Weekend 3.13


I’ve been seeing signs of spring, finally, after what feels like the longest winter of our lifetime. It’s like February 2020 turned into March…and here we are, finally coming out of it. We’ve been spending the winter up in northern Vermont — one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived — and even this far north things are starting to thaw. It was 50 degrees the other day, turning much of our snow into mud (welcome to spring in the north), and I swear I was ready to walk out in shorts. We’re feeling all the feels about this very epic ski season coming to an end, but there’s also a sense of hope that’s hard to deny.

But I’ll admit to wanting one more snow storm.

You like them, you really, really like them. Those ridiculous Baffin slipper booties of mine are on sale. I had gotten several questions about them after my Vuori post and see? This is why I like you guys. Slipper booties FOREVER.

Probably only skiiers/boarders care: Hestra gloves (stupidly expensive, 100% worth it) are on sale!! This one is Pax’s favorite, Raines like these, and Mike and I have both loved this pair.

Aaaand my go-to spring outfit is on sale. Predictably, it’s gray. That soft gray cashmere sweater I get asked about each time I wear it finally went on sale, as well as those gray rag & bone Maya jeans. I’ve been wearing that sweater with both joggers and the gray jeans — it dresses up or down like a dream. Highly recommend (you can actually see me in this exact outfit in this old article.)

These monochromatic running shoes are calling my name. Has anyone tried On running shoes? Not only do they sound amazing, “Runner-tech comfort meets street-ready attitude” but the vibe is so freaking chic. I’m debating between the bright flame and the rosebrown/camo (or ooo…there’s a lilac, too).

Shorts, anyone? I know I’m all over the place, but one of my very favorite pairs of shorts has just been re-stocked. They’re high-rise, but delightfully soft. While they are very short…the back hem is cut longer, making them much easier to wear than my typically shorty-short-shorts. You can see me wearing them last summer.

Warning: Our sales report is oddly epic this week. If you haven’t yet peeked, it’s totally worth a look.

Feeling the urge to paint your walls? Same. I just stumbled across Clare paints and was totally BLOWN AWAY. Their paints contain zero VOCs, and instead of having a zillion colors to choose from, they have a smaller, really well-edited selection of, oh…the most gorgeous paint colors I’ve ever seen. Even better, you can take an online quiz (how I love those) and they’ll recommend which colors you’d like best. And? AND AND AND you can also request samples — just peel & stick on your walls, then decide on which color to order. (I even think you can order not just the paint, but all of the annoying things you need to paint.)

I’m anti-fake flowers. Practical, maybe, but too much plastic. However, keeping plants alive is not, shall we say, my strong point. But I think I could totally get on board with dried floral arrangements, especially when they look as bright and cheery as this one from Oat Cinnamon (Black-owned, too).

I found a new mask for Linzi. Here. I can’t stop giggling.

Go follow this organization, immediately. I was blown away by Lynette & Nya Medley, the mother-and-daughter team who founded No More Secrets, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending period poverty. This is an issue I had, quite frankly, never realized existed, but of course it does. They’re based in Philadelphia, and have experienced period poverty themselves before deciding to start No More Secrets. They’ve been delivering 3-5 month supplies to 200 people a week. They’re in the midst of a fundraiser and have raised $70K thus far — their goal is $120K. If you can donate anything at all, please join me in doing so on the No More Secrets GoFundMe page.

I agree with the Sergeant Major of the Army: Women “will dominate ANY future battlefield we are called to fight on.” After Tucker Carlson’s tweet making disparaging comments about women in the military, several military leaders were happy to set the record straight. I especially loved the SMA’s words.

One last snowstorm? This old video of a snowball fight in 1897 made me smile.

Happy weekend, everyone.




  1. On running shoes are my favorite. I wear the Cloudflow style (neutral running shoe). I typically run about 15-18 miles a week, and they are perfect. So lightweight and flexible. I’ve been running in this style for about two years now. Favorite shoe.

  2. On running shoes are amazing! I have been running in them for the last three years, everything from a 5k to 100 miler. So good.
    As a lifelong Vermonter, I can assure you that there will be atleast one more snow storm. Last year we had a huge snowstorm the second week of May! Hope you are enjoying your time here. It is a special place.

  3. As an Army officer and long time reader, this is the last place I expected to find a quote from the Sergeant Major of the Army, but thank you for sharing his words. I was privileged to take part in an all-female airborne operation (jumping out of an airplane) last week in celebration of International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month. Pictures can be seen here if anyone is interested: https://mobile.twitter.com/91st_CSM/status/1370198524613308417

  4. YES to Clare paint 🙂 Cannot remember how I learned of them, but I’m a big fan. I got a bunch of the samples, which are large and easy-to-use. Then ordered three gallons of paint — two pink-based tones and a warm white. All have been fantastic. As someone who gets stressed out over too many choices? Their edited selection is nothing short of genius.

    • YES. This is me, too. I’m always really appreciative of a well-edited selection. I have a tendency to get myself in trouble, otherwise.

  5. Oh, Elle! I love reading your comment! How incredible for you! When I was a photojournalism intern (decades ago😂) in Fayetteville, I had the honor of photographing one of the Women’s History jumps at Fort Bragg and it was so momentous! It was early enough that the moon was still out and the graphics of the plane, the women jumping and the moon were PERFECT…to this day it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. xx — Lex

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