Weekend 5.1


We’re trying something new. On Mondays and Tuesdays, Mike is on kid duty. Which basically means that I’m the one who gets to close myself in the bedroom upstairs and he’s the one working downstairs with the kids on Zoom school. This setup is…mostly working. My kids’ laser targeting systems are set firmly to ‘mom’, but now on Monday and Tuesdays when they interrupt my calls, I can hit mute and yell, “go find your Dad!” and also “if he’s locked in the bathroom, pound on the door JUST LIKE YOU DO TO MOMMY.”  

It’s rather satisfying.

One this particular Monday, Mike happened to be on a conference call during the kids’ lunch break (living dangerously) and had to pause for a second to drain the pasta.  

Mike is a great cook, but gets stuck in a loop, especially under pressure. Which means we now have have pasta and red sauce for lunch every Monday and Tuesday. Trust me: I am NOT complaining.

Anyway, I hear sounds of lunch being made and then, after a few seconds, Mike breaks out into a huge belly laugh. I stop typing and look up, shocked. Mike will chuckle, he’ll grin, he almost always has an evil twinkle in his eye…but a big, genuine, belly laugh? Those are pretty rare.

After his meeting ended, he wandered upstairs to find me, a sheepish grin on his face. “I, uh, made a comment about it being my day to be on kid duty” he started. “One of the women on the call referred to me as ‘SuperDad’ and I, uh…” He starts laughing again. I cannot help but roll my eyes. 

“I KNOW!” He says. “That’s exactly what I said! I told them, ‘if my wife heard that she’d roll her eyes…’” Mike is now laughing so hard he can barely even look at me.  

“And babe, you should’ve heard it. After that, EVERY woman on the call was basically like, ‘I’m rolling my eyes RIGHT NOW’ and even the woman who said it was all, ‘as SOON as those words came out of my mouth I started rolling my eyes,’ I mean, BABE. It was all of them. ALL OF THEM! A group eye-roll.”

Now we are both dying, wiping tears from our eyes as we laugh.

To the women on that call: Solidarity, sisters.  I see you.



Statement hoodie? My fav hoodie — the one I always get compliments on — was just restocked. It’s a little on the pricier side (for a hoodie) but has ended up being something of a wardrobe workhorse all winter & spring. Yet it’s probably even better for summer. The quality is top notch and it washes (and dries) beautifully. (Nordstrom has a surf stripe version, too.)

Basically the whole team has been waiting for these. We all put ourselves on the waitlist for Good American’s ’90s jeans, a baggy jean to (hopefully) end all searches for baggy jeans. They look like they’d be seriously cool with heels, too. Anyway, the jeans were just released and WE WILL SEE. (I ordered the blue696.)

While you’re there…check out this easy dress with cut-outs. I don’t know if I can pull it off…I tend to prefer my cutouts either in the back (like this) or on the side (like this).

What I’m buying myself for Mother’s Day. I haven’t really swooned in a while over a backpack, but this See by Chloe Backpack did, in fact, make me swoon. If interested, our special Sunday night newsletter is going to be on the random things we’re buying ourselves — ha! — for Mother’s Day (since most of us wanted boring things like ‘more sleep’ or ‘alone time’). You can subscribe here, if you haven’t already.

Bring on picnic season: Our beloved YETI Backpack Cooler has finally come back into stock after a year, and it will probably be sold out again before June. Mike and I have taken this thing on every road trip, every ski outing, every picnic and many hikes. We highly recommend. (If interested, use code THEMOMEDIT for 15% off.) Also, feel free to try your hand at snagging one of those Rumpl waterproof groundcovers that Scotti first mentioned (see her photos, here). They’re hard to find in-stock, but Zappos seems to have all three colors atm.

Cuuute. These almost-minimalist sandals are really, really cute.

Also: I’ve been trying to find my size in those cool, color-blocked Birkenstocks but they keep selling out. Nordstrom, however, currently has all sizes available in TWO color combinations. Both are really good.

Two really beautiful beach towels. A little sun & sea or a stunning turquoise print. Both are OEKO-TEX® certified, too.

Yay, Laura!!! Gang, Laura wrote her 500th post last week. So let’s just take a sec to celebrate her genius, with quotes from her recent article like, “If I stand strategically like this, it’s not bad” or “who in the mother-loving world is looking for that lewk.” Love you, girl. SO freaking honored and happy that you spend your time with us. xoxo

How many drops did he try? This NYT article about the oldest bottle of American whiskey ever found is a fun read. Apparently, it’s being put up for auction and is expected to fetch $40K. The bottle states that it’s from the “Old Inglebrew” distillery…but there’s no record of any such a place. Which led the NYT to wonder if it even the distillery even existed, “…or was it a name conjured up…to give some prestige to a local farmer’s hooch?” In any case, the dude who tested it for age did taste a drop or two and thought it tasted like bourbon. Of course, I had to calculate how much the drops were worth. So if the bottle was, say, a typical 750ml bottle…(20 drops per ml, 15,000 drops per bottle)…that’s $2.66 per drop.

We’re all in this together. India, if you haven’t heard, is in crisis. Hospitals, overwhelmed by ballooning COVID-19 cases, are running out of supplies and turning people away. Not only is the situation absolutely heartbreaking, it’s dangerous, too. If this outbreak cannot be contained, we’re at risk of new, stronger variants emerging that could threaten even vaccinated populations. If you can help, please donate. Fast Company put together a list of the best ways to help India right now. This list contains organizations that are helping to feed Mumbai’s poor, organizations that are sending oxygen machines, breathing machines and PPE to India, as well as verified GoFundMe accounts, if you’d like to donate more personally.




  1. Hi! Child-free human here, and even I rolled my eyes… Question: what size are you in the Faherty hoodie, Shana?

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