Happy Holidays 12.24


We made it to Vermont. Per usual, we drove through a snowstorm to get here. As I grasped the dash with white knuckles (my way of “helping” Mike drive), I looked over at him, his face just illuminated by the dash lights, snow swirling madly in the darkness outside, and felt this overwhelming rush of tenderness. This guy — with his messy hair and look of ‘focused calm’ — has been driving me home for Christmas in snowstorms just like this one for twenty-something years. Since college, in his crappy, rusted-out car that my Dad hated, with the bald tires and cracked windshield. 

“Love you, Baby,” I whispered, touching the back of his neck. Mike pressed his lips (briefly) into the barest of smiles, spared me a quick glance, and then rearranged his face back into Focused Calm, eyes on the road ahead. 

My mom also flew in for the holidays. She’s never been to Vermont before (I grew up in Michigan) and yet it feels almost exactly the same: the cold, the snow, the small towns, the friendly people. My kids are playing in the backyard, something that’s a total novelty, and my mother has just opened up one of her suitcases to reveal that it’s been packed full with Christmas goodies. It turns out that she has been baking up a storm in preparation for this trip, and we now have a fridge full of Nanaimo bars, Fruitcake (haha my Canadian roots are showing), Snowflake Cookies, Cathedral windows and Chex Mix.

We don’t yet have a tree. I’ve been hearing that many of the tree farms have ‘sold out’ of the trees and don’t want to cut down any more (and there’s a 50-50 chance that many of the stocking stuffers I ordered won’t actually get here on time). 

But there’s Christmas music, and my kids are alternatively playing outside or pounding hot cocoa, and Mike is puttering around and my mom is here, bringing the holiday magic. 

And finally, it feels like Christmas.

4,000 Weeks. Apparently, the average human lifespan only gets 4,000 weeks. That’s the premise behind the provocatively titled, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management For Mortals, the next book on my list (in case you need something to curl up with today). Spend those weeks wisely. (And for kids, the book Choose Your Days is equally thought-provoking. Highly recommend.)

What Mike is reading: The Mathematics Lover’s Companion. Mike claims this book is both accessible and beautiful, “Have you ever wondered why the square root of two is amazing????” but maybe take that with a grain of salt.

What Raines is reading: My teen cannot put down Ace of Spades. He’s so into this book he’s taken to bringing it in the car.

What Pax is reading: My littlest, 11, really only likes to read graphic novels because, he says, chapter books are too slow at the beginning. The Serpent’s Secret, however, kicks off with a bang. The irreverent writing reminds me of Rick Riodan’s Percy Jackson books, but the main character is a girl, Kiranmala. So far, he loves it.

Watching: We took a break this week to binge on holiday movies, but we’re all anxious to get back to watching Foundation. It’s a Sci-Fi series based on Isaac Asimov’s books, and it’s BANANAS good. Like Game of Thrones level stuff, and the entire family is obsessed.

A fancy forever top. I wandered into a local boutique in Stowe called Archery Close, and was really impressed. They’re carrying Emerson Frye, Alex Mill, B&SH, to name just a few of my favs. But the standout winner was this Emerson Frye sequin top. It’s fun and timeless (not trendy), and looks cute both untucked and tucked. I love the casual, effortless vibe, and plan on throwing it over my black turtleneck for NYE. It’s a stunner.

The warmest joggers. I somehow forgot to pack my thick sweatpants (NOOOO), so I picked up a pair of Athleta’s polartech power stretch and whoa: really flattering, yet seriously warm and cozy. Now I’m mad that the matching sweatshirt is sold out in most sizes (plus sizes are still in stock, so some of you gals are in luck). Perhaps they’ll restock?

Top 5. We’ve started thinking about our top five purchases of the year (or, at least, the winter), and Reformation’s striped sweater is definitely one of mine. Happily, the sold-out black & white stripe (the one I have) was just restocked.

A few post-holiday sales worth perusing….

Nordstrom. Their epic half-yearly sale has started, and — happy surprise — it’s chock full of Reformation. I have (and love) this cropped cashmere sweater. The fit is perfection, and it layers really nicely over dresses, too. Also of note? My favorite UGG slippers of all time are on sale, and while I’m not one to swoon over bags, this bag made me swoon. It’s all that delicious texture and rich-girl brown, I think.

Saks. Just for fun, there are three dresses that made me happy to look at: This moody, dark floral dress by Cynthia Rowley in a timeless cut, Nanushka’s turtleneck sweater dress that is deliciously nonchalant, and AMUR’s two-tone sweater dress that strikes me as fresh and flirty (it’s a sexy one).

Anthro. If you just want some mindless deep diving, Anthro’s sale section is an extra 40% off already reduced prices. And while there are a ton of pretty dresses (I especially love the vintage vibes of this one or this one…) I’ll never not love patched jeans, cute striped tees and this MAILBOX (yup, a mailbox).

Lastly, some COVID guidance. Mike recommends this Twitter thread from Bob Watcher, if you are trying to piece together the latest (and sometimes confusing) data about Omicron, Delta and the rest.

Enjoy the holiday, Gang. I hope this weekend brings you a feeling of love, a sense of peace, aaaand (if you’re lucky) a few guilty pleasures.



ps. Our usual Weekly Sales Report comes out tomorrow, and it’ll have all of the post-holiday sales.

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