Weekend Olympics!!


Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics starts tonight!  (Technically, they're over, but being aired–whatever. Nobody cares.)  In any case – I'm excited.

But, per usual, I'm just realizing this now.  This morning I was all, "The Olympics are on tonight??  Really?  THE REAL OLYMPICS???"  and am now trying to throw together a fun little family party for the four of us.  Pinterest has an insane amount of ideas (and some are just straight-up insane), but I managed to find a few that even I can do.


A.  Cabbage Soup on Olga's Flavor Factory

Made this earlier today.  Just realizing now that it calls for meatballs.  Hunh.  I made ours vegetarian, and added a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar for deeper flavor.

B. Olympics Glasses on Small Fry Blog

Small Fry blog has been killing it lately, and I'm loving this DIY.  I had big BIG plans to make a pair of glasses for each of us…but…yeah…NO.  The family has one to share.  (ps.  I made mine out of construction paper, which was all we had.  Only slightly floppy – they still work.  $10 says I'll be Instagramming those babies later tonight.)

C. Norweigan Curling Team

Who we'll be looking for at the opening ceremonies tonight.  FOUR SUITS OF PURE AWESOME.

(photo credit: The Facebook page of their pants.  No, I'm not joking. )

D.  Torch Snacks on Small Snippet Blog

Out of the vaaast amount of Olympics-themed party snacks on Pinterest, this is the one I can do.  (As long as Trader Joes has ice cream cones.)  And bookmark that link – A Small Snippet blog put together a pretty amazing summer olympics-themed kid's party on the beach.  I'm copying that exact party in 2016. 

E. Vodka Martini

Mike and I both have nasty colds, but will that stop us?  Nyet!!  Vodka martinis are required to properly celebrate the Sochi Olympics.

(photo credit:  Real Simple   Ironically, it's their 'how to cure a hangover' article)

F. Red, White and Blue Sundaes

Because I doubt my kids will actually eat that soup, at least when they fill up it will be on either popcorn or fruit.  (With a little Trader Joe's vanilla soy ice cream thrown in.)

(photo credit: Martha Stewart.  Obviously.) 


Go USA!!  



ps.  Have you seen the uniforms for team USA?  I came across one pic and was horrified.  Think Bill Cosby sweaters crossed with a patchwork quilt.  Yikes.  Let's hope that I'm either wrong, or at least Canada comes through stylishly. 




  1. Ah yes, but have you seen the uniforms for the Mexican ski team? All… ONE of him??
    I don’t know how to neatly link you to it, but google “Mexican Ski Team” and I think you won’t be disappointed.
    Full body Mariachi snow suit anyone??

  2. THANK YOU for putting together this collection! You always come to my rescue!!! I found out about the olympics earlier this week but have been too bogged down in work to even think about how to celebrate it properly. I am tackling items B and D as soon as I hit “Post” to this comment (I am on the West coast so hopefully I have enough time to pull off one pair of glasses!) I did a quick google/pinterest search myself and came up with Olympic BINGO cards from 30 hand made days that the kids and I will be playing….
    Anyway, thanks again – and have fun tonight!

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