Weekend 5.8


Scotti called yesterday, from Target. It was the first time her littlest, Ozzie James, had ever been to Target. I mean OK: the kid likely went as a baby. But once Ozzie was old enough to be aware of his surroundings, the pandemic hit and BOOM. 

No Target.

Scotti and her husband have been very cautious thus far. They were in a pod with my mom, and — thankfully — took the restrictions very seriously. Remember last summer when many of us started to venture outside, even hitting a restaurant or two? Not Scotti. The risk was too high, so Scotti and her husband have literally not gone anywhere (including grocery stores) since March 2020.

As you might imagine, they were both v. excited to get their vaccinations.

Happily, Scotti and Zack were vaccinated a couple of weeks ago in one of those walk-up places. Think: huge interior space, lines of people.  

As they walked through, Scotti noticed that little Ozzie was wide-eyed. He clutched her leg, looking around in wonder. “Too many kids” he kept whispering. “Too many kids!”

Sidenote: There were no kids. The crowd was basically a bunch of adults.

But it dawned on Scotti that Ozzie only became aware of his surroundings during the pandemic. And that the poor kid had never — ever — seen so many people all at once. He’s never been to a crowded playground, a sporting event or a backyard BBQ! He’s never even been inside of a mall or a grocery store or…Target.

So yesterday, Scotti took Ozzie to Target for the first time. I made her promise to FaceTime me when they got inside. Frankly, I had forgotten how freaking amazing the inside of Target is. I had forgotten how many hours(!!) I’d kill when the kids were younger, running up and down the Target aisles, looking at allthethings.

Predictably, Oz lost his little mind. The cereal aisle alone had him attempting to fire box after box into the cart. Our FaceTime ended when Oz, clutching a set of paper plates to his chest, fell over screaming in overstimulated ecstasy. 

PAPER. PLATES. Who knew?

Wisely, Scotti decided to save the toy aisle for another day.

But I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks, when Mike or I walk into a surprisingly crowded space (thank you, vaccines), how we’ll…pause. Just needing a minute. Because it is easy to forget that these crowds, all these people, this was once our normal. 

“Too many kids” we’ll whisper to each other. “Too many kids.”

A cute cardigan that fits nicely over a t-shirt? I don’t always love a t-shirt + cardigan together. Sometimes the sleeves of the tee get bunched up in the arms of the sweater, or the whole thing skews dowdy. But NAADAM’s Balloon Sleeve Cardigan (sustainably made) fits perfectly over even my boyishly cut Anine Bing tee. I unbutton the cardigan one button to better show off the tee’s graphic. The whole pairing is pretty cute.

The cutest red swimsuit. While I was working on my summer dress post for Saks OFF 5TH, this red swimsuit stopped me in my tracks. I think it’s the subtle hip cutouts that make it both super sexy and just…gosh darn cuuuute. (Also, for the reader who submitted a question about high-neck swimsuits in our IG ‘Ask Me’ on Friday…try this one.)

I basically just hike in leggings or cut-offs but…these hiking pants are, apparently, Backcountry’s best-selling pants. Has anyone tried them? I love the navy (pictured with Tevas) but am unsure how they’d look with my actual hiking boots. And yet, I find myself drawn to them. Hmmm.

Black heels for summer? Black shoes sometimes look too heavy in the summer; I almost always stick to camel or tan. This pair of comfort heels from Naturalizer, however, just made their way into my cart. Thanks to the walkable wood heel, they have a minamalist-meets-’70s vibe that I’m really into.

Or….these slides. They also have that minamalist-meets-’70s vibe. Must be a thing.

Someone asked about my beachy waves. In general, I’m fairly terrible at doing hair, but I’ve found that I get consistently good results with this curling iron. It has a slightly squashed shape that keeps the curls more wavy/messy, less boing-y/perfect.

Happy Mother’s Day!! I don’t think we’re doing…well…anything at all this year but strangely, I’m OK with that. I’m looking forward to some coffee and chocolate in bed, and lying around, reading. I’ve definitely bookmarked this NYT piece on Black mothers and the toll of gun violence. A heavy topic for sure, but looks like one of those pieces I’ll be thinking about for years to come.




  1. I work retail and see so many little ones in strollers and always wave and say hi, but can’t help but wonder what they think of all the masked people running around. I never even thought about the kids experiencing it all now, a whole new world! My kids are young adults now, we were all so glad that they were old enough to understand what was going on and just sleep their way through the mornings and lounge around (and do homework and Zoom school) with little compliant (or at least my kids had little complaint).

    Those with little ones definitely had it harder!

    • The difference between OUR experience in the pandemic (my boys are 10 and 13) versus my sister’s (kids are 6 and 2) was WORLDS APART. Scotti definitely had it much harder.

  2. I have and LOVE the Backcountry On the Go pants…in 2 colors, As does my sister. That’s how much we love them. (We have the non cargo style.) We have worn them hiking in Peru and they hold up, and even helped hold off some rain! I wear them around town as well when I want comfort but also want out of leggings! Highly recommend.

  3. Wow! I was so self-absorbed/aware of the experience I had homeschooling 3 elementary aged kids while trying to work from home. This post made me so thankful my 3 kiddos truly experienced/will remember life pre-pandemic. Thank you for bringing things back into perspective.

  4. The ending of this essay is so wonderful:

    “Because it is easy to forget that these crowds, all these people, this was once our normal.

    ‘Too many kids’ we’ll whisper to each other. ‘Too many kids.’”

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