Weekend. Plans?



I guarantee that most of my weekend at home will be spent watching the Bird Man hatch, over and over and over again.

“Mommy, ‘tend I a wed birwd and you are wed mommy birwd and daddy is wed daddy birwd and I in egg’ and he buries himself in pillows and goes through this gloriously dramatic ‘hatching’ process.  Once’s he’s pecked his way out – wing by wing – we applaud and cheer because our baby (our baby!!) has arrived.  Immediately upon arrival into this world, Bird Man announces, “Mommy, ‘tend I a boo birwd and you are boo mommy birwd and daddy is boo daddy birwd an–”

And off we go again.  So there’s that, in terms of weekend plans.  I also want to take the kids down to the Philadelphia Art Museum’s Art after Five, this Friday night.  In honor of the Treasures of Korea exhibit opening soon, they’re having a special K-pop (Korean pop) dance performance, and “a mini dance class and dance party”.  (They’ll also be doing a runway show with student designers, but that’s more for me than them.)

I was also delighted to get an email from Cat, whose husband’s band, Ratboy Jr. will be performing an afternoon show at World Cafe Live on Saturday (part of the Peanut Butter and Jams series).  I’ve been meaning to check this place out, so if the troops rally, we’ll try and go.  Doors open at 11AM.

Ok!  Onto the links!


So we all loved P’s sweatpants on date night, but many of you were asking for a more affordable option.  Reader Laura is on it:  she swears by these skinny sweatpants from Old Navy.  “They are actually way more flattering on than in Old Navy’s picture.  Oh my. LOVE them. The only pant of this type I’ve found that I will actually wear out of the house. And they’re only $24.95!”  Thanks, Laura!

My quest for the perfect light-wash jean may be coming to an end:  Joe’s Jeans just released a new collection of Sun Faded denim.  Standouts include a high-rise, cropped skinny and a high-rise flare.  Oooooo….which to choose, which to choose….

Boden is having a major sale.  I’m seriously considering this short-sleeve Breton striped tee, and maaaybe this jacket?  I love the quirky combo of silly polka-dots on an army parka. (Raines wants this.)

Reader Kate swears that these 4 in” heels are comfortable.  SO comfortable, in fact, that the designer ran a 5K race in them (she’s an electrical engineer, BTW).  Ok.  I’m intrigued.  The whole line is 25% off (the already reduced price) on Bluefly.  I just ordered these.  Will report back.

Warby Parker just released a new sunglasses line, and ohHappiness they included color!  I love these.  Like TOMS, Warby Parker has a one-for-one thing going.

I’m digging Ramshackle Glam’s rather haphazard take on electric pink eyeshadow.  Her method is totally up my alley….

Design Mom’s recent home tour took my breath.  So many great ideas, and an all-chalkboard paint bathroom? LOVE.

Ashley from Hither and Thither had the best Spring play idea:  Ladybugs.  Like, hundreds of live ladybugs to get their garden started. Needless to say, their son was totally enchanted.  (And so am I.)  High on my list for the second the weather warms…..

Lastly, if any of you care about the Kanye Kardashian Kover on Vogue….I loved the response on Go Fug Yourself.  If nothing else, read their Kanye-style rap at the bottom.

Happy Weekend!!




  1. Can anyone help me see the links? Whenever there’s a rstyle.me link, I just get a blank screen. I use firefox. Is there any way to fix this?! Thanks!

  2. Jane, I have a con-call scheduled with them this week. Will try and figure out what’s going on. SO appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

  3. Ooooh, I love those Sofia Z Isabels!! Thanks for the link–they are gorgeous and just what I’ve been looking for! Signed up for bluefly emails, and got $25 off my first order. For less than $115 (total) I’ll have those babies on my feet next week hopefully. Can’t wait to hear your review of the ones you ordered 🙂

  4. Just got the Old Navy sweatpants in the mail today and I absolutely love them. I’m so happy to wear something other than pajama bottoms at home, and I can easily step out in them as well. They are so affordable, I got them in both colors. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

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