Weekend 1.8


On Thursday, I opened the door to find an Amazon package sitting outside. Inside were the twenty-five N95 masks I had ordered over a week ago. “DON’T WORRY EVERYONE!” I bellowed. “THOSE MASKS I ORDERED TO KEEP US COVID-FREE ARE HERE!!” And then I started laughing manically, which turned into a coughing fit which ended with me sitting on the ground, wheezing and wiping tears from my eyes.

Too late, Amazon. The COVID was already here.

As it turns out, we started 2022 with a bang. It was only a day or two after NYE that we started feeling sick, and — long story short — Mom tested positive for COVID on the one rapid test we could get our hands on. Despite our attempt at isolating and mask-wearing, we’re still five people in one house and it was only a matter of time: we all eventually tested positive for COVID.

This week has felt like a month.

I’m reasonably sure (based on the night sweats alone) that we all had that Omicron variant, but who the heck knows? What I do know is that we’re all OK, and that my mom — thank GOD for vaccines — came through with flying colors.

For Mom and Mike, they basically just had a bad head cold. With fatigue. The boys and I, however, had pretty high fevers (mine was seriously 102.7 at one point, which was making me doubt my sanity) and were pretty miserable. I had forgotten that COVID is, essentially, a respiratory infection, so it kicked off my asthma (they all do) but after almost two years of dreading this exact scenario, I probably would’ve benefitted just as much from Xanax than another hit of my inhaler.

But the fatigue, man — that is real. And for all of us, seems to be lingering longer than the CDC’s now infamous 5 days.

Unless you’re Pax. Pax is still leaping around the house.

So yeah…we’re all fine. We’re still tired, Mom and I are getting these little bouts of dizziness, which is totally pissing us off, and most of us are still coughing a bit…but we’re fine.

I just found it disheartening to Google ‘omicron symptoms’ this week and keep reading, over and over, about how it’s SO mild for the vaccinated + boosted that it’s basically nothing. So if anyone else needs to hear this: Mike, Mom and I are all vaccinated and boosted (and both kids are double vaxxed) and Omicron was definitely not nothing. It ranged from a seriously crappy cold with major fatigue…to something that felt like a flu, with high fevers and body aches. We all had really sore throats, and we all had bouts of coughing that kept us up at night. I can still feel crap in my chest.

So if you get Omicron (and fingers crossed you don’t) and end up feeling sicker than expected…for whatever it’s worth, you definitely aren’t alone. You aren’t necessarily some medical outlier. (Which are the words I wished I had been able to find during this week-that-felt-like-a-month.)

Anyway, that’s it. That’s our status. I’m currently on day 6 (I think?) and am feeling a little better every day. Mom says she’s at 70% of normal, and she’s on day 7.

I’ve never been so thankful for vaccines. I definitely would NOT want to do this without them.

Old School. I’ve been wearing this gray Champion sweatsuit (matching sweatshirt here) almost every day this past week. While it’s not *exactly* attractive…it has a certain, now what could be under here??? sort of charm that even Mike noticed. “Cute, Babe,” he said, eyeing me up with a grin, the first time I wore it But then we all got COVID and I spent the next five days in this now-stained sweatsuit, so obviously it needs to burn. Pity.

Softer than Beyond Yoga? Vuori’s new Vibe Elevation leggings are as soft (if not softer) than Beyond Yoga…but have that high, drawstring waist of Vuori’s that I love so much. I have the pale, pale gray (breaking my rule of no super-light leggings) and I LOVE them. Been wearing them with these socks, my fuzzy birks, and my fav cropped, ivory sweater from Reformation (ooo….just restocked!). Will throw a pic up on social.

Zella sale. Nordstrom has all of Zella 20% off right now, including my favorite long-sleeve tee. I wear this thing alllll the time (even looks good with leggings).

Not to get all COVID-Y but….we now swear by Throat Coat tea for easing sore throats, and this humidifier for easing coughing at night. The humidifier is also an essential oil diffuser, too, which really seemed to help (we used it with this lavender essential oil.)

