Weekend 5.15


Raines got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday. The FDA had just cleared use of the vaccine for kids age 12 and up, and my friends and I were all scrambling to make appointments. Which, quite frankly, we didn’t need. Philly’s vaccine response has been stellar, so we were able to easily walk up and get the kiddos vaccinated. We basically walked in, filled out a form (I needed his insurance card), got the shot, walked out. After his 15-minute observation period was up, Raines jokingly asked for a treat.

“Cause, ya know, I got a shot today, Mom,” he said, throwing me a grin. “Remember how this works?”

I asked if he wanted to pick out a sticker, too.

We stopped by a grocery store on the way home and he facetiously picked out Froot Loops, then had his mind BLOWN when I said yes.

Bigger kid, bigger treat, I suppose.

But I was feeling some kind of way that day. Not just with the nostalgia of taking my (now giant) kid to the doctor’s to get a shot…but the momentousness of the occasion hit me really hard. I was acutely aware, in a way that I wasn’t for my own shot, that this moment — my son getting his COVID vaccine — this moment felt like history in the making.

I think Raines felt it, too. There was no hesitation on his part, the day he learned he could get the vaccine, just his usual quiet determination. “It’s time, Mom. Let’s go.” And after, he seemed almost…proud. He took a picture of his Froot Loops and vaccine card and sent it to all of his friends. His whole crew was getting vaccinated that day (or within a few days) and there were virtual high-fives all around.

After, we walked back, holding hands. I kept looking over, memorizing his face. The shape of his smile, the pressure of his hand in mine. And for a few beats, the city faded away. Our steps felt heavy, as if we were walking away from something big, something final. A door, closing behind us. As if this life-changing, all-encompassing event that kept us in its grip for so long was finally releasing its hold, its fingers brushing our clothes, snagging in our hair as we slipped through. It felt like Raines and I were walking back home into some new, unknown future.

It dawned on me, on this walk, that history is being made. But that this story, ultimately, is a story of Raines. It’s a story of Pax. It’s a story of Raines and Pax and E and M and AJ and Gia and Zoe and all of our children. This story will belong to them.

And that this crazy pandemic, this transition back into our new normal…this is how their story begins.

So we walked on. Raines, his eyes forward, chin up, somehow leading the way, and me, trailing a half-step behind. I may have glanced back a time or two. Is this really…it? After more than a year and a world turned upside down, are we almost on the other side? The wind rustled my hair, whispering in my ear. I focused on the weight and tug of Raines’ hand, letting him lead me forward.

Looks cuter on. These TOMS sandals are bizarrely comfortable to walk in. Like…we’re talking Sorel wedge boots level of comfort. And they look much cuter on than I was expecting. Like some under-the-radar French brand. (A few sizes left at Nordstrom, too.)

A pretty epic save v. splurge. I’m not usually an ‘it bag’ kind of girl…but I’ve been wanting one of Bottega Veneta’s ‘pouch’ leather clutch bags for forever. And while Rebecca Minkoff’s faux-leather clutch isn’t nearly as fabulous…it might be close enough.

Me, everyday. I 100% need this t-shirt.

Ride or die. Ever since Amy’s very detailed review on bike shorts (that was published TWO MONTHS ago), I’ve been ordering and trying a ton. But none fit me as well as Lululemon’s align shorts. Apparently I need that butter-soft fabric or I’m out. (I like the almost-booty-shorts 4″ shorts…but they also come in saner proportions of 6″, 8″ and 10″.)

Perfect for the shore. ShopBURU (one of my favorite small businesses) just launched a Memorial Day collection and it includes the cutest striped tee and shorts set. Or — oh help — a striped t-shirt dress with major french-girl vibes.

I’ve only been waiting 6 months to mention…that The Light Salon’s LED face mask, Boost, is freaking finally back in stock! I hesitate to even write this now, because this mask tends to sell out within hours of being restocked (just based on my very non-scientific observations). This is the mask I have and swear by. It’s the only thing that (when used regularly) gets rid of the frownie wrinkle between my eyes. (Of course, if I stop using it for a couple of weeks, that frown line comes back.) Scotti and I need to do a whole review of these masks (she has the Dennis Gross one), but suffice to say both work great. I prefer the BOOST mask because it’s silicon, and therefore can pack flat for travel.

Speaking of….one of the best things to use under your LED mask is a lightweight Vitamin C serum (anything heavier or oily will block the LED lights). Colleen Rothschild’s Vitamin C serum is perfect for this and everything is currently 25% off. Which means I’ll be stocking up on my usuals (oh hey cleansing balm and eye cream,) as well as trying out her new SPF moisturizer.

I physically recoiled when I saw this dress. I mean…let’s just put a frame around my problem area, shall we?

Do you ever come across something that makes you want a whole new house? This hammock.

Latest family obsession. We started watching Netflix’s Shadow & Bone with the boys. It’s…mostly appropriate? Maybe not for littles, but my boys are 10 and 13 and we LOVE it. Might be the first TV adaptation that I actually like better than the novels.

Facts, please. The NYT’s article on how misinformation on social media is making the Israeli-Palestinian conflict worse is a tough (but important) read. And if you are trying to get the background on this long and tragic conflict, I found the notes from the Historian’s Office on the creation of Israel to be helpful, as well as this series of Vox articles that tries to answer all of the questions one might have.




  1. Exactly how I felt taking my teen for his vaccine on Thursday. And, ditto on the Buru dress and shorts set. I ended up choosing the set, but I have true remorse over leaving the dress behind.

  2. Cried over my coffee as I read about Raines being vaccinated! How great! We are a bit behind vaccinations in Ontario and still in lockdown. 18 year old vaccinated, 16 year old booked and 11 year old (about to have 12th birthday in lockdown should be done by August. Thank you for sharing, thank you for your opinions, thank you for being more than just a fashion blog!

  3. I bought a hammock similar to that on Amazon, sold by Hammocks Rada for $75, and it’s great. My kids have been SO ROUGH with it the last few months, I’m shocked it’s still in good shape. The weave is tight enough that their arms and legs don’t poke through, but open enough to allow breeze and dry quickly. The colors aren’t as cute as the one you picked but it’s less than half the price. Adults and kids love it. It was a good purchase.

  4. I had so many feels taking my 12yo son for his shot, too. So happy… but of course my friends with kids who are JUST under that age are so bummed. Hopefully their time will come soon.

    We loved Shadow & Bone too!! I found the books to be a bit too YA emo for my taste (and I love YA); I actually preferred Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, so I really liked that the show incorporated that story line as well.

  5. Shana, you have a way with words… and I’m still sitting here trying not to cry over them. I feel all of them so deeply! Thank you for sharing ❤

  6. Congratulations to you and Raines for the vaccine. I hope the momentum continues, in many Asian countries lockdowns are resuming and as mentioned Canada and closer neighbors in the Americas are struggling more. Vaccinations for kids are not even discussed in most situations yet. So to truly handle, at least for example for travel, any support to remember this is far from behind us from a global perspective is critical.

  7. Yes this. I am finding the “we’re all vaccinated and can travel” content really hard to read . It’s way too soon for most of the world.

  8. Thank you for the Vox links! I have never felt like I had a clear understanding of the issues in Israel and Palestine and now I feel much better able to understand why it is all so fraught. I was actually able to break it down for my 11 year old at the dinner table this evening.

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