Weekend Links (and a little of what’s to come in 2015)




Hey there – what a week!  We got back from Michigan last weekend, and jumped right back into the daily grind of work, school, and Raines’ 7th birthday.  Poor kid.  Birthdays so close to the holidays are tough.

But I’m feeling, uh, cautiously optimistic about this year.  2014 was such a year of recovery that it left little room for anything else.  My house is in a permanent state of disaster, my finances are jumbled (we’ve been in the process of “changing banks” for 6 months GAAAH), and my get-kids-to-school-on-time success rate is hovering around 20%.

Don’t even ask me about homework.  I’m still pretending it doesn’t exist.

But, on the upside, I can feel my energy coming back.  As of Jan 1, I’ve been on tamoxifen for a year now, and most of the crazy-making side effects (hot flashes, insomnia) have evened out (thanks mostly to accupunture, I suspect).  I still need to…um…finish making ‘the girls’ look pretty (nipple tattoos people, all the cool cancer kids are doing it), and the whole process should be a crack up.  I mean seriously life is so weird.

But good, too.  It’s so good to feel good.  That fact astounds me:  I feel good.  Sometimes I feel like shouting I FEEL GOOOOOOOD!!!!  because I really, really didn’t for so long.  I had no idea, when all of this cancer shit went down, that almost two years would pass before I would feel like myself again. Crazy, RIGHT????

Looking Ahead….

So I’m making some changes around here – both in the Draugelis pad and The Mom Edit.  (Don’t worry – all fun stuff.)

For The Mom Edit, this year I want to focus on the fun.  Fashion is fun!  The process of discovering ourselves, discovering our style…it should be FUN.  Expressing ourselves doesn’t need to be such a serious endeavor (nor does it need to be mistake-free).  So we’ll be playing around with outfit fixing and finishing (and I suspect we’ll have our share of flops)….and Scotti is going to be doing some seriously FUN makeup tutorials.  You beauty mavens will love them, and the rest of us?  It’ll help us get out of our comfort zone.  My friend Jess will also be back with more of her gorgeous art. (Yay!!)

I’ve also added one more contributing author to The Mom Edit team.  She’s a mom of two with seriously amazing everyday style…and a whole big dose of ‘keeping it real’.  You’re going to love her.

Also, we’re working through some techie issues with the site, trying to get everything running as smoothly as possible.  I seriously appreciate your patience with a few of the glitches.

Around the Draugelis Pad….we’ve been starting to go through the process of decluttering, based on the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and WOW.   I know I mentioned this book a few weeks ago, but now that we’re starting to put it into practice…it’s the first time I can actually see an end to this mess.  Even Mike is totally on-board.  (The author had him at “professional organizers are hoarders” HA!)  So for the next 6 months, each week we’re going to be decluttering some portion of the house, based on the simple question, “does this bring you joy?”  So easy, yet powerful.  It’s surprising that one simple question brings so much clarity.

Fun Links For The Weekend

I recently bought a  Tools4Wisdom Planner and it kinda blew my mind.  The goal setting pages (yearly, monthly, weekly) are EVERYTHING.  I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

I’m totally intrigued by Bon Appetit’s Food-Lovers Cleanse.  I think we’re going to start it this weekend.

If you haven’t seen the video where parents talk to their kids about sex for the first time, it’s totally worth a few minutes.  I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

OMG!!  Stuart Weitzman boots just dropped at Bluefly…including a few colors of the 50/50 Over-the-knee boots that I’ve been coveting for YEARS.

Revolve Clothing has an ENTIRE PAGE devoted to striped tees.  YESSSSS.

J.Crew has 40% off select styles this weekend, including this Apline Turtleneck sweater,  my fav layering turtlenecks, and some seriously cool patched denim.

I just ordered these coated black trouser jeans on sale for $50 (final sale).  Go up one size for a slouchier fit (like this pic).

If I had a dollar everytime a reader wrote in about how amazing the Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Cardigan is…well.  It belongs in a new-mama/post-partum/nursing-friendly/body-changing hall of fame.  And now it’s on sale.


Enjoy your weekend!!  And local Mamas – the Okee Dokee Brothers (friends of a friend!) is playing a kid’s show at World Cafe Live on Saturday.  Their sound is kinda bluegrassy, and their first album won a grammy.  Should be pretty cool.



ps.  I’m in the process of creating an edited shop of Outfit Making Accessories, and am totally obsessed with ear crawlers (they look better than they sound).  Shoot me links if you find anything fabulous.


  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better and more energetic. And I’m glad that you brought up the time length of feeling better – my father-in-law had colon cancer surgery in July (in his late 70’s) and he can’t figure out why he’s ‘still not himself” 6 months later. Now I can tell him your experience, even though I know everyone is different, so he has something to go by. That’s not something that the doctors told him about chemo and surgery.

  2. I am so glad you are feeling better. I saw my group of cancer survivors tonight and we all talked about how good it feels to feel good. I just love moving my body now that I CAN!

  3. Thank you, shopping enabler, for the tip on the Nordstrom Bobeau cardigan. I’ve got a 3-week-old and nursing like crazy in sub-freezing Midwestern temps. Just ordered one!

  4. Since you mentioned glitches with the site, I’ll mention one thing that’s been happening recently, and I don’t know if it’s my browser (Chrome) or the site, but maybe you can look into it. Whenever I open themomedit, it won’t show the most recent post, but the last new one I viewed. So if I looked at the site on the 5th, and saw a post from that day, on the 7th when I open it again, it will still show the post from the 5th. I then have to refresh the site once in order for the newest post from the 7th to appear. And this is even after my computer has been off.
    PS Looking forward to your ideas for 2015 and the new contributer, as well!

    • The same thing happens to me. I can’t see any posts from 2015 when I go directly to themomedit.com
      But in other news, I’m so happy that you’re feeling great! I’m sure it makes all the difference in the world.

  5. Glad you’re doing well and your optimism for 2015 is inspiring! Re: nipple tattoos, I used to work with Mandy Sauler at Penn Plastic Surgery – she’s amazing! Good luck!

  6. No. No more beauty posts from Scotti. My wallet is begging. I became a VIB over the course of 1 week this Christmas…and it’s all Scotti’s fault. 😉

  7. Thanks so much for the recommendation of the Okee Dokee brothers! I’m not in Philly, but my 2.5-year-old boy loves music and I’ve been seeking more good, kid-friendly music for him beyond Raffi and the like (which I think is great, but sometimes it’s nice to listen to more grown-up-friendly kid music.) I went to their website and played him some of the songs and videos and he keeps requesting it now–“More music! Through the woods!”

    So thanks. Happy toddler at our house.

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