Pax, living his best life. My Mom bought Pax these silk pajamas for Christmas (in red) and he has yet to take them off. He loves them SO MUCH we can’t stock cracking up about it. They also came in a really gorgeous orange box (very Hermes) and the whole thing felt verrrrry fancy.

Heart eyes. This patchwork heart cardigan reminds me of a fancy designer one…and this navy heart sweatshirt is just whimsical enough. Love them both.

Spring break dreamin’. My all-time FAVORITE one-piece swimsuit has finally been restocked! I’ve been trying to blog about it for two years, but whenever I actually am ready to wear it…it’s gone. This suit is genuinely comfortable to wear, and is verrrrry flattering (I have the taupe).

It’s the je ne sais quoi for me. Mom and I are almost completely through Emily in Paris…and while I’m not always a fan of her character’s outfits, I’m dead obsessed with Camille’s. And I now want a slightly oversized, slouchy, double-breasted blazer to wear with baggy dark-wash jeans (cuffed!) and booties. (Also looking at this one or mayyyybe even a faux-leather one?)

Hang in there, Gang. Hope you and your families are staying safe.



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  1. I’m so happy to hear that your family is on the mend. We just learned today that a close friend of my son has it and so we’re all sort of here waiting to see if it heads our way or not. All vaxxed and boosted (well, not my son yet… too hard to find him a booster appt so far!) but completely agree. The vaccines were never meant to prevent the disease; they were meant to prevent hospitalization if at all possible. It’s here… and it’s probably a matter of time. Hang in there.

  2. AMEN! After ten days with omicron (I assume?), I was still congested and tested positive on a rapid test. Despite being fully vaxxed and boosted (and without asthma), it took me a full two weeks to feel normal. If I see it described as mild again, I’ll scream. The fatigue was the worst.

    (My husband was only tired for five days, my 10 year old recovered in 24 hours, and my seven year old never got any real symptoms. I was just unlucky?)

  3. Day 6 here…symptoms all the same as you except no fever. Basically like partial flu partial cold mixed with fatigue…except not triple jabbed. I don’t understand why everyone automatically assumes they’d end up in the hospital. My kids were sick for a whopping day…the flu hit them worse. Maybe omicron will finally be what ends the non stop Covid everything

  4. Sorry to hear! Glad you are all (for the most part) ok. I adore that suit you posted but what are your thoughts about how supportive the top is? Say if you have more on top than those models 😬??

  5. We all had same. Been sick 2 weeks. The fatigue is REAL! I feel like I can’t lift my arms. And I have asthma as well so week 2 has consisted of steroids, coughing and breathing treatments. We were also vaxxed and boosted. I wouldn’t wish this on any one. REST!

  6. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone! my kids were fine after a day, and i’m nearly two weeks in and still not feeling back to myself. Just so so tired. i suppose its mild in that Ive felt like mild crap for days and days. i’m ready to be done but covid is not done with me.

  7. My husband and I (both vaxxed and boosted) have it as well. Fortunately, our sons have tested negative. In both our cases, it has turned out to be very mild. We realize how lucky we are to be in this position. I felt perfectly fine Thursday morning, ran a bunch of errands, felt like my allergies were acting up mid-afternoon, tested positive around 4PM. I look back in horror at how many people I might have unknowingly infected. For the next couple of months, we’re going to lay low, stay home, and stay safe. This variant, and COVID in general, is no joke.

  8. I am so glad everyone made it through ok in your family. I read that there are different definitions of severe Covid illness. What normal people think is severe and what the doctors are saying is severe are two different definitions. They call it severe if your oxygen levels drop and you need to be hospitalized. Otherwise they are calling it a mild illness!!! I also have a friend who got Covid before Xmas, he was triple vaxed, and he had a 102 fever and was sick for 2 weeks. The only good news is that it shouldn’t be deadly and shouldn’t have lasting effects.

  9. Oh Shana, I am so sorry to hear you all have Covid. I am relieved to read that you are all on the mend. Now I hope you can rest, recharge and recover. All that being said, here you are, recovering, and still managed to write your weekend post. That’s pretty much the move of a freaking rock star.

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