Weekend 3.27


Well, our winter in Vermont is coming to an end. It was an absolutely amazing experience — you Vermonters are lucky people. The boys learned so much on the hill out here, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the Green Mountain Academy Ski and Snowboard Club. It was a refreshing break from alpine racing (which can get a little intense), and we were blown away by how much the boys learned. It’s been really fun to watch them both work so freaking hard and yet…never once complain? I mean.

Our winters skiing together have become such a sacred family ritual that I tend to get a little depressed when winter’s over. This year I’m feeling it hard. Partly because we’re at such a cusp of change. As hard as this pandemic has been (and it’s been really rough at times), Mike and I are in this lucky stage of life where the boys are old enough to be somewhat independent and just, ya know, deal…but still young enough that they didn’t hate all of the forced family time. So I can’t shake this feeling that EVERYTHING is about to change. Not just the end of a ski season, but the end of this historical moment, of life as we know it. And the next step — or so my mind goes — is that Raines will go into eighth grade next year (8!!), and then off to college and leave me forever. OBVIOUSLY MY LIFE IS OVER.

So…that’s me. How are you?

Also…we changed our comment policy on The Mom Edit. I go into more detail in that post, but suffice it to say, I need a break (or at least some space to think…then act). We all do. I know most of you will understand.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

You should see the butt. The jogger set I’m wearing is from local Philly fav, NINOBrand. Bela (the designer) just got into knits and they’re SO GOOD. More soon, but definitely check them out. (I especially love the texture — it’s different on the top and the joggers.)

Yup, that’s a Rumpl. I’m am more than a little obsessed with that uber-lightweight, puffy, to-go blanket Mike got me for my birthday (am using it on the swing in the photo). My colorway is sold out, but I also love this happy one.

Back for Spring! That North Face Cragmont fleece jacket that Laura and both LOVE has been reissued for spring in new colors. Our ivory standby is back, but there’s now a navy or a reallllly pretty gray (with neon trim). I wear a size small (and you can see it on me here). I highly recommend this piece — it’s pretty chic for a fleece, and ended up being surprisingly perfect for all seasons except extreme winter (although now I wish I had packed it for Vermont).

Speaking of pieces that go the distance….That MM LaFleur cardigan I love is on final sale for $160 off. I did bring this piece to Vermont (and almost everywhere we travel) because it looks just as good thrown over a pair of leggings as it does over a sexy cami and jeans for date night. It’s the only cardigan I’ve ever loved.

Except maybe this one. I don’t own this stupidly expensive cardigan, I just drool over it. But it’s 25% off, so there’s that. (Barely helps.)

Own it. I’ve always hated that the word ‘ambitious’ is often treated like a bad word when applied to women…but is a compliment for men. So there’s something about these hot pink Ambitious sweatshirts that just seems…exactly freaking right.

Are duck boots the new Hunter rainboots? I just picked up this pair of L.L. Bean boots for Raines…and loved them so much I snagged myself a pair, too. As I mentioned before (this post) they look really good with straight-leg jeans…but I think they’ll be more comfortable for spring/fall than my warm winter boots. Side note: they’re completely unisex, but the women’s range goes smaller, which works for boys who are in-between men & kids sizes.

Vaccinated? So we can…hug? I loved this piece in the NYT about what vaccinated people can/cannot do. They broke it out by use case: Can I eat dinner with my mom? What can I do with my grandkids? Etc., It’s really helpful.

Genius ambiance. Mike and I are now obsessed with I Miss My Bar, a website that provides THE most amazing background noise. Not only can you hook up your favorite Spotify playlist, but you can add in all of the usual bar sounds: cocktail shakers, the dull buzz of conversations around you (you can actually decide if you want a packed bar or an empty one), waitresses taking orders, traffic outside, even rain on the windows. We’re shocked by how it instantly makes our kitchen feel like somethin’s happening.

I could die you guys. Turns out I’m one of those baby people. I love babies so much I COULD DIE. I stared at this sweet face for a good 5 min today. That CHIN WRINKLE. You are welcome.

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. Just here to say thank you! I’ve been following this blog since my (now 7yo) daughter was born and I look forward to the weekly sales lists and weekend posts as much for the fashion as for the little glimpses into other lives. I think that the new comment policy will be good for readers, too. It’s fun to see what others think if you know it’s not going to be mean-spirited.

  2. The changes in this slowest, and yet fastest, year ever have been killer. You’re for sure not alone in feeling that. I’ve started to do some things that make me happier and the biggest step I’ve taken is changing jobs. (This last twelve months have been pretty miserable for bedside nurses) And, apparently, I’m one of those baby people, too! I’m working on the Mother/Baby (postpartum) unit now and it is so so much better. Getting to bathe those newborns and those sweet new baby smells and snuggles…best. job. ever. Hope you get back to feeling that way about your job again soon, too!

  3. As a mom of 2 sons who are 10 years older than yours, I totally get where you’re coming from. I just want to reassure you that the relationships that you have built with your boys will absolutely serve you well as they grow. They will be interesting people who adore you! And they will be so much fun to hang out with in a more equal adult-to-adult way! I promise!

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