Weekend 6.26


We dropped Raines off last weekend for an Outward Bound 8-day expedition that includes hiking, rock climbing and camping every night in the wilds. And by “the wilds” I obviously mean bugs, bears, snakes, falling off cliffs, potential loss of limb, serial killers…

Yeah, those first few nights were really rough. For me. Not yet sure how Raines fared, but I barely slept! I had been tracking the weather closely, and it looked like Raines’ group may have had thunderstorms to contend with for at least two of the nights. The only upside is that mayyyybe he’ll come home all anti-camping and then the only pro-camper I’ll have to contend with is…my husband.

A girl can hope. 

Mike, as I type this, is attempting to locate the “camping mattresses” for our upcoming Vermont trip just in case.

Snort. Just in case he gets a new wife. You have from now to July 3, buddy! Good luck!

But in all seriousness, I love the idea of camping. I love the thought of sleeping in a remote, Pinterest-looking wilderness, with a sky full of stars. In my fantasy camping life, I don’t even need a tent — there are no bugs, it doesn’t rain, and my husband and I don’t hiss angry whispers at each other in a tent at 1AM about whether or not it should be completely unzipped regardless of forecast or completely zipped because sleeping in a Ziploc bag is part of the camping experience.

Mike is firmly Team Ziploc Bag. Fresh air matters not. He would argue that his team name is, technically speaking, Team I’m The One Who Has Get Up In The Middle of The Night And Put On The Damn Tarp In The Rain, but then I remind him that the other way to think about Team Fresh Air is actually Team Hotel and that’s the end of that.

Our tent. If anyone else has a similar struggle, this 6-person Marmot tent is the tent we have. It’s the one tent I’ve found that is almost 100% screen for max fresh air…but still zips up snug (with a tarp) for Team Ziploc Bag. (Our code THEMOMEDIT should work for 15% off, too.)

So cute, tho. I popped into Athleta to try on these leggings…and then realized I wasn’t twelve. I walked out with these leggings in ‘hearth rose’ instead, which has turned out to be the perfect neutral for summer. I’ve been wearing them almost daily with this ribbed tank (in black, size m) and it is SO freaking comfortable. My friend Laurel also swears by that exact top and she’s a dance teacher who basically spends her life in workout clothes and therefore is an expert.

Plays well with leggings. I’ve been wearing the heck out of this Vuori sweatshirt and shorts combo (in apricot) and not only is the sweatshirt so perfectly oversized that it goes well with leggings (or bike shorts) but the apricot color looks surprisingly fun with the ‘hearth rose’ leggings mentioned above.

Why do I love these jeans? I’m currently wearing Mother The Trickster Jeans in wash ‘crying on holy ground’. They’re soft, and the faded blue wash is epically perfect. They technically have a straight leg, but a slimmer cut version. The rise isn’t nearly as high as my other high-rise jeans, and they somehow have that easy low-slung vibe without actually being low-rise. This is also the first pair of denim I haven’t wanted to cut off; they hit at a rather awkward length on me, but I like it. They also run really small. Size up one size to get your regular fit…or two sizes if you want them slouchier, like on the model.

Great suit. I had been a little disappointed with Becca’s one-pieces this year…until I saw this one.

Walked 3 miles in these sandals. In case you were wondering, these Steve Madden sandals do feel more like comfort shoes. So much so that I was able to walk several miles in them, no breaking-in required.

Under $100. Just a pretty little sundress I came across. Love the midi length, easy shape and flirty pattern.

Told ya: Why you will probably hate camping. Oh man. Such a brutally honest take.

Speaking of brutally honest…I loved KatyKatiKate’s latest article about the relationship of alcohol and mom culture. Not only does she completely nail new motherhood…but it’s the best explanation for the mom-wine culture I’ve seen yet (and written with absolutely zero judgement).

One billion. Did you know that if you spent $10K every day, it would still take you 274 years to spend one billion dollars? A billion is so much that it’s just…a bananas number. So I can’t stop thinking about the NYT’s recent article, Warren Buffet and The Myth of the ‘Good Billionaire.’ It’s an opinion piece (obvi), but one that I found super interesting.

Welp. Anyone else need resources to navigate through the, uh, the easy access to porn that our kids have? This piece about including a discussion of porn in sex-ed classes is totally worth a read. I also know of two sex-educators who would be really interesting to talk to. If you guys have any specific questions on this topic, shoot us an email (hello@themomedit.com) and we’ll set up an interview or article or something.

Well…we’re off to pick up our teenager from his first Outward Bound adventure. I can’t wait to hear how it went (and am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight).




  1. I’m very interested in learning more about speaking to children about porn. My son is only 4 months old but this topic is one that I am already thinking about. My questions would be when to start having these conversations and how to build upon those conversations over time.

  2. Camping was fun when I was in my 20s. I didn’t need to get up to pee in the middle of the night, I didn’t have a “bad back” or at least not as bad and yes it is lovely to wake up in nature. Now I’m firmly on team hotel and cabin. I can lock up my stuff, take a 10 mile hike and come back and sleep in my bed and use a private bathroom. Thank you very much.

  3. UGH, camping. I mean, I have done it and admittedly have had some fun. Car camping with the single parents and kids group when I was a kid, SCA glamping with friends which entailed not just bringing camping gear, but also viking garb and dance costumes (that trip the car was so full we had to sacrifice bringing our cooler…) But honestly, I just feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Yes, you get some gorgeous starry night skies and sublime mornings, but in between you sleep like shit on a crappy rustley mattress, in part because you are trying not to have to get up to pee in the dark in the woods, even though you need to pee and are never going to get back to sleep until you do. Maybe it is also because we are spoiled by living in the gorgeous PNW and if we want to go enjoy a hike to a gorgeous vista, we have them within an hour’s drive. [Spoiler: we never go day hiking.] Our kids’ elementary school does an annual bike/camping trip every spring and so far I have managed to be the parent who stays home with the kid whose grade is not going, and everyone says, “Are you sad you’ll miss it?” and My answer is, “You mean miss riding herd on a bunch of cranky children while biking 18 miles and then sleeping on the ground? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

    The irony of all this is my latest YouTube obsession is REI’s Miranda in The Wild channel. My husband discovered her while researching camping stoves for the aforementioned bike trip and told me I had to come watch REI’s human muppet. She is hilarious and down to earth and does videos on everything from camp cocktails and backpacking supplies for dogs to how to poop in the woods and how to deal with having your period on a backpacking camping trip. You know what I NEVER want to do? That’s right, poop in the woods. Or set up a tent on a snowy field. But I find it FASCINATING to learn about, and did I mention she’s hilarious?

  4. Are you planning a post about those Mother jeans? I hope so….I just ordered them! Thanks for the push, I’ve been staring at them for 2 weeks. 😂

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