Weekend 1.1


It’s NYE day, as I type this. I had big dreams of sequins tonight…I suspect instead, I’ll be in sweatpants. Raines has a bit of a cold, so that has sent me down the usual anxiety spiral of COVID/not COVID that I associate with these last two years. 

I read a Tweet, recently, pointing out that 2022 was just “2020, too” and I couldn’t even laugh. I’m exhausted.

So I’m doing my deep breathing exercises and may go outside for a walk or even hop on the Peloton…anything to get myself out of my head. 

Because when I do manage to get out of my head I know there is (still) the tiniest kernel of hope inside me. And in the midst of this blazing, chaotic mess, a possibility grows, the possibility of redefinition. 

I’ve grown used to impromptu back rubs between meetings, now that my husband is also at home, working. I love surprising him with a cup of coffee, and seeing him smile at me above his Zoom calls. I love that my children have fewer activities in general, and that this forced togetherness has made our world a little less hectic (if not less loud, haha).

The result is that we — all four of us — are redefining how our family functions. We’re actively talking about how we want to exist together, how we want to work, to play, to live our lives. 

This pause, this permission, if you will, to redefine our norms, has been our pandemic silver lining. 

Here’s to new normals, intentionally chosen.  

Happy New Year. 

Serious(ly cute) winter boots. I brought this exact pair of Sorels to Vermont this winter. The color is ‘velvet tan’ and the grounding dark line around the bottom has a surprisingly big impact. Sizes in that color have sold out everywhere (Nordstrom, Saks, etc.,), but Zappos just got them in, fully stocked. They’re completely waterproof, super warm and seriously cute.

Speaking of fully stocked…My most-worn Vuori sweatsuit in that navy heather color (which is a really deep, gorgeous blue) was finally restocked (both sweatshirt and joggers). You can see it on me in that NYE outfits video….

Good shit, on sale. One of my very favorite companies, Sh*tThatIKnit is having an end-of-season sale on select items. My favorite is the Rutherford beanie. (They’re also offering 20% off of bundles, too.)

Sweatpants, tea and this book: I’ve been curled up for days reading The New York Times Explorer: 100 Trips Around the World. If anyone is as addicted to the NYT travel section as I am, this book features 100 trips around the world, chosen by their travel writers and photographers. Think: the usual gorgeous photography and great travel writing (basically one giant NYT travel section) but bound up in one glorious book. I’m really enjoying it.

Clearing visual clutter. I’m ordering these white socket covers for our kitchen (or anywhere else we have big black cords).

Ooo…Nordstrom is offering an extra 25% off clearance items. It’s a little hard to tell which sale items are considered clearance, but these flat little Vince boots would look good with all denim styles right now and they are an extra 25% off. As are these adorable yellow rain boots by Ganni. GAHHH. I may have just ordered those.

Decisions, decisions. I tried on FRAME’s square toe ballet flats at Nordstrom Rack…and they were the softest, squishiest ballet flats; I was VERY impressed. I left them there, tho, because I wasn’t completely convinced I’d be happy with the snakeskin print (even though it’s a pretty, neutral one). As a comparison, here’s the full-price flat at Nordstrom, and the ‘tobacco’ color looks rich and gorgeous. Hmmmm.

The one resolution I know I’m making: To wash my makeup brushes more often. This is my favorite makeup brush shampoo. Gentle yet suuuuper effective.

New brand to know: We Dream In Color – I stumbled upon this Black-owned, sustainably minded jewelry brand and my jaw DROPPED. Their stuff is stunning, and I’m especially dying over these earrings…they’re statement earrings, but the vibe is still delicate. Happy to see that they’re being carried at Neiman’s (best selection), Anthro (ooo…will use my birthday discount for these) and Nordstrom.

Still my favorite planner. I just ordered two of Intelligent Change’s Productivity Planners for Mike and I. I’ve tried a bunch, and these yield the best results. They’re pretty simple, but I prefer planners that are just a tool, not a whole lifestyle. At forty-something-years old I know better than to think I’ll be going through some epic goal-setting activity each month.

Hope you guys are enjoying your first weekend of…2022.





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