Weekend 2.27


“Would you guys like some homemade chocolate pudding??” I ask. This was some years ago, before we moved to Philly, so three (tiny) little faces turned to me, excitedly nodding their assent. Pax was only one or two at the time, which makes Raines and his best buddy, Dorian, not quite five.  

I spoon the “pudding” into cute little bowls, and garnish with three chocolate chips. Inside, I am chortling. I hand the pudding cups over, and carefully watch Dorian’s face.

All three boys spoon giant scoops into their mouths. Raines and Pax — who are used to my cooking — take another bite but Dorian…pauses. Swallows. Peers closer at his pudding cup, eyebrows furrowed.

“Miss Shana?” he asks, suspiciously. “What is this?”

“Pudding!” I chirp. Dorian stares at me. I grin back. He takes another bite and makes a face. I watch him force the second bite down, then quickly hide my smirk as he puts down his spoon and heaves a heavy sigh.

It’s not his first rodeo at my house.

“I’m sorry, Miss Shana.” Another sigh. “But it doesn’t taste like any pudding I know.”

At this point in our weekly (daily?) saga, Dorian and I usually would try mixing in more honey or agave or maple syrup (or, heck, a few more chocolate chips) and sometimes we got to a concoction he could stomach. But our success rate never got much above 40%. And as D got older (and smarter), he became increasingly more suspicious of my homemade “goodies” and would quiz me on the ingredient list before trying them.  

“Well, D…my chocolate pudding has lots and lots of chocolate and something to sweeten it,” I’d start. Dorian would stare at me skeptically, knowing that couldn’t possibly be all. And has a little tofuandavocadoandblackbeans.”

At this, he’d hang his head, utter the most polite ‘no thank you’ and then we’d negotiate whether or not he’d try a single bite. Which he usually would…but again, our success rate post-bite was barely 40%. Which, as it turns out, is juuuuust enough for him to harbor a small glimmer of hope. HA!

Poor kid.

These days, I’m still up to my old tricks. I’ve found that there’s not a single classic childhood dessert I can’t ruin with a little avocado or chia seeds. And thanks to the pandemic, my kids aren’t going to friends’ houses anymore, so it’s basically my concoctions or none at all.


I just finished a batch of what I’m claiming are “Rice Krispie treats!”. They involve vegan butter, hemp hearts and chia seeds. I’m calling ‘em a masterpiece and, as I stood over the stove (stirring the pot and chortling to myself), I immediately thought of Dorian.

There’s marshmallows, D!! Rice Krispies!! Peanut butter!!

Wanna try?

Oh man. I miss those little faces. (And D’s mom tells me he’s now…5’10”. Good grief.)

Mike’s fav cashmere sweater is on sale. NAADAM is doing one final flash sale on their winter pieces, and one of Mike’s favorite cashmere sweaters is included. It’s not super thick, but it is textured, so it’s both surprisingly warm and comfy to wear. He has the brown and loves it. My stupidly soft and thick turtleneck sweater (the one readers have written in raving about) is also part of the flash sale, and there’s even a few sizes left in black.

HOLD UP: Now available in different lengths?? While I adore my cashmere joggers, some days I just want to rock a pair of old-school sweatpants. Abercrombie just restocked my favs…which now come in short, regular and tall lengths!! They still have that old-school vibe, but are actually pretty flattering. I have the in black (size small, regular…because that was the only length they used to have). I’ve washed them zillions of times, and they’ve held up really well.

What else does one care about in February? I’ve literally exhausted all of my current sartorial “interests” (cashmere sweaters and sweatpants), above. Literally the only other things I’m wearing these days — besides masks, of course — is ski gear, winter boots, or…underwear?? (I’d actually love to talk about that last one but I currently hate all underwear right now and therefore have zero answers.)

Let’s Talk About Spring & Summer Instead

It’s either this or I continue droning on about sweatpants.

Madewell has two spring accessories that are making me happy: This woven transport crossbody (with just enough color to be interesting, yet still read like a neutral) and these threader earrings.

But what are we actually going to want to wear this spring/summer? Scotti and I were just talking about this in our latest IG Live. I’m having trouble envisioning a future in which I get dressed in anything tight or even remotely uncomfortable…Scotti thinks soft, baggy jeans and gorg shoes are going to be our post-pandemic compromise. I think she’s onto something. Here are the three outfit combos I can currently get my head around:

  • Loose jeans + gorg shoes + tee: My plan is to rock the heck out of my Loeffler Randall shoes (these flats, these heels) with some sort of destroyed denim (my old Levi’s, or something like these GRLFNDs or these Re/Done jeans) and whatever old tees I already have. ps. These Camper flats also look seriously cool.
  • Matching cotton shorty set + flat sandals: I like the boyish vibe of this matching top-and-shorts…but of course the shorts are nowhere to be found. Boo. Let’s just use that link as an example. They’re basically PJs, but ones you can pair with flat sandals and a straw bag and voila! Real outfit. Hmmm…I wonder if any of Printfresh’s shorty pajamas could work for something like this.

