Weekend Links, Fun, and Some SMOOCHES (For Cancer)



Do you follow me on instagram (@shanachristine)?  We’ve been having all kinds of fun over there lately.  Mike and I took this smooching pic, tagged with#kisscancergoodbye, to help StandUp2Cancer raise awareness of their goal of turning every cancer patient into a SURVIVOR.

I love that word.

Join us!  To play along, upload a smooch picture with the hashtag #kisscancergoodbye to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  Tag your friends to play along (and me!!  I’d love to see your pics, too!  @shanachristine on Instagram, @themomedit on Twitter and Facebook).




Pax wanted in on the action.  “MOM, I will WICK YURS NECK!”  #lickcancergoodbye #alsothatbelly


And as Cam pointed out, I AM wearing a harness.  It’s Free People’s Bravestarr harness, I think (in black).  It does some pretty amazing things to a tshirt.  More to come.

But you guys have been seriously good sports about the vibrator article.  Did you happen to catch this comment?

So, I’m a vibrator virgin (LOL) and I just wonder how you broach this subject with your husband without bruising his ego? I’m … Intrigued. But I’m afraid my husband may feel adding a vibrator would be a critique of his prowess in bed. I can’t believe I’m asking this on a style blog, but does anyone have any advice?

It’s a GREAT question, style blog or not, but one that’s tough to answer with your name next to it.  You know?  So.  If you have any advice or stories to help out VV (vibe virgin – haha just made that up), email it over to themomedit@gmail.com with the subject line FOR VV.  I’ll pull any advice together, omitting names, because this is IMPORTANT and we need a safe/anonymous place to discuss!!

Ok, switching gears: I volunteered to bring the Valentine’s Day “craft” to Raine’s 1st grade classroom next week.  But here’s the thing:  I don’t craft.  I was hoping to find some sort of fun, open-ended project that’s vaguely Valentine’s related, something that kids could take in their own directions…but am having trouble.  Most pinterest projects are all, “make a love bug out of toilet paper rolls” which, OK, but….the best advice I’ve heard thus far was from Raines:  “Mom, just get a bunch of cool stuff and put it out.  We’ll know what to do.”  Oh.  That’s probably true.  Any other thoughts or ideas?  I’d love to present some sort of problem to solve, if possible.

Weekend Links!

If anyone is in the market for a romantically fuzzy, slightly cropped sweater for Valentine’s Day that also happens to be on sale….then I highly recommend this one.  I have the baby blue and keep thinking I’ll send it back, but everytime I put it on, Mike freaks out and pets me.  “Babe!  So soft!  And WOW.  You look pretty in COLOR!”  Hrumpf.  #blackwhitegraylikemysoul

This is, hands-down, the best cut-out cookies recipe.  I cut the sugar way back (like in half) and add fresh nutmeg.  Delish.

Also, Amazon still has Hape Quadrilla Marble Runs on sale.  All of the big sets are great (I don’t think it matters which you choose), and my boys have loved adding the music motion pieces into their main set. (Pics on instagram or facebook)

Obsessed with Apartment 34’s 5 New Ways To Wear a Scarf.  Perfection.

Looking for workwear inspiration?  My friend Mary just rebranded her blog – from The Classy Cubicle to Memorandum.  Check it out.

There’s a newly created Men’s Shop on The Mom Edit.  All of our favorite pieces, in a foolproof color palette.  (That part was accidental.)

Locals!  What are your plans this weekend?  If you haven’t seen Arden Theater’s Beauty and The Beast it is AMAZING, and was just extended one more weekend!  (This is the final weekend.)  It started an obsession with shadow puppets.  (We love Moulin Roty Shadow Puppets.)

We’re hoping to hit the slopes on Saturday, and then on Sunday, one of our dear friends has an art opening at the Gray Gallery.  (I feel 900% cooler just for saying that.)

Happy Weekend!!!