Weekend 1.22


“Babe? You seen my…” Mike’s voice trails off; there is silence for a second. “Hannigan?”

His what? I pause, wracking my brain for what a ‘hannigan’ could be. Even for Mike, this is a new one.

He seems to know this isn’t the right word because he keeps trying.


Still no.


I follow his voice into our room, searching for contextual clues. Mike is rooting around in his dresser, manhandling t-shirts like an ape.

“Babe!! Where…is that han…nah? hannie?” He whips the drawer shut. “AUGH! WHERE IS THAT SHIRT WITH THOSE LITTLE BUTTONS?”

I walk over to the pile of folded laundry and hand him his…henley.

One of the smartest guys I know, folks. Life must be hard when your head is so full of math.

At least he looks cute in that hannigan.

These BOOTS. I just snapped up these lug-sole boots, on sale at Saks for under $100. They’re not booties, but not quite tall boots, either. They’re similar to my beloved Gannis, but wider so the look is different (more rugged, more moto?). Anyway, they’re genius with black leggings and/or skinny jeans even in the snow. And still sleek enough to slip under my cuffed AGODLE Lana jeans. More sizes available (still 50% off) at Schutz, Zappos and Shopbop (although Shopbop is final sale). I took some pics and video, so something will pop up on social soon.

Oh hey — jeans on sale, too. My exact AGOLDE Lana jeans also happen to be on major sale at Revolve. Saks and Nordstrom have the same pair, full price, but will sometimes price match if you call.

Just restocked: My Free People puffer poncho, the piece that transforms those pesky Free People pieces that won’t fit under winter coats into something warm enough (for most places). See it in action, here.

Hold the phone. I found a moisturizing cream SO freaking good that I’m…in shock. For years, I’ve been swapping between Colleen Rothschild’s Extreme Recovery Cream, Biossance’s Omega Repair Cream, and that rich night cream from Elemis (they’re all very similar and work great), but Skinfix’s Barrier Triple Lipid Peptide Cream takes moisturizing to new heights. It’s not greasy, my face never gets shiny (I now use it morning and night), and it simply leaves my skin deeply hydrated. I can layer it over my night treatments (retinol or lactic acid) at night, or under my SPF in the morning. I love it so freaking much that I’ve added in the eye cream AND serum for those nights my skin needs an extra drench. I really need to do a full review. This line is amazing.

Still using old favorites. It’s been so freaking cold up here in Vermont that all of our skin has been suffering. I’ve been basically dipping my entire body in Biossance’s 100% Squalene Oil after showering, and now my boys have also discovered that it’s good for EVERYTHING: body, face, lips, etc., We are going through this stuff in record time. Thankfully, there’s a jumbo size. Ordered.

It’s fine. My boys will NOT wash their face at night…but they will use a cotton ball soaked with Biossance’s toner. We’re calling it good enough (and it does seem to work better than nothing).

Two really pretty puffers. I recently ordered two surprisingly colorful puffer jackets (surprisng for me, at least), and they’re SO gorgeous, I’m having trouble deciding. The first is Patagonia’s Silent Down Puffer in ‘stone blue’. It’s the most beautiful true blue and instantly brightens my skin. This puffer jacket is bizarrely comfortable and really flattering (you can see the peachy color on me, here – scroll down). The second jacket is The North Face’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket in ‘faded rose’ and it’s another jacket that instantly brightens my face, my mood, everything. The North Face one is warmer, but not quite as comfortable (Patagonia’s feels like wearing nothing).

Oh wait – a video! We actually just published a video about the warmest puffer jackets, and the two mentioned above ARE in the video, if you’d like to see them on.

What’s cookin. I need some new vegan soup recipes, but ones that are filling. Raines is at that age (14) where he almost can’t get enough calories in a day. (And yes, we do eat meat, but I’m trying to do that 90-10 vegan thing). I think I’m going to try Cookie & Kate’s Sweet Potato, Kale & Chickpea Soup this week. They add farro, which will add a satisfying chewiness, as well as some bulk. I usually serve soups with crusty bread and salad, but I might beef that up with some sort of loaded french bread pizza idea.

Cute Valentine’s Day ideas. I loved Marie Claire’s 33 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Date ideas. Most would work with kids, too. A bonfire (with S’mores) might be my top pick. (You could even do it inside with this cool coffee table firepit, made by friends of Amy’s!)

Happy weekend, everyone.




  1. Re: vegan soups with oomph, I was a vegetarian for many years, and one of the things I did frequently was freeze a block of tofu in the packaging, defrost it, and then wring it out and crumble it. When frozen in water and defrosted, tofu basically turns into a sponge; when it’s then crumbled and cooked (with oil, ton of seasonings and salt) it becomes almost texturally indistinguishable from ground meat. It works especially well in highly spiced dishes – I love to make this swap in The Kitchn’s Turkey Chili with Kale.

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