Weekend 3.6


Raines comes in, and flops his lanky self down on the bed. “Moo,” he says.

It’s an old joke. My kids have never really been whiners, per se. They have their ways of…expressing displeasure, but it rarely manifests itself in a traditional whine. Pax tends to go from disappointment to pure, unadulterated rage, but Raines…well, he just gets despondent. Even as a toddler, I’d hear him muttering sadly to himself about the futility of life (not unlike, say, Eeyore), and it had a very particular sound (again, Eeyore), kind of like “muh muh muh muh,” which I started referring to affectionately as “mooing.”

Pax rages, Raines moos.  

So “moo” is now a keyword — when he uses it, I know something’s up. “You OK, buddy?” I ask. “What’s going on?”

Raines rolls over, flinging an arm over his eyes, and heaving a deep, long-suffering sigh. I marvel at how much space he now takes up on the bed. He moves his arm a fraction and peeks out at me. 

“I don’t know, Mom…” he starts. Sighs. “But I don’t think I like being 13. It comes with…too many side-effects.”

Sing it, buddy. MOO.

FINALLY. I’ve been trying to tell you guys abou this Zella long-sleeve tee for months…but it was continuously out of stock. Happily, it’s back. I have the black, and freaking LOVE IT. It’s easy through the body, long enough to wear with leggings (or knot at the waist), and has thumbholes. It was one of those purchases I threw in last minute…and have been shocked by how often I’ve worn it. I’ll try to get a photo up on IG & FB. It’s a good one — highly recommend.

Fav jeans. rag & bone’s Maya straight-leg jeans are my top pick. I love them as much as my Levi’s 501s, but they pair much better with winter boots. The best price right now is at rag & bone’s website — they’re on sale for under $100, but there are more sizes (also on sale) at Neiman’s. You want the ‘aquarius’ wash — it’s perfection. A styling article is coming out soon.

Three cute tops under $100: An updated striped tee with a sexy sweetheart neckline, an easy black top that looks much more expensive than it is (also available in plus sizes), and a sophisticated sweater vest that’s dead chic (and a great transition piece for spring).

les girls, les boys. I can’t stop thinking about this striped pj top (and matching shorts). They’re so tomboyishly sexy.

Ugh. Swimsuits. I’m trying to find a new one, and here’s what I’ve ordered so far (no promises): dark green cutout suit from O’Neill, floral suit from Billabong, floral one with sleeves from L*Space, and this super sexy black one from Black-owned business Jade Swim. I’m also deeply intrigued by alllllllll of those random small swimsuit brands that IG is constantly showing me. Have you guys tried any new ones? SPILL.

I did order a couple of bikinis, too. Inspired by Scotti’s high-rise swim bottoms article, I also ordered this bikini and this bikini aaaand this bikini (with this top). WE WILL SEE.

COVID isn’t over. Despite the fact that I’m soooooooo looking forward to summer…we’re hardly out of the woods just yet. Despite the lifting of restrictions, Mike and I are still 100% committed to mask wearing and won’t be going to restaurants anytime soon. Although…it is tempting. But the reports coming out seem to confirm that many COVID cases stem from dining indoors, and with the new variants potentially circulating around…food for thought.

But the vaccine is super exciting! Nerd out with me for a sec: the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are using a totally new kind of technology, one that uses messenger RNA. It’s insanely exciting — and a huge leap forward in vaccine technology (one that had been in the works for…a decade?). This Harvard Health article talks about why these vaccines are such a big freaking deal…or if you just want a 2-second explanation, this IG post summarizes it nicely.

Totally wild. Another bright spot of hope? This crazy-sounding ‘urban light’ that can be used to kill the coronavirus at, say, indoor concerts, or on subways and stuff. Innovation, man. It’s great.

Team Penn!! Stat News has started their own nerd version of March Madness…one where we can all vote on the most exciting innovations in biomedicine. We were pumped to hear that the end-of-life prediction tool Mike and his team created is on the list!! Stat News’ write-up of his technology, however, is suuuuuper boring (at least to me). But the tool itself is pretty amazing: it can be used to predict which cancer patients are likely to die within the next six months. Mike had been really impacted by the death of a close family friend who was fighting cancer, and ended up dying only days after a miserable (and unnecessary) chemo treatment. The family was caught completely off guard — why even torture him with chemo if he was that close to death? — and the whole ordeal always stuck with Mike. So he was especially passionate about this particular project, which helps to predict which cancer patients won’t benefit from additional chemo, allowing them to then die with dignity, in the environment of their choosing. It’s been a game changer in practice, and something Mike has been pretty proud of. So. If you’d like to vote in Stat News’ nerd madness, you can do so here.

Enjoy the weekend, Gang!




  1. I would love to read about Mike’s research! Dying with dignity is such an overlooked thing, I think. Understandably. We all want our loved ones to fight to the very end and try to beat whatever it is that is causing them to die. But sometimes that is not the best thing. At all. Dying with dignity is such an important concept. I can’t wait to learn more about his project.

  2. Love your writing Shana – I love how you’ve described your 13yo..he sounds like a very smart kid, he’s able to blame his age for his feelings.
    I’m eyeing the Maya jeans in the black wash.. how does the sizing run? I’m between 27/28

  3. I took a look and I love the ribbed material. It’s kind of exactly what I’m looking for. As for the tops, when they say they support a bigger size, do you know they really do? I’m always hesitant to try tops that say that but are not in cup sizes or do not have a tie back because I’m a small with big cups (32 DD).

  4. Shana, your boys look SO much like you in this picture! I bought two of those zella shirts and I love them so much, they are perfect thank you for sharing them.

  5. That’s interesting. As a lifetime shy , socially awkward, smart 😉 girl, the frequent use of both nerd and geek has been quite empowering to me. I consider myself both

  6. I bought Youswim’s Eva two piece swimsuit last year based off of some Instagram advertising (one size fits most!). The cut is cute, I’m not sure that the fabric is uber-flattering, but the thing is so dang comfortable that it’s the only bikini I wore last summer. You guys should try them out!

  7. I have already bought 3 swim suits this year, if anyone hasn’t thought about it try Thread Up. They have new with tags still on swimwear.

  8. I work in Oncology/Hematology right here in the Philly suburbs, and am psyched to ready about this end-of-life predictor! Off to read – thanks!!!!!

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