Weekend 1.29


It’s my birthday! I turn forty…something today. (Forty-six? Seven? Five? Does it matter?) Anyway, we’re doing a little birthday weekend thing, which for us means a little skiing, a little champagne, and, as a special birthday treat, I plan on taking long hot showers and maybe doing my hair while the boys haul in alllll of the ski gear.

I’m not even going to carry my skis this weekend, Gang. Happy birthday to me.

I did buy one really beautiful dress to wear around the house, drinking champagne and feeling very glamorous. As far as birthday traditions go, I highly recommend this one. 10 outta 10.

Bring it back. I used to wear a cardigan just like this one over skinny jeans, tall boots and a silky tank. I don’t know who to blame, but I now want to wear that exact outfit again.

I think I know the answer, but…could one wear this silk “dress” out of the house? You…can’t….right? Sigh. Maybe if Mike and I took a 2nd honeymoon somewhere warm where no one knows me. (That’s Linzi’s strategy for anything with a higher slit. Solid plan.)

My default date-night top. That Free People keyhole bodysuit that Julieta and I both love is on sale for under $50. Key point: it doesn’t look like a bodysuit: it’s really forgiving and flattering and comfortable. Nordstrom has it and will likely price match, too.

Gold star. Have you peeked at Good American’s sweats line-up? They are WINNING this game. Literally every style of sweatpants you can imagine (classic, slim, wide-leg, shorts), and matching sweatshirts in cool shapes (oversized, cropped, classic, hoodie, cropped hoodie, zip-up, turtleneck, etc., etc.,) to match. Best of all, they have the prettiest range of neutral colors.

It’s critical. For some reason, I’ve decided that I need a new winter hat in a feminine color and masculine shape. (Don’t get me started on why, I’ve already spent too many hours on this suddenly critical purchase.) I’ve now ordered North Face’s Salty Dog hat in blush and Ganni’s rib knit beanie in pink, but $10 says I’ll put them on and immediately wish they were black. Winter dressing is HARD.

SUCH a good gift idea!! Laura sent me this cuuute canvas tote via Amazon gift. Have you guys ever gotten an e-gift from Amazon? I hadn’t, and was kind of blown away. Amazon sent me an email, “You have a gift from Laura!” and when I clicked it there was a little wrapped present graphic that I had to “open”. Then the gift — the tote — was revealed! The process was pretty cute. And, on a practical side, Amazon had a button for an immediate return, clearly stating that they wouldn’t tell Laura if I chose to return it. Spoiler: I didn’t. But in any case, filing this whole idea away for later use.

Birthday discounts…I’m such a sucker for those 20% off Anthro coupons they send on your birthday. Currently debating between this Maaji puff-sleeved bikini top (and matching bottoms) or these cute jeans.

Legit delicious. These vegan lemon muffins from Love & Lemons are some of the most delicious lemon muffins I’ve made, vegan or no. And she uses chia seeds in place of hard-to-find poppyseeds and why haven’t I thought of this before? Next time, I’m adding frozen blueberries to the batter. (And the frosting is seriously next-level…but totally not required.)

Have a good weekend!