Happy 4th of July Weekend!


Happy 4th of July Weekend! I hope most of you are out enjoying some sunshine and BBQ, so I’ll keep this one short. As I type this, we’re en route to Vermont, but I’ll be back next week for the all of the NSale craziness.

Since I have nothing helpful or interesting to say — truth be told, it’s been a rough week, and I’m currently feeling both 100% completely drained and totally overwhelmed (yay) — go read The New Yorker’s latest gem, If You Give A Mom A Cookie.

I tried to read it out loud to Mike, (as he drove) and I as I was reading I started laughing, then crying, then hysterically laugh-sobbing and freaked out the boys. I ignored them and continued to read aloud, still sob-laughing as Mike interjected helpful things like, “Is this what’s in your head, Babe? Is this seriously how you go through life?”

And he just seemed so genuinely surprised and concerned, like he’s couldn’t relate AT ALL, and I was like YES MIKE ASK ANY MOM and before I could turn my death-laser on him, he made a really insightful comment that our society prefers to medicate women instead of actually helping or unburdening them (see 1950s valium prescriptions, today’s mommy wine culture) and whoa. Out of the mouth of old white men. 

Kidding, I’m kidding.  

He’s not that old. 

Happy 4th, Gang. We’re just…doin’ our best over here.

Yup, that’s the top. In the pic above, I’m wearing that linen Reformation top I know I’ve mentioned before. It’s such a good one. Fit is TTS (I’m wearing the 4.)

Totally a sign. Saks Fifth Avenue is having one heck of a sale right now (a little competition with the NSale, perhaps?) and the selection of Farm Rio on sale is v. exciting. Even Linzi’s fav top is back in stock, and now under $100. I might even snap up that rag & bone cardigan I’ve been debating for ages — it’s a sign (and $200 off).

Top 3. After my recent Free People article, someone asked me to recommend a few more cute Free People tops. It’s easy. I just ordered this ‘tan lines tank‘ in black, the Arden tee is a longtime long-sleeve fav (I like the white), and then I saw THIS ONE. Whoa. Pretty epic, no?

Head-to-toe Glow. Supergoop’s Glow Screen is still my favorite face SPF (I often skip foundation, it’s so good), so I shouldn’t be surprised that the body version, Glow Screen Body is just as good. The texture is gorgeous (it melts right in) and imparts the most beautiful sheen. Love, love, love.

Serendipitous. I’ve used up all of my usual face products but one: Biossance’s Lactic Acid Serum. Typically I only use this product one-to-two times per week, but after two weeks of daily use, my skin looks great — smooth and bouncy. Now I wonder if I’d have more success rotating products weekly instead of daily. Food for thought.

Honestly amazing. I’ve been using Honest Beauty’s mascara, and it’s shockingly good. Not only is it a clean mascara for only $13 (paraben and silicone-free), but it’s a double-sided tube with primer on one end, mascara on the other and the results look like they came from two $50 mascaras.

Currently craving: Smitten Kitchen’s Esquites. Frankly, I want the whole 4th of July menu she outlines at the beginning (minus the ribs, but maybe that’s just me), but Linzi recently got me hooked on a version of this at Rosy’s Tacos in Philly and I’d love to make my own. I’d definitely try for vegan, though by using some dairy-free replacements (and making this vegan version of cojita cheese).

The UFO report came out! I’m off to listen to The Daily’s distillation of the report, but The Daily Beast has a pretty good synopsis, too.

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That’s it from me! Enjoy your 4th….




  1. Mike’s observation about how we medicate women rather than come up with social solutions to our problems was timely for me, as I’m currently reading Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty. Arthur Sackler — patriarch of the wing of the Sackler family that divested from Purdue Pharma before it developed Oxycontin (and so the wing that likes to claim blamelessness) — pioneered pharmaceutical marketing and Valium was one of his first huge successes. Patrick Radden Keefe writes in the book that “Librium [another tranquilizer] and Valium were marketed using such a variety of mid-century tropes — the neurotic singleton, the frazzled housewife, the joyless career woman, the menopausal shrew — that as the historian Andrea Tone noted in her book The Age of Anxiety, what [the] tranquilizers really seemed to offer was a quick fix for the problem of ‘being female.'”

    Anyway, here’s to some long-term fixes. And I’ll take a pot cookie in the meantime.

  2. The New Yorker piece is brilliant, but reporting here as a non-mom: it’s true for any woman with people, not just moms. The experience is exactly the same. 😌👍💪

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