But seriously…how are you guys holding up? We have now reached the point of winter where it gets…long. Let’s laugh, shall we?

Side-parts and Gen Z: the best response ever.

When pooping alone is considered “self-care”: @emily.the.mom.next.door hysterically nails exactly how low our self-care bar is.

“Male privilege of steel“. Liz Plank is too good.

I live for ‘Harvard Mom’. I adore everything actor & comedian Mary-Alice Farina does…but her Harvard Mom bits are my favs: first, second, third, and most recent.

MARJORIE! WHAT ARE THOSE?? I love @theluncheonlawyer and her dragging Marjorie Taylor Greene is amazing.

Happy weekend, Gang. Hope you guys are hanging in there.




  1. Thanks to you, I am now a huge fan of Morgan and Buru. I love the unique pieces and Morgan’s fun sense of style. I can always count on Buru for something playful AND comfy. Thank you for introducing me!

  2. Always love your weekend posts, Shana. But your brownie story does have me groaning a bit. You do know that it’s only in the crazy U.S. that moms do things like this in a weird, Gwyneth Paltrowish attempt to be “healthy” in ways nobody ever imagined before, say, 2010? Meanwhile, in countries around the world–say, France–kids eat actual chocolate snacks and probably never touch a hemp heart, yet those countries are reliably healthier than ours over the long haul. Junk food is the problem. Where did we get this notion that our faddish “health” foods are a better idea than the real food other folks have been eating and thriving on for centuries?

  3. I’ve got to say that I’m with Dorian on this one. If one eats a healthy diet, which includes avocado, tofu, black beans, and hemp hearts, there’s no need to create a dessert that includes them. Most—if not all—health professionals advocate moderation which extends to desserts. That said, if you enjoy these recipes obviously you do you.

  4. I know nothing about pooping alone, but I’m here to share my favorite undies: https://shoparq.com/. They’re not your typical sexy little nothing but they are truly the most comfortable, and I think empowering and sexy in a different cool way. I’m amongst the many who tried them and will never go back!

  5. Where is the week/sales report that I look forward to? I didn’t see it Friday and the one I see is filled full of words, no
    pictures from your 6? different stylist. I gave up on the week home same with different ideas. If you need someone to do the weekly position where you find something interesting and or on sale I’m ready for the job. Fashion is my passion.

  6. And this mom-shaming has me groaning a LOT. You said yourself “junk food is the real problem.” This is her way of trying to stem the intake of said junk and I do the same. This is one way she shows her family love (as do I) and I think it’s safe to say they are thriving.

  7. I also just tried these at the recommendation of my SIL! Suuuper comfortable. My only complaint is that I can only really wear them with my very highest waist pants and jeans. Or, my SIL says…just wear them with everything! Who cares?!

  8. Fascinatingly misconceived response, Elizabeth. “Shaming” means that you are suggesting the person should feel morally bad for what they did or said. So, right now there is a lot of “shaming” taking place around racism, sexism, etc. My suggestion to Shana was basically the opposite. In trying to be MORE moral (health being one form of the new American morality), I argued, she is potentially denying her kids pleasure in a way that doesn’t actually make health sense (and which a wider historical and non-American lens might call into question). This was, in other words, a critique of a “moral” point of view based on a call for more attention to rationality and pleasure. It’s funny that our culture has become so hyper-moralizing that any form of critique registers as “shaming.” I have no interest in Shana’s moral life here (the focus of shame), only in her intellectual choices.

  9. I too want find something to complain about in this post! I choooooooooooooose PEANUT BUTTER IN RICE KRISPIE TREATS. Shana, how very *dare* you?! Must you bloggers find a way to interfere in our cereal-treat-based traditions? Stay in your lane! Which I have defined for you! I SAID GOOD DAY SIR.

    …crap, actually, that sounds really good. I bet the salt cuts through the sweetness beautifully. Are these peanut butter swirls, or chips?

  10. I embrace the high waist! Show it off! (Also my torso is so short that the waist of the undies basically meets the bottom of the crop tank. Hello onesie!!)

  11. Oh my word. Here is something I want to teach my children. We don’t need to comment on other people’s food choices. The end.

    I missed the Naadam flash sale! Waaaah! I got two sweaters and two sweatpants in the pre-Christmas sale, hemmed and hawed my way (I can’t possibly need more, can I?!) through the post-Christmas 60 and 75 percent off, and have been periodically checking for new sales since then. I have lost my mind. And I hope they have another sale soon.

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