLATE?!!! Get the eff outta here with that nonsense. Making some this weekend. Guh.

  9. I didn’t have a c/s, but baby #2 has left me looking much more… postpartum than #1 did. The Hab-it pelvic floor DVD has gone a long way toward flattening my belly and helping with the dreaded sneeze (now I just gotta lose that extra skin!). It’s highly recommended by my midwives and is a great, time-efficient, basic core-training program. I got it on Amazon.

  10. I wonder this too!
    I ditched my Uggs because I was starting to wear them everywhere with everything; like an addict that can’t hang around with their old friends, mine had to go!! But I miss them so and think if I can be disciplined enough to wear them just to the mailbox, around the house, when the boy wants to quickly run outside to jump around then its okay.
    I’m thinking some cheap imitation will keep me wearing them only at home!

  11. Ditto this, did my research in the archives but I would love to get a fresh look at maternity style for spring and summer. I have never been pregos (big pregos) in the summer. This time around I want to try and bring some stle to my maternity- drobe but not spend a ton of money.
    Also, thanks to some older posts I read about how to hide the first trimester bump I was able to find a great dress to wear to a baby shower I’m hosting this weekend with lots of family coming! It’s hard to hide the third time around (especially from curious family members) when I’m showing so much already….we’ll see if this dress does the trick. Thank you so much for dressing me yet again! I just need a stmt necklace to finish the look and add some distraction.

  12. I found this awesome blog thru my friend Camille over at LiM! πŸ™‚
    (we’re doing the maternityshmernity collab together)
    You are hilarious and I think your sense of style is impeccable!
    That crotch is definitely awkward. EVEN on a model.

  13. so, silly me got to thinking, that ad maybe does have a point.. We Moms are definitely way too savvy for the hideousness that they are calling “jeans”..thanks to you (I’ll say it, Yay You! Yay You! Yay You! ha!) No Mom would ever be caught dead in those..now, the “ignorant youth” of today? That’s a whole ‘nother story πŸ˜‰ ha!

  14. I have been taking your style advice to heart during the past six months, and I am soooo glad you aren’t advising I purchase a pair of these! Gross! :)I shared your blog with a few of my mom friends yesterday, because they complimented my (attempt at) color blocking and I simply could not take credit. So thank you! Happy Weekend!

  15. I looove my uggs. You’re right, they are so comfortable and warm that I don’t take them off all day whether I’m home or not.
    If you want style then someone else will have to answer that question, although my almost 70 year old mom just got a pair so I’m thinking that the trend is on the way out (no offense, mom). I’ve never tried on a pair of imitation uggs so I don’t know if they’d have the same level of comfort and warmth of the real thing, which is why you get them, right?